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xakhcan you install Dillo on this thing yet?00:13
xakhthe nanonote I mean00:14
xakhis anyone active in here?01:47
xiangfuxakh: hi01:48
xakhhey it's you again!01:48
xakhso I got the machine online01:48
xakhso, xiangfu, since you made the thing for the quake demo01:49
xakhxiangfu: now that I got it online, what should I install?01:50
xiangfuxakh: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/zear/games/01:50
xiangfuxakh: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/zear/games/sdlquake-nanonote-r1.tar.bz201:51
xakhso do I wget that?01:51
xiangfuxakh:  you better wget in your PC. then "scp" to your NanoNote. :-)01:52
xakhI couldn't get that to work as well01:52
xakhsince it's running01:54
xakhwould it be possible?01:54
xakhxiangfu: is there a way to make it show up on the gmenu2x?01:55
xiangfuxakh: yes. but you need look into the gmenu2x configure.01:57
panda|x201Hi, where is wolfgang?01:57
xakhxiangfu: how does one go about that?01:57
xiangfuxakh: i don't know. i don't play gmenu2x. I am study the low level coding :-)01:58
xakhWell, I'm going to go to the bathroom, be right back01:59
xiangfuxakh: :-)01:59
xakhxiangfu: awesome, I got some popsicles from my minifridge02:08
xakhxiangfu: important question.02:09
xakhdo I have to do all of the stuff I did before to connect my nanonote to the net?02:09
xakhevery time I plug it in?02:09
xiangfuxakh: yes. there is some way can do it automatic. search the en.qi-hardware.com or google. I am just write a shell to do that02:12
xakhI'm scared to unplug it now....02:13
xakhxiangfu: any tips on using opkg?02:28
xiangfuxakh: opkg install ***.ipk02:29
xakhit has to end in .ipk?02:29
xakhxiangfu: is .ipk for all files?02:30
xiangfuxakh: must ipk02:30
xakhdidn't work02:30
wolfspraulxiangfu: you there?06:40
xiangfuwolfspraul: yes06:40
wolfspraulwhen I create an initramfs in openwrt, I see a number of compression options: none, gzip, bzip2, lzma, lzo06:42
wolfspraulare they all working? which one is the best/recommended one to work with xbboot?06:42
xiangfuwolfspraul: I think "lzma" is better.06:43
xiangfuI select the "none"06:43
xiangfuwolfspraul: not test those compression06:43
wolfspraulok, thanks! maybe I try a bit...06:44
xiangfuwolfspraul: seems the lzma compression code is smallest . I think I read some document somewhere.06:45
xiangfuwolfspraul: bzip and lzma compressors give smaller sizes than gzip.  Lzma's decompresses faster than bzip2.06:50
xiangfuwolfspraul: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/753/06:51
xiangfuwolfspraul: from the kernel config file: usr/Kconfig line:133, lzma is better06:56
larsclzma gives better compression, but is slower. so if you have plenty of space it might not be the best option07:05
foxtrotcan I hook a usb keyboard to the nn?09:27
wolfspraulfoxtrot: no, the NanoNote only has a USB client controller, not USB host09:35
foxtrotso no ext keyboard options?09:35
wolfspraulfoxtrot: no I don't think so09:36
wolfspraulunless you hook a whole notebook to it, and ssh into the NanoNote :-)09:37
foxtrotand there is no expansion on it to ever support a keyboard?09:40
wolfspraulfoxtrot: on the Ben NanoNote - no. The expansion comes from the microSD slot (SDIO capable), USB client (gadgets)09:46
wolfsprauleven if theoretically something is imaginable via SDIO, it doesn't work today or in the near future09:46
foxtrotshould i probably wait for the next version09:47
foxtroti was planning on ordering one today09:48
wolfspraulif you really need an external keyboard, then yes I don't know how to do that with the Ben today, or how to encourage you to buy a Ben anyway09:49
wolfspraulmaybe some others here in the chat have more ideas for you, but I don't09:49
wolfspraulfoxtrot: what did you plan to do with the Ben?09:49
foxtrotassembly dev09:50
wolfspraulto do MIPS assembly? You can ssh into the Ben from an Eee PC :-)09:52
wolfspraultake the Eee PC as your external keyboard09:52
foxtrotbut it lowers the 'wow' factor09:52
foxtrotsince i cant bring my keyboard to an internet cafe09:53
foxtroti wonder how hard it is to type on it09:53
wolfspraultype on the Ben? most people like the keyboard, but of course it's not full-size09:56
wolfspraulfor me personally it wouldn't be suitable for programming09:57
wolfspraulexecuting prepared scripts, sure that works well09:57
wolfspraulbut writing whole programs? nah... :-)09:58
foxtroti mean im using an 8.9" eeepc right now09:59
foxtrotim known for typing on tiny keyboards :)09:59
foxtrotdespite my gargantuan hands09:59
wolfspraulno the ben nanonote is a lot smaller!10:01
wolfspraulcompare it to a blackberry keyboard10:02
wolfspraulyou cannot do real programming on that keyboard, I would say10:02
wolfspraulunless you can do it on a blackberry too...10:02
foxtrotmuch like the theory of computer science10:02
foxtrotif given the time, anything is typable :)10:02
wolfspraulhaving said that, most people like the keyboard, I think it's one of the mechanically best part of the product10:03
wolfspraulgotta go, late here...10:04
Xakhyo dudes.13:21
Xakhso, what's new in the world of the nanonote?13:21
Xakhalso, how do you set the time?13:21
larscXakh: date13:31
XakhI changed the theme in gmenu2x just now13:31
Xakhand now when it boots13:32
Xakhinstead of going to gui13:32
Xakhit acts like it's starting13:32
Xakhthen the screen blanks13:32
Xakhand doesn't work13:32
Xakhand now i tried to reset it and the screen went white13:36
Xakhand is staying white13:37
Xakhanyone had these problems?13:38
Xakhis anyone here?13:44
Xakhjlmoko: you have any experience troubleshooting the nanos?13:47
jlmokono but I can try13:49
Xakhwhen i changed my gmenu settings, it messed up13:49
Xakhwhen i boot it acts like it's going to goto gmenu13:49
Xakhthen the screen goes black and stops responding13:49
Xakhshould i just reflash?13:50
jlmokocould you conect to the nano via usb network13:51
Xakhno, i can't even get it to stay working13:51
Xakhit runs fine for the first minute13:51
Xakhthen even if i ctrl alt f1 to terminal13:51
Xakhit blank screens13:52
Xakhand I'm on my phone so i don't have access to the tools to reflash it atm13:52
Xakhand i busted a pencil in the reset13:52
Xakhso it keeps resetting13:52
Xakhgotta fish that out with a paperclip in a minute13:52
Xakhnot a good day thus far for me...13:53
Xakhyou think there's a way to save it, or would reflashing be my only option?13:54
jlmokoon the openwrt initial screen can you get a shell just pressing enter  & ctl L13:54
Xakhi can't get it to boot right now13:54
Xakhsomething is stuck against the reset button13:54
Xakhi get a break in a few minutes, and then i'll grab a paperclip13:55
Xakhthen i'll try to  use ctrl l13:55
Xakhjust looking for possible solutions13:56
Xakhis there a way to manually edit the gmenu prefs?13:56
Xakhlike with nano?13:56
jlmokoyou can also try another chvt ( looks like there arere 8 of them14:00
Xakhlike with ctrl alt and the f keys, right?14:00
Xakhbecause when i went to different ones the screen still blanked14:01
jlmokoyes , also you could edit the gmenu confiles with vi14:01
jlmokoor nano or joe no emacs :(14:02
Xakhstill can't get it booting14:04
Xakhi hope i didn't brick it14:04
jlmokobut outside gmenux only alt f1-f8 is necesary14:04
jlmokoyou see the openwrt screen splash14:05
Xakhno, it doesn't even turn on right now14:05
Xakhi'm hoping that's due to the reset button14:06
Xakhand not it being permanently broken14:06
Xakhwhen i plug it to a power source the red light comes on14:08
Xakhso it's at least partly working14:09
zearXakh, sounds like the bootloader wasn't flashed properly14:09
zearit happens to me every time i try to flash the device with the flash script14:09
Xakhbut it worked yesterday14:10
zeardo it manually and it won't fail14:10
jlmokoI 'll dupt it is broken but you may end using the carbonized ruber14:10
zearanyway, you can't brick a nanonote14:10
Xakhyou promise?14:10
zearit has a system-on-chip that is responsible for usb boot mode14:10
zearso even if you damaged the whole nand you could still switch it to the usbboot and flash nand again14:11
Xakhi think something's stuck in the reset button though14:11
Xakhlike, holding the button down14:11
Xakhso would that be causing that?14:12
zearXakh, nah, holding reset constantly makes the screen to turn white14:12
Xakhit did that14:12
Xakhthen it stopped turning on14:12
zearmight be completely discharged14:13
zearcan you boot the system without the battery?14:13
zearhmm.. can you short the pins and switch the device into the usbboot mode?14:13
Xakhi also have none of the extra parts14:13
zearand flash u-boot again14:13
Xakhi don't have the rubber, i'm stuck somewhere for the next hour14:14
zearif it's not turning on, but the red light comes on it means u-boot fails to boot14:14
zearwell, you could use the aluminum foil14:14
Xakhalso, i'm using an android irc client, and don't have my laptop14:14
Xakhmy troubleshooting's hard...14:15
Xakheven with all this14:15
Xakhi did do a little nanoproject though14:16
Xakhhardware based, not software, though14:16
Xakhi made a surge protected charger for the nn14:16
Xakhthat also doubles as a ups14:17
Xakhi can tell you guys how to make one, if you'd like...14:17
Xakhwell i thought it was cool.14:18
Xakhand I'm alone again...14:20
Xakhgot the pencil lead out14:28
Xakhand it booted!14:28
Xakhhowever it still blanks after the openwrt screen14:30
Xakhi'm gonna reflash14:30
xakhto reflash I just sudo and run the .sh file, right?15:03
zearxakh, yes, but i'd recommend the manual flashing15:04
xakhhow do I go about doing that?15:04
zearas it seems .sh messes up your u-boot (like it does with mine nanonote)15:04
zearit's just a couple of simple commands15:04
zearlet me point you to the right page on the wiki15:04
xakhwell mine only messed up after I reconfigured gmenu2x, but still, manual flashing looks good15:05
zearxakh, http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/How_to_reflash#Example15:05
zearyou might need to read that page from the beginning, as not sure if the .sh script installs usbboot or not15:05
xakhI have xburst tools installed15:06
zearbut yeah, if you have the "usbboot" command in your system, to flash the u-boot you need to run just this single command:15:06
zearsudo usbboot -c "boot;nprog 0 openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin 0 0 -n"15:06
zearof course change the u-boot.bin name to your file15:06
xakhwhat file?15:06
zearyou need to download the newest u-boot :)15:06
zearhere: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/latest/15:07
zearthen point the above command to whatever name your u-boot.bin file has15:07
zeari guess it's openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin15:08
xakhthat one's the newest?15:08
zearit's in the "latest" dir so i believe it's the newest you can get15:08
xakhdo I have to type the address of nanonote?15:09
zearyou need to switch it to the usbboot mode15:09
zearand usbboot will detect it15:09
xakhit's in it15:09
zearthat's what the first part of this command do, the usbboot-c "boot;15:09
xakhI'm pretty easily confused, sorry...15:10
zearnah, it's just pretty confusing15:10
zearbut once you get it it's quite simple :)15:10
xakhso what do I type first?15:10
zearfirst go to the dir where you downloaded your uboot image15:11
xakhit's in home so I'm good there.15:11
zearthen type sudo usbboot -c "boot;nprog 0 your_u-boot_file.bin 0 0 -n"15:11
zearof course that will work only if the nanonote is in the usbboot mode and is plugged to the usb15:12
zearso switch it to usbboot and plug it in first :)15:12
xakhit's already there, I'm glad I figured that out though15:12
xakhthere's the output15:16
xakhjust checking if that means it did well15:16
xakhzear: would you look over the output and see if it worked?15:19
zearlooks fine, but you might want to run the command again just to be sure15:19
zearas it happened to me before that i had to run commands twice to flash15:19
zearas the first time, despite no errors in logs, the flashing process failed15:19
zearif the second log is the same, you can unplug your nanonote15:20
zearand see if it works15:20
xakhheh, I like that the nand size is actually 4096 kb15:21
xakhnot 4000 kb like most 2gb devices15:21
xakhstill blanks on loading GUI15:23
zearanything printed on screen?15:23
xakhyeah, the splash15:23
zearok, that's good15:23
xakhbut even if I move to a different terminal15:23
zearit means not only the u-boot was damaged15:23
xakhthe screen still blanks15:23
zearbut also the kernel/rootfs15:24
zearso now you need to flash the rest :)15:24
xakhso should I just run the script to test it now?15:24
xakhalso, I think I dropped the button.15:24
xakhoh shit15:24
xakhI'll brb15:24
xakhdropped the button15:24
zearthe carbonated one?15:24
zearit's damn hard to find on a carpet :D15:24
xakhluckily I put it in the bag15:25
xakhit was stuck on my arm15:25
zearanyway, check the rest of commands in that link15:25
zeari once found it on my t-shirt ;)15:25
zearas you need to flash the whole thing (kernel/rootfs), i suggest you run all the commands listed in the "Example"15:26
zearbeginning with erasing the whole nand15:26
xakhdid that15:27
zearif anywhere during the flashing process you notice the "FAIL" in the logs, run the command again15:28
