#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-05-20

xiangfufoxtrot: but we can not use that mouse.00:01
foxtrotwhere is it00:09
tuxbrainhi foxtrot, just a quick answer... there is no mouse :P03:50
tuxbrainwhy you need them?03:54
foxtrotim... not sure03:54
foxtrotwhy dont i need them? :)03:55
tuxbrainbecouse you don't have it :P03:56
tuxbrainhappiness is the lack of needs03:57
tuxbrainjokes apart the idea is to porting apps on nano that use the keys to manage it , and if for any reason there is a need of mouse, we can simulate it with the arrow keys.04:03
foxtrothows the GUI work04:07
tuxbrainthe  gmenu2x (the application launcher we are using now) has a little messy keymap heritage of his origins (the console gp2x32, Dingoo,....) but you get used quickly, to select an app the arrow keys, to lauch it "x", to change section "q" and "p", contextual menu "esc", help "z", settings "enter"04:11
tuxbrainand then each app has his own key usage04:11
tuxbraingmu the music player is the best I think due it keymap has been designed with bnn in mind04:12
foxtrotdoes it have bash?04:20
tuxbrainIn openwrt you  have by default  a light version called ash, but it works the same way in debian by default you have bash04:27
foxtroti want to do MIPS asm dev on it04:28
foxtrotso i need vim04:28
foxtrotbluefish would be siiick but i doubt itd run04:28
tuxbrainfor development inside the ben I recomend debian04:28
tuxbrainI'm compiling for atmel micros in the nano :D04:30
foxtrotim writing code for sgimips in asm04:31
foxtrotim hoping i can use the nanonote for that04:31
tuxbrainI don't know why not04:34
mirkoanybody of openmotic here?05:32
mirkovegyraupe, do you know who is involved in the openmotic project (except carlos)?06:42
vegyraupehey mirko06:47
vegyraupeI would check the ML, one sec06:47
vegyraupeJuan Camilo Chaparro06:48
vegyraupebut I don't have any details on anything :)06:48
mirkovegyraupe, ok, thanks06:50
mirkoso i'll write to the mailing list06:50
mirkovegyraupe, do you know his handle in irc?08:28
vegyraupemirko: nope sry08:32
rafawolfspraul: Nanonote arrived! :)12:19
wolfspraulrafa: ha, great!12:26
rafayeah! so happy here12:28
wolfspraulsave some of the energy for the frustrations that will surely come... :-)12:30
wolfspraulunless you are like David who can somehow stay happy no matter how hopeless things look around him :-)12:30
wolfspraulu-boot problems, USB boot pins, just general learning about the device12:31
rafaI usually try to stay happy no matter how near we are of the end of this world Ã:)12:31
wolfspraulhe, OK. Like David. Great, then you can master anything!12:31
rafawolfspraul: you can see me here happy with my NN when I got yesterday really bad news (my company canceled my Linux project because they can not pay my salary anymore.  And you already know how few Linux projects Arg has to get a job there)12:33
rafaso I will survive whn uboot problems appears ;)12:33
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: cleanup mmc driver. remove the mmc_protocol.h http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/d85249d12:43
tuxbrainrafa that's the spirit :)12:47
rafatuxbrain: yeah ;) I need to learn from you and to open a tuxbrain 2 here in Arg :)12:48
wolfspraulrafa: wow sorry to hear that12:53
wolfspraulI think there is still way too little Linux/free software business out there.12:54
wolfspraulit's growing, but man those are hard earned dollars12:54
wolfspraulmuch much much much easier to make money with proprietary software12:54
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [xburst][u-boot] add ext2 command http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/9448f6f12:56
tuxbrainhehehe rafa, run run safe your health run and don't look back, here are dragons!!!12:58
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding new SAKC version, including LED circuit. http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/26b0c7313:01
rafatuxbrain: wolfspraul ;) he, thanks for your words :) ..13:46
rafawolfspraul: yeah, there are some ways to do cool business with free software and Linux, just that I am a really bad business man :) I prefer to get a job as Linux developer or consultant (Linux admin or to help people to decide which hardware/software to use and how to use it ;) )13:47
rafaso I am comfortable as employee. Perhaps I woult try a tuxbrain here if I can do/support the Linux software side of the gadgets to offer ;)13:49
wolfspraulrafa: tuxbrain Argentina, that would be awesome13:53
wolfspraul'night everybody13:54
wolfspraulmirko: do you know the OpenMotic wiki pages? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/OpenMotic14:00
wolfspraulI think some of your questions might be answered there.14:00
mirkowolfspraul, yes14:00
mirkowolfspraul, i read through14:00
wolfspraulah OK14:01
mirkohowever i didn't get actually yet, what openmotic is trying to be :) (UI? home-control? picture-frame-frontend?)14:01
Action: FrankBlues waves14:14
XakhI have a nanonote on the way, and I was just wondering about a few things.14:40
Xakhso, here we go!14:41
Xakhcan i use a usb mouse?14:41
tuxbrainXakh: no14:42
Xakhand how well is the debian install working? can i get to a graphical interface (screen, byobu, etc)14:42
Xakhok, glad i asked then.14:42
Xakhobviously i don't want to run X14:42
tuxbraindebian is running fine, screen working, byoubu I don't know what it is14:44
Xakhcrap, forgot my third question.14:44
Xakhbyobu's a fork of screen14:44
Xakhi like it's hotkeys14:44
tuxbrainthen I guess meanwhile is on debian repos is only matter to apt-get it :)14:44
zearXakh, you can't use any usb device, as the usb slot in the nanonote is not a host14:45
Xakhahhhhh, that makes sense! is there a way for me to hack one in?14:45
zearthere's a next gen dev board with usb host14:46
Xakhoh, and can i format a microsd card as swap, to get some extra ram?14:46
zearyep, that should be possible14:46
zearthough would wear the card a bit14:46
Action: tuxbrain is the negative man and zear the positive one :P14:46
Xakhif I put in a say, 2gb one, could I run X?14:46
zearmemory cards have a limited read/write cycle number14:46
Xakhi know, but i have one i bought specifically to do that with.14:47
tuxbrainyou can run X even without it using kdrive as xorg server14:47
tuxbrainsorry client14:47
zearbut nowadays you can buy cards with everlasting warranty, so who knows, maybe they could replace it if it was worn out :D14:47
XakhI know, but i was thinking running LXDE14:47
Xakhso I'd need a bit of ram for a desktop env14:48
zearx11 should run with just 32mb ram14:48
zearit works with other devices that have 3214:48
zearor even 16mb ram14:48
zearthe main problem would be the screen size14:48
Xakheh, I got good eyes. I'm on IRC from my g114:49
zearall that boaders, bars and buttons would take 90% of the screen space :P14:49
zeari have some experience with using X11 on a 640x320 res device14:49
Xakhwell, that's why i was going to use lxde, its taskbar is only about 20 px tall, and window decorations only 10 px14:49
zearand most of the apps are really really hard to use because of the gui being too big for that res14:49
zearand here we deal with 1/2 smaller res :P14:50
Xakhohh, I forgot about that.14:50
XakhI have a bunch of questions up on the talk page too14:50
Xakhbut I figured here would be a good spot to chat with people about this.14:51
XakhI mentioned I wanted one to a friend of mine, and he just bought one for me14:51
Xakhit was sorta like whoa14:51
Xakhyeah, really excited, supposed to be here tomorrow14:52
zearnanonote is a nice little device, but you must remember it has it's own limits14:52
tuxbrainwhere are you from Xakh?14:52
zeