#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-05-24

xakhwhat's the syntax for setting the date?02:19
wolfsprauldate again, someone was going insane yesterday over the date. was that you?02:41
xakhI found out why.02:43
xakhyou have to put the year at the beginning of the string02:43
xakhnot the end02:43
xakhbecause of the way BusyBox handles it02:43
DocScrutinizZzerbusybox is crap. It's a script interpreter optimized for execution speed and low I/O load, for example to boot up small devices. It never was meant for interactive use05:15
andrewwwwwI want to add Sox to my Nanonote, I've got the latest official image flashed onto the nn and I've been reading about the commands git and make menuconfig are these commands I run from the usbboot tool?07:54
xiangfuhi andrewwwww08:51
gbraadhi xiangfu08:53
xiangfugbraad: hi08:53
gbraadwill you be at the next meeting of BeijingLUG?08:53
Action: gbraad is a friend of rejon (Jon)08:53
xiangfugbraad: not sure.08:54
gbraadwould be cool if we could meet up.08:54
gbraadbut else some other time is also ok.08:54
gbraadxiangfu: no prob. catch you some other time. will see wolfgang first then...08:55
xiangfugbraad: ok.08:55
gbraadbtw, you show interest in Fedora? also noticed you in fedora-zh08:56
xiangfugbraad: no. I join the fedora-cn because one news.09:06
xiangfugbraad: they are port fedora to mips. so I join that channel. but seems that channel not very active about mips :-)09:07
gbraadxiangfu: I do the port with a friend of mine ;)09:18
gbraadxiangfu: we are in #fedora-mips09:18
xiangfugbraad: oh. great.09:19
gbraadxiangfu: was one of the reason I would like to talk with you09:19
gbraadxiangfu: eventually we want to support the Ingenic/Nanonote but still need to straighten out some issues with our distro09:21
xiangfugbraad: great. fedora in Nanonote.09:25
xiangfuandrewwwww: is the sox work in your nanonote ??09:26
andrewwwwwoh, I think I'm setting up the package manager git, just waiting for the terminal.09:28
andrewwwwwI think I'm on the right track09:29
wolfspraulI thought sox was included? I remember it was once, then we had to kick it out because of libmad/mp3 dependencies.09:29
andrewwwwwyeah thats right09:30
wolfspraulbut we will try to get it back in asap without patented codecs, at least hopefully that's easy to configure out09:30
andrewwwwwwell I'm just learning about how to add packages myself09:30
andrewwwwwI like this nanonote a lot, it is teaching me a lot about linux that modern distros gloss over with gui interfaces09:31
xiangfuandrewwwww: great.09:31
wolfspraulandrewwwww: yes! :-) glad you see it that way09:32
kyakhello guys09:36
kyaki'll be hanging here for a while now :)09:38
wolfspraulthat's nice to hear, welcome!09:39
kyaki was talking to Yi Zhang via e-mail, and he suggested IRC for a faster comminucation09:39
kyakso zhangyi, thanks for invitation, i'm leaving right now and talk to you later!09:39
zhangyikyak: r u michael?09:40
kyaki am09:40
kyakgood :)09:40
kyakso when i'm back home, i'll check your shop09:41
zhangyikyak: good, thanks. we haven't turned it on yet09:42
kyakall right09:42
zhangyikyak: how about we set up a time slot today or tomorrow?09:43
kyaktomorrow is a good day09:43
zhangyisounds good. just give me a time frame, then mirko and I will go through the payment with u09:44
zhangyikyak: thanks so much!09:44
zhangyikyak: ounds good. just give me a time frame, then mirko and I will go through the payment with u09:45
kyakso you're 4 hours ahead, is it ok for you to do it in the evening?09:45
zhangyikyak: evening is not a problem for me09:46
kyaki'm back home at 19:30, it's 23:30 your time09:46
zhangyikyak: that will be fine09:46
kyakgood, then let's keep in touch09:46
zhangyikyak: so 19:30 for you and 23:30 for me. great!09:47
zhangyikyak: vegyraupe will help us on this09:47
zhangyikyak: vegyraupe is the king of the shop :)09:48
kyakok, so we know whom to blame :)09:48
zhangyikyak: haha, here you go09:49
vegyraupekyak: more the servant who tries to keep things running ;)09:49
kyaka good king is always a servant to his people :)09:49
zhangyivegyraupe: would 17:30 tomorrow be okay with you?09:49
vegyraupei thought 19:30 ...09:50
Action: vegyraupe confused09:50
vegyraupe17:30 tomorrow should work09:50
zhangyivegyraupe: 19:30 is for kyak. he is in Russia09:51
vegyraupeso tuesday 17:3009:51
vegyraupe(for me)09:51
zhangyivegyraupe: yep09:51
kyakgot to go now guys.. se you later09:52
vegyraupe19:30 in Russia09:52
vegyraupe22:30 in China09:52
vegyraupegot it :)09:52
vegyraupekyak: thx and ttyl09:52
zhangyivegyraupe: yes :)09:52
zhangyikyak: yes, thank you indeed! we see you tomorrow09:53
xiangfuHi which is the better ways for add 'imgv' to openwrt-package.git ? 1. add the 'imgv' source code to openwrt-package.git 2. create a project somewhere, then add 'makefile' to openwrt-package.git like usual.10:02
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: add jiri.brozovsky ports. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/465077110:56
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: remove the initial file http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/4f7eaef11:08
xakhhey zear, hey guys13:10
zearhey xakh13:11
xakhI lost my sd card13:11
zearbaww.. at home or outside?13:11
qwebirc75597nick xakh13:17
xakhthing I was on messed up13:17
xakhanyway, I'm going to install doom to my actual nanonote now, instead of relying on the SD card.13:19
xakhcan windows extract tar files?13:19
xakhI have to work from a uni computer13:19
xakhsince I left my laptop behind.13:19
xakhhello? anyone here?13:25
xakhzear: can the nanonote open .zip files?13:29
zearxakh, with the right commandline app - yes :)13:29
xakhwhat app is that?13:30
zearmc with the right plugin could do it too13:30
zearunzip i think13:30
xakhokay, is that preinstalled?13:30
zearno idea13:30
xakhI have to work from Windows and I'm trying to load things onto the nano13:30
zearalso i'm not familiar if it's in the repo, but you can always check it13:30
xakhwell the only way13:30
xakhI have right now to get stuff on it is SD13:30
xakhokay, made a tar of prboom13:32
zearxakh, yep, unzip is preinstalled :D13:33
xakhzear: think you can help me get through copying the prboom tar file to my nano13:33
xakhwell, I wasn't sure, so I made a tar13:33
zearxakh, i think i can, but i can't promise a success :D13:33
xakhno worries13:33
xakhzear, what folder do you put stuff you want to show up on gmenu2x?13:35
zearxakh, currently it has to be /card13:36
xakhokay, sweet13:36
zearthough larsc made some changes and the git version can read /13:36
zearbut the preinstalled version is still the old one with /card13:36
xakhthat's okay, card works for me13:36
xakhman, I hate how long file transfers take on this thing13:37
xakhI have the tar file in here13:37
xakhheh, it's 13:37 here. neat.13:38
xakhI already put the freedoom wad in here13:38
xakhso what's the command to extract a regular tar file (with gz) to this folder?13:38
zearhah, i wish i knew, let me check13:39
xakhI know it starts with tar, but still13:39
zearman says it's: tar -xvvf file.tar13:39
xakhit says "invalid tar magic"13:40
xakhyou think I should only put one v?13:41
zearno idea :D13:41
xakhnope, that didn't work either13:41
xakhgotta find that command13:41
zearxakh, maybe "tar -xf"13:42
zearman, i need to finally learn the meaning of that flags :D13:42
xakhlol me too13:42
xakhstill failed13:42
zearcan't you just mount the card on your desktop pc and extract it on there?13:43
xakhyeah, but how do I move an entire folder?13:43
xakhI have an unextracted file in the sd card13:43
xakhthe only command I know for moving files is cp13:44
xakhand that only works for files, not folders13:44
zearcp -Rf will move a folder13:46
xakhoh, well screw this tar nonsense13:46
zearcopy it, i mean13:46
zearmv -Rf will move it13:46
xakhalright, copying that.13:48
zeari don't know if both flags are necessary, but it works :)13:48
zear-R stands for recursive, so with all the files and folders13:48
xakhthen after it's in card13:48
xakhwhat do I do to make it show up on gmenu2x?13:49
zearpress esc13:49
zeara menu will appear13:49
zearthen select the "add entry" or something like that13:49
zearchoose the right file from the file browser13:49
zearaccept it13:49
zearand that's it13:49
xakhnice, really?13:51
xakhcrap, what's "b" again?13:52
xakhis it x?13:52
xakhit was!13:53
xakhsweet. I now have doom on the desktop.13:53
xakhand just in time, I have to go.13:53
zeartry if it runs13:53
xakhit did!13:53
zearah, marvelous!13:53
xakhsee ya soon13:53
zearhttp://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gmenu2x here's a key translation13:53
zearxakh, i hope the entry won't disappear after a reboot13:54
zeargmenu2x uses to remove links when the files don't exist anymore13:54
zearand the card is not automounted in the latest image13:54
zeari dunno if it only hides it from the menu, or removes it13:55
tuxbrain_awayonly hide don't worry13:56
tuxbrainkristianpaul: ping you where serching for me?13:56
nebajothanyone here got debian running on their NN?13:59
tuxbrainI'm anyone13:59
nebajothtuxbrain: does apt-get work for you?14:00
tuxbrainlike a charm14:00
nebajothwhich ubi are you using?14:00
nebajothone of the pyneo ones?14:00
nebajothor did you roll your own debian filesystem?14:01
tuxbrainhere is how I got it working14:01
nebajoththe pyneo filesystems won't work for me14:01
nebajothwell, they work14:01
nebajothbut apt-get fails14:02
nebajothwith a Bus error14:02
nebajothgoing to try this debian-sid.ubi :D14:02
tuxbrainthe only thing Is not working out of the box was ssh, but reinstalling it with apt-get it solves14:02
nebajothwhat applications are you running on it besides arduino-programming stuff?14:03
tuxbrainreally nothing yet,14:03
nebajothdoes sound work?14:03
tuxbrainI don't know on the nano I installed debian  I have broken sound badly (in hardware) I only have one of the stereo lines and is not the speaker so I don't have even try it14:05
nebajothgracias por responder a mis preguntas14:05
tuxbrainhey where are you from?14:06
tuxbraingood spanish indeed :P14:06
nebajothgoogle helped14:06
nebajothI've seen your arduino stuff before14:06
nebajothand remembered you are from Spain14:06
nebajoththank yous are always nicer in your own tongue14:07
tuxbrain:D yes mercí14:07
tuxbrainwell depending on what part of canada you are of course :P14:08
nebajothI'm anglo14:08
nebajothbut I know french14:08
nebajothwhat is your favourite arduino project right now?14:08
tuxbrainuff, hard to say,14:09
nebajothtop three then :P14:10
nebajotha couple of us in my town are considering starting up a hackerspace14:10
nebajothand obviously arduinos are a great core around which to build such a thing14:10
nebajothso it'd help me out if you could just list 3-5 nifty things done with arduinos14:11
tuxbraingreat :) , I recomend than you create one your self not just copy, but that was really like it are ones with motors (stepper or just DC) involved14:12
tuxbrainservos also :)14:12
tuxbrainyeah kind of14:12
nebajothyeah, the closest hackerspace to us, in Detroit, does a lot of robots14:12
nebajothkind of?14:12
nebajothwhat are you personally working on?14:13
tuxbrainVIctor and I are transforming a toy with simple DC motors in someting more "inteligent" adding potentiometers to control position and appling pwm and PID to increase precision14:14
nebajothwhat is the toy you are basing it on?14:14
tuxbrainit's an little "robotic" arm14:14
nebajothwhat do you envision its purpose to be?14:14
tuxbrainlike this one http://www.wishmaker.com.tw/cubecat/front/bin/ptlist.phtml?Category=18114:16
nebajothoh cool14:16
tuxbrainporpouse? heheeheh mmmm ... you mean porpouse ... so.... fun?14:16
nebajothIT HOLDS MY BEER14:16
tuxbrainmeanwhile it don't wheith more than 120gr :P14:17
tuxbrainand bad one14:17
nebajoththat IS cool14:17
nebajothhow much did it cost?14:17
tuxbrainwe are basically doing it for learning the priciples of PID14:18
tuxbrainyou can found it for arround 50¬14:18
tuxbrainI send you the link from the chinese manufacturer, due is casualty I bought my bread boards there, but is a very common toy in robotic hobbist shops14:19
nebajothvery interesting14:19
nebajothdo you have your work on it documented?14:20
tuxbrainbut not yet published until we have at least test it :P14:20
nebajothha, fair enough14:21
tuxbrainwe use and arduino mega because it has 6 motors to control14:21
nebajothwe may copy your work if we get the hackerspace going14:21
nebajoththat sounds like the kind of project that will bring people in the door14:21
tuxbrainI will be glad :)14:21
nebajothI'm definitely into the hacking, but my personal role in the organization is more of a kind of sandbox-builder at the moment14:21
nebajothso I'm looking for projects that we can build a community around14:22
nebajotharduino and the nanonote are obviously perfect14:22
nebajothI'm also investigating the potato router14:22
tuxbrainand what is like?14:22
nebajoththe potato router?14:22
nebajoth"the mesh potato"14:23
nebajothopen source hardware that makes a giant wifi mesh network telephone system14:23