zearuntil it returns only SUCCESS15:28
zearkernel and rootfs can be found in the same link as u-boot: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/latest/15:29
zearoh, and rootfs is the lb60-uImage.bin, not lb60-rootfs.tgz :)15:29
zearerr.. wrong15:29
zearqi_lb60-root.ubi and not the .tgz one15:30
zearuImage.bin is the kernel ;)15:30
xakhcan I add things to the ubi?15:32
xakhI was thinking of moving my wallpaper and a few .ogg files15:33
xakhwhich is the coolest wallpaper ever, btw15:35
xakhzear: do you know how to modify .ubi files?15:35
xakhokay, flashed the second part15:46
xakhand flashed it twice15:46
xakhto be sure15:46
xakhnow for the rootfs15:46
zearxakh, nah, i know nothing about .ubi format15:49
zearbut i'm sure some other guys on this channel know about it15:50
xakhoh well15:50
zearas for the rootfs, flashing takes a while, so i don't know if you want to flash it twice :)15:50
xakhthe cp command works well15:50
zearnice wallpaper :)15:51
xakhI thought so15:51
zearyou can change your wallpaper in gmenu2x btw15:51
zearno need to manually overwrite the files15:51
xakhI know, it was on the nano15:51
xakhthe cp command takes too long15:52
xakhhey frank15:52
xakhbtw I got the net working15:52
xakhthen I changed a bunch of settings and bricked meself, so now I'm reflashing15:52
xakhoh btw, the google home page is a playable game of pac man today15:53
xakhI think the coin command is 315:53
xakhif not it's 1 or 215:53
zearxakh, oh it's playable?15:53
xakhsince I hit those and it let me play15:53
xakhawesome right>15:53
zearyep :)15:53
xakhrootfs is almost done flashing15:53
xakhthese things are indestructable15:53
FrankBluesMine had "insert coin" where the random link button usually is15:54
xakhpacman claims another victim15:55
xakhoop, there you are15:55
zearxakh, it even has a 2 player mode :D15:55
xakhI know, bad ass right?15:56
FrankBluesargh, trying to add a server in irssi, not change servers15:56
zearxakh, totally15:56
xakhhey, so if anyone's interested, I designed a Q&D surge protected charger for the nanonote15:56
xakhI can show you guys the parts necessary to make it15:57
zearwhat's a surge protected charger?15:57
xakhbasically, the power is regulated15:57
xakhso if there's a power surge and it's not plugged into a surge protector (which is one of those things that you plug in with all the extra outlets)15:58
xakhit'll keep the power surge from reaching the nn15:58
zearof course parts/schemes/howtos are welcome :)15:58
xakhwell, it's pretty simple15:58
zearas long as they have an open license, feel free to upload them on the wiki15:59
xakhwell, it's basically three pieces16:00
xakhfirst, you have the USB cable, of course16:00
xakhthen you have this16:00
xakhand that16:02
xakhwhen you put them together16:02
xakhthe charger charges the mini battery first, then charges the NN16:02
xakhso if there's a power outage16:02
xakhnot only is the nn protected16:02
xakhbut it has a little extra juice16:02
zearsounds cool16:02
xakhyeah, it worked well16:02
zearso basically the middle part is a kind of a battery?16:03
xakhyou plug the cable into the wall adapter16:04
xakhand then the battery16:04
xakhand then you plug the battery into the nano16:04
zearand you can take the battery with you to charge your nanonote when there's no power outlet around. Clever :)16:05
xakhyeah, I'd picked it up for my phone16:07
xakhbut it was easily repurposed16:07
xakhit also has a little flash light on it, not related to the surge protectore16:08
xakhand I don't know why it has one16:08
xakhbut there's a button, and it turns on a bright white led16:08
xakhso it has that too16:08
xakhI like it.16:08
zearquite handy16:09
xakhit reflashed16:10
xakhwish me luck!16:10
xakhit booted!16:12
FrankBluesgood luck!16:12
xakhwhere's the directory for the wallpapers on gmenu2x again?16:17
xakhthe directory for wallpapers is /usr/share/16:17
xakhwhat comes after that?16:17
kristianpaulxakh: the file i think17:00
kristianpauljust put it there17:00
xakhfound out it takes forever to get to17:00
xakhit's /user/share/gmenu2x/Default/wallpapers17:00
xakhhey, anyone here good with packaging for the nanonote?22:09
xakhdoes anyone have like, a shell script23:15
xakhto add new files to gmenu2X?23:15
xakhI really wanna add prboom.23:15
wolfspraulmaybe zear knows, but he's probably sleeping :-)23:18
xakhall the geniuses slumber.23:19
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