tuxbrainmust leave for a moment14:23
Xakhzear: what's the filetype for icons?14:24
zearand needs to be the same name as the binary14:25
Xakhthat's easy enough.14:25
zearso if the binary is prboom, the icon needs to be named: prboom.png14:25
Xakhneed to find a new microsd14:25
Xakhis there a graphical text editor yet?14:25
zearand the icons need to be 32x32 px14:26
Xakhdang. I've heard about a port of Dillo, how's that going?14:27
zearno idea14:28
zearthough dillo is a web browser, isn't it14:28
Xakhyeah, but i had an idea14:28
Xakhwhat if we pulled a konquerer14:28
Xakhand made it into a file manager too?14:28
zearwell, konqueror needs X1114:29
zearbut it's also a kde thing, and kde runs on qt14:29
zearand qt can run on the framebuffer14:29
Xakhby "pull a konqueror"14:29
zearso i dunno, maybe it could be possible to run it on the nanonote14:29
Xakhi meant copy that behaviour14:29
Xakhi meant, why don't we make dillo into a file manager and browser?14:30
zearwell, i think the way mc does it is simpler and faster14:30
zearbesides, you'd need to have a mouse to use the way konqueror navigates14:30
Xakhtrue, but it's a bit tough to navigate14:30
Xakhdillo was meant for tiny devices14:31
Xakhand is meant to be used on things that may not have mice14:31
zearwell, isn't dillo an X11 thing?14:31
Xakhyeah, but it's gtk, so it can be fb14:32
Xakhyou see, i get people that want to get nanonotes when they see mine a lot14:33
zearit's lftk14:33
Xakhbut i'm thinking, when they buy it they'll be pretty disappointed, since they don't know how to use ash14:33
zeardunno how much is that gtk related14:33
Xakhoh, it is?14:33
Xakhwell, maybe midori then14:33
zearat least that's why my package manager says: "Lean FLTK2-based web browser"14:34
zearanyway, have to go for a moment, brb14:34
larscthere is a dillo package in the openwrt package feed. but i think it's broken right now.14:34
Xakhwell, i guess we should switch to midori14:35
Xakhalmost as light, but gtk based14:35
larscwebkit is anything but lightweight14:36
Xakhyou have a point sir.14:36
Xakhlighter than tracemonkey14:36
Xakhand gecko14:37
tuxbrain_awaynebajoth: just last thing here you can see our first trys on control the arm with arduino http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbp292_arduino-brazo-robot-4-motores_tech http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xboya4_arduino-brazo-robot-2-motores_tech , very simple no pwm no position feedback just on/off and direction c u14:37
Xakhwell, what's a light browser?14:38
Xakhthat still is firefox14:40
Xakhit's good, but i wouldn't call it light.14:40
nebajothok ok14:42
nebajothI'm just trolling14:42
nebajothI'm no lover of gtk14:42
nebajothdillo is ugly14:42
Xakhwell, me either, but it's an easy way to make graphics14:42
nebajothand both of the major organizations that originally pushed high file manager and browser integration14:43
nebajoth(ie: KDE, Microsoft)14:43
nebajothhave backed away from it14:43
nebajothI think people have it functionally separated in terms of interaction14:43
nebajothTHIS is a browser14:43
nebajothTHIS is a file manager14:43
Xakhi suppose.14:43
nebajothtuxbrain_away: those look cool14:43
Xakhbut i think it'd help save space14:44
nebajothas long as you have a good switcher I don't see the issue14:44
nebajoththere can certainly be no desktop paradigm on the thing's shrunken screen :D14:44
Xakhlol true14:44
nebajothI think there's some promise to pyneo's approach14:44
Xakhbut we could have an androidy one14:44
nebajothhave you investigated their software?14:44
nebajothI think android definitely has the best interface so far14:45
nebajothbut I'm not convinced its perfect14:45
Xakhi'm typing from AndroIRC as we speak14:45
Xakhit's not perfect14:45
nebajothhaha sweet14:45
nebajothI don't have one14:45
Xakhnow, it ain't perfect14:45
nebajothbut my wife does14:45
nebajothI get a blackberry free for work14:45
nebajothso am cockblocked from getting an android14:45
Xakhbut our approach certainly isn't perfect either14:46
nebajothfor reals14:46
Xakhi'm using the g1, so i'm stuck at 1.614:46
nebajothI play with hers and I get super jealous14:46
nebajothupgrade, the new phones are worth it :D14:46
nebajothhahah MONE14:46
nebajothpersonally, I think the best future is a cube14:46
nebajothlike what compiz allows on the desktop14:47
Xakhi will, tmobile is working with htc to make a slider with a snapdragon14:47
nebajoththe qt demos show the unit is capable of that kind of animation14:47
nebajothlets create the idea of a cube with only one face showing14:47
nebajothand use that to support switching14:47
Xakhbut it'd eat processor power up14:47
nebajothbetween full-screen14:47
nebajothonly during switching14:47
Xakhwell, still, we need a better menu14:48
Xakhthough gmenu2x is a great place to start14:48
Xakhit has multiple desktops, and a good icon theme14:48
Xakhi like the look of it14:48
nebajothI haven't used it enough to comment14:49
nebajothbut I'm glad to hear that14:49
Xakhbeen using it daily. it's not perfect14:49
Xakhbut it really works for day to day14:49
Xakhit is missing a few really important things14:50
nebajothwhat do you want to do with yours?14:50
Xakh1. a good file manager14:50
Xakhi'm not sure yet.14:50
nebajothmidnight commander?14:50
nebajothI still use the shell as a file manager on a full ubuntu desktop14:50
nebajothso I'm probably a bad example14:51
Xakhmidnight commander's fine14:51
Xakhright now though14:51
Xakhit's either using ash14:51
Xakhor the graphical one that quite frankly does not work14:51
Xakhthe music program14:52
Xakhhas a functional file manager14:52
Xakhjust only works in gmu14:52
Xakhif we could move that into gmenu, and add a few features (copy, cut)14:53
Xakhit'd be fantastic14:53
Xakhso that's a bother14:54
nebajothis gmu any good?14:55
Xakhsurprisingly so14:55
Xakhit seems to be stuck on shuffle14:55
Xakhbut it works well14:55
wejpit is stuck on shuffle? you can't change the playmode anymore?14:56
Xakhi probably can14:56
Xakhdunno how14:56
Xakhi threw a bunch of oggs on my sd, and just add the music folder on it to the playlist14:56
Xakhand away i go14:56
Xakhalso was i the only one shocked at the levels the speaker can hit?14:57
Xakhi mean, i'm a big fan of nine inch nails, so i know loud14:58
wejpyou should be able to change the playmode by just pressing the R button14:58
wejpbut it is all explained in the README.txt14:58
Xakhthat's what does it.14:58
Xakhi should read those some time.14:58
zearXakh, turn the mic and speaker on at the same time14:59
zearyou'll then see how LOUD that thing is :D14:59
XakhI'm in class, and the only sd card i have is in my phone14:59
nebajothare you using the openwrt firmware?14:59
zearXakh, better don't try it then :D14:59
Xakhi like openwrt15:00
zearunless you want your whole school/uni to hear your nanonote :D15:00
Xakhi had a couple metalhead friends15:00
Xakhthey thought it looked cool, but thought it was useless15:01
Xakhso i blasted them crooked vultures out the one speaker15:01
Xakhthey were impressed.15:01
Xakhpeople really love the nano15:02
Xakhwhen i whip it out and play doom on it, then switch to music15:03
Xakhit impresses um15:03
zearXakh, when you turn both speaker and mic on at the same time, this happens: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_feedback15:03
zearit's really, really loud15:03
zearand i mean REALLY loud15:03
nebajothI want to run something like this15:03
Xakhaww, there's a scratch on the metal.15:03
Xakhdang it.15:05
Xakhthis irc client messes up when i click links.15:05
Xakhhmm. you know there's a hack to make mini/microusb ports host ports.15:07
Xakhlast place i saw it was for android devices15:07
Xakhso, let's assume i get it working.15:08
Xakhhow hard would it be to configure wifi, from a usb dongle?15:08
Xakhor, if i got a usb ethernet card, would it work?15:09
zearXakh, if there only are linux drivers for that device, just the kernel needs to be recompiled and it should work15:10
Xakhandroirc + other program = no androirc.15:10
Xakhi have to remember that.15:10
Xakhhm. well i used the device before15:11
Xakhon a linux system15:11
Xakhit was ubuntu, but i got it running on fedora too15:11
Xakhso what tools does the nano have for wifi?15:12
Xakhlike, wicd?15:12
zeari dunno about the current image, but in the past it had the iwconfig and other tools for use with the sdio wifi cards15:13
zearand since the image is based on openwrt, which is distro for routers, it must have a lot of wifi apps in the repository15:14
Xakhyeah, i'd think so, lol15:14
Xakhthough they're mostly for putting out wifi, not taking it in15:16
Xakhoh, has anyone tried that microsd wifi antenna?15:16
Xakhhow well does it work?15:18
zearit works15:18
zearhow good - no idea15:19
Xakhheh, alright15:19
Xakhbtw, am i the only one surprised with how good the nanonote looks? usually when you see an open handheld, it's pretty rough looking, since it was designed by developers, but this one really has the feel of a finished product15:21
zearXakh, nanonote design was bought from chinese developers15:21
zearthey designed this device as a chinese dictionary15:21
Xakhheh, really?15:21
Xakhthat's so cool15:22
zearhere you can see the chinese prototype: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Loose_Hinge.ogv15:22
Xakhcrap, i can't click that yet, still on phone15:23
zearthat could explain why there's no usb host and all the other design flaws :)15:23
zear(not like i'm saying the design is faulty)15:23
zearcan you at least see the picture?15:23
Xakhthis irc client is buggy15:23
Xakhif i exit it, it boots me from irc15:24
Xakhor if i go to other programs, it closes itself15:24
zeardon't you have multiprocessing in android?15:24
Xakhyeah, this is just a bad program15:24
zearah, ok15:24
Xakhi'm looking for other ones, but this one is one of very few android irc clients that exist15:25
Xakhcan't find my microsd anywhere15:36
Xakhheh, lucky i did a backup 2 days ago15:36
Xakhokay, seriously annoying.15:39
Xakhgoing to move to laptop asap15:39
Xakhstill, the sd card i used for the nano is missing, i have to use the one from my phone15:40
xakhso, what other packages are good to install on this thing?15:55
xakhzear: you back yet16:31
xakhbad ass16:32
xakhso, what other games play nice on this system?16:32
zeardescent 1&216:34
zearquake, but at a low fps16:34
xakhwhoa, descent, nice16:34
zeargenerally a lot of games from dingoo a320 platform16:35
xakhwhere's the descent port?16:39
xakhI loved that game as a kid16:39
xakhI'm going to sound really young here16:39
xakhbut I was only 3 when Doom came out16:39
xakhand my earliest memories were with my uncle John, coming in from his job as a CS professor, and showing me some cool new game he'd gotten a hold of16:40
xakhand I was a master of Doom back then16:40
xakhlater he installed descent, and I loved that game16:41
xakhWell, outside of ports, is there anything else this thing can run easily, or is there something I can do to help port/create?16:48
zearxakh, descent port is still on my hdd16:50
zearit's not finished16:50
xakhah ok16:50
zearand some reported it buggy16:50
zearyou can try the dingoo port however16:50
zearit should run16:50
zearhere you can try my nanonote ports: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/zear/games/16:51
zearall except eduke32 should work16:51
xakhhm. Cool.16:52
xakhhey, so I've been doing some digging on really light web  browsers that use GTK, and don't have humongous engines16:52
xakhyou think we could port that one?16:52
xakhI've used it, it's not too bad16:52
zearno idea really, don't know much about gtk for framebuffer16:55
xakhwell it also has a stable framebuffer version16:56
xakhooh, check this out!17:03
xakhthat looks like a usable browser, for once17:04
nebajothtuxbrain_away: ping17:04
tuxbrainnebajoth: pong17:06
nebajothtuxbrain: I followed your debian instructions17:07
nebajothbut have only a flashing cursor on all ttys17:07
nebajothI tried from scratch again17:08
nebajothsame result17:08
nebajothfirst tty is just blank17:08
nebajothwhat ip does it have by default?17:08
tuxbrainI guess same as pineo says17:08
nebajothwhere did you get that filesystem for sid?17:09
nebajothdo you have the qi or the SAKC?17:09
nebajoththe production model or the hacker one17:09
tuxbrainproduction model17:11
tuxbrainlet me check one thing.17:11
nebajothno pong from 20417:11
nebajothso no ip17:11
tuxbrainnebajoth: you have serial cable?17:13
tuxbrainif not try this uboot http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin17:13
nebajothif not?17:13
tuxbrainthis will bring you kernel messages on screen17:13
nebajothgood idea17:13
nebajothI definitely want that anyway17:13
tuxbrainalso have you the sd card inserted17:13
tuxbrainone thing I find is that on first boot it givemes some chkfs errors and sistem goes to mantanaice waiting for crtl-D to be pressed but due the ouput was to serial console I only obtain a black screen17:15
tuxbrainon sd17:15
tuxbraintry to boot without sd before do nothing maybe we have luck17:16
tuxbrainkristianpaul: ping17:17
nebajothI want the kernel output anyway17:17
tuxbraintoo late :P17:17
nebajothI hear what you're saying17:18
nebajothbut I want kernel output anyway17:18
tuxbrainok I understand17:18
xakhhey, is there a way to put the nanonote into mass storage mode?17:19
tuxbrainxakh: theoretically yes but intiuition (not real understanding) from larsc conversantions about it seems there still some DMA issues interfering in the module that is able to do so17:21
xakhok, just cheking17:21
xakhI lost my sd card so it's tough to transfer files17:21
tuxbrainscp doesn't work?17:22
nebajothwhere do you live?17:22
xakhme? I live in the USA17:22
nebajothwhich state?17:22
nebajothtrying to decide if I should send you an sd card17:23
nebajothI have like 5 sitting here17:23
xakhWest Virginia17:23
xakhlike, micro?17:23
nebajothI picked up a bunch off ebay17:23
nebajothsuper cheap17:23
nebajoththey don't cost much17:23
xakhwell, over the summer I'll be back home in San Antonio Texas17:23
nebajothactually, Virginia is much closer to me17:23
nebajothI'm just across the river from Detroit17:24
nebajothcould probably just lettermail that sucker17:24
nebajoththey don't weigh crap17:24
xakhactually, I've gotten larger things in envelopes17:24
xakhgot a SIM card17:24
nebajothoooohhhhh, kernel output17:25
nebajothAND it booted17:25
nebajothto a login17:25
nebajothdouble yeah!17:25
tuxbrainanother happy debian Nanonote user comes to scene17:26
tuxbrainremember you have to fix ssh17:26
tuxbrainalso put it with got date to avoid anoying message and mistakes when you compile17:27
nebajoththe apt-get commands you gave17:38
nebajothto fix ssh17:38
nebajothdon't have the right package name17:38
nebajothshould be "apt-get remove openssh-server"17:38
nebajothand "apt-get install openssh-server"17:38
tuxbrainyes I will fix it right now17:38
nebajothor even better17:38
nebajoth"apt-get reinstall openssh-server"17:38
nebajothwait, does reinstall work on apt-get?17:38
nebajothI'm so used to aptitude17:39
nebajothits hard to remember17:39
tuxbrainhehehe me to17:39
tuxbrainI think not17:39
tuxbrainapt-get search doesn't work either :P17:39
nebajothis aptitude in the repos?17:39
tuxbrainapt-cache search instead17:40
nebajothyayyyy apt-get works17:40
tuxbrainaptitude is damn slow on low memory devices17:40
nebajotheven the command line stuff?17:40
nebajothis it programmed in java?17:41
tuxbrainman I don't know but I have tryed it on openmoko with debian (with higher processor and 4 times ram and it was terrible slow)17:42
tuxbraini think it just do to many things at time17:42
tuxbrainto-> too17:43
tuxbrainwtf amirite is?17:43
nebajothits what 16 year old american girls who have watched too much television17:43
nebajothit means "Am I right?"17:43
nebajothI mock them17:44
nebajothby using their silly ways17:44
tuxbrainok :P to much slang for spanish guy :D17:44
nebajothforgive me17:44
nebajothI was just about to say17:44
nebajothnot good for international channel17:44
tuxbrainto -> too17:44
xakhgot Quake, Doom, and Powder on my desktop in the "Games" section18:00
xakhThink we could port a simplistic image editor?19:48
wolfsprauleditor, wow19:57
wolfspraulI agree editing pics on-the-go would be nice, can save a lot of time say when you take them with your digital camera, then want to polish them19:58
wolfspraulbut with 32 MB ram?19:58
wolfspraulthe only hope is that we can start now, and then when Ya NanoNote comes out with more RAM, more megahertz, it will actuall work well19:59
tuxbrain_awayzear proposed one actually working on dingux, don't remember the name but was like the classical "paintbrush", not bad idea not as sustitute of GIMP :P, but to edit/reate icons or fine tune simple graphics.20:08
xakhyeah, that's all I wanted20:13
xakhby the way, I don't have focus on this window much, so could you guys address me by name when you talk? It blinks xchat20:14
wolfspraulxakh: tuxbrain_away I would mostly want to be able to run imagemagick and im scripts20:21
xakhthat'd be pretty sweet.20:21
wolfspraulyes but IM needs loads of memory and CPU20:21
wolfspraulgraphicsmagick is more efficient but has the typical fork problems, such as IM having much much better documentation20:21
xakhif we just had a basic paint program I'd be happy20:22
wolfspraulyes :-)20:22
wolfspraulagree, start small is good20:22
xakhreally, to have a nice system to play with20:24
xakhI'd like a simple graphical text editor20:24
xakha small browser, and a paint program20:24
xakhI propose this browser20:26
xakhhas a built in rendering engine, tiny, and can be run in framebuffer20:26
xakhhttp://www.netsurf-browser.org/downloads/gtk/ at the bottom they have their framebuffer version20:28
xakhif anyone wants to test it. I'm no good with this, so if someone wants to teach me, that'd be cool too20:28
nebajoth1I'm trying to get sound working in debian on the NN21:37
nebajoth1unfortunately, I'm not getting very far21:37
nebajoth1can someone paste me their lsmod inside the openwrt firmware?21:37
nebajoth1I have one version of it21:37
nebajoth1but it keeps loading gmenu2x21:37
nebajoth1and I have no idea how to bring up a terminal21:38
nebajoth1xiangfu: hello21:58
xiangfunebajoth: hi21:58
nebajoth1I have a question :)21:58
nebajoth1I am trying to get sound working in debian21:59
nebajoth1on the NN21:59
nebajoth1does the openwrt firmware use oss or alsa?21:59
xiangfunebajoth: alsa21:59
nebajoth1is there documentation of what you had to do to get it working in openwrt?21:59
xiangfunebajoth: http://www.openmobilefree.net/?p=480 you can take a look at this.  if you mean the develop document. then you need the cpu data sheet.22:04
nebajoth1I think I just need a driver22:06
nebajoth1alsa-utils says "none loaded"22:07
nebajoth1Setting up ALSA...done (none loaded).22:08
xiangfunebajoth: in openwrt "make menuconfig" there is "Kernel modules "22:12
xiangfunebajoth: the sound driver is not static link to kernel image.22:12
xiangfunebajoth: it's build as package.22:12
nebajoth1what's the module  name?22:12
nebajoth1this is the pyneo kernel22:13
nebajoth1the only thing that is from you guys is your u-boot that turns on kernel messages22:13
nebajoth1but maybe it was done the same way22:15
nebajoth1what's the module that needs to be loaded?22:15
xiangfusnd-soc-qi-lb60.ko snd-soc-jz4740-i2s.ko  snd-soc-jzcodec.ko snd-soc-jz4740.ko22:16
xiangfunebajoth: you may find those package at http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/packages/openwrt/xburst/latest/22:19
nebajoth1xiangfu: is there a way to bring up a terminal in the gmenu2x?22:25
xiangfunebajoth: in the latest release "CTRL + ALT + F5"22:26
nebajoth1probably need a newer release then22:27
kristianpauli was testing TP4/TP5 last night ans seems to send data okay to my computer but from computer to  nano something crashed22:28
kristianpauli need to test if there are conections issues22:28
kristianpaulthere is a new version of u-boot with this feature enable?22:28
xiangfukristianpaul: http://www.openmobilefree.net/other/downloads/tmp/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin22:30
kristianpaulxiangfu: what is new on this?22:31
kristianpaulin the previous my picocom just crashed after i send data to it22:31
xiangfukristianpaul: I build this u-boot yesterday.22:31
kristianpaulbut all was fine when typing and sending to the computer22:31
kristianpaulxiangfu: :)22:31
xiangfukristianpaul: I use 'minicom' to login nanonote. yes typing works fine. not test send data22:32
kristianpaulxiangfu: there are plans to include this in incomin release?22:32
xiangfukristianpaul: it will included by next release.22:33
kristianpaulxiangfu: well i need learn how to use minicom, but i push you send data and see what happens to nano22:33
xiangfukristianpaul: ok22:33
kristianpaulxiangfu: can you paste your minicom config, so i can have your same settings?22:34
kristianpaulxiangfu: whats ok for you ;)?22:37
kristianpaulsorry i ask that i just realize ok is too short sometimes :)22:38
xiangfukristianpaul: where is the minicom configure file? I can not find it. :-)22:38
kristianpaulxiangfu: but how are you using it?22:38
kristianpaulat least what steps are you follwing..22:38
xiangfukristianpaul: just found it22:38
xiangfuxiangfu@openmobilefree:~$ more .minirc.dfl22:39
xiangfu# Machine-generated file - use setup menu in minicom to change parameters.22:39
xiangfupu port             /dev/ttyUSB022:39
xiangfupu baudrate         5760022:39
xiangfukristianpaul: minicom -s : to setup the minicom.22:40
kristianpaulgreat thanks22:40
kristianpauli need try taht22:41
kristianpaulnite all !22:41
kristianpaulthanks xiangfu22:41
xiangfukristianpaul: you are welcome22:41
--- Tue May 25 201000:00

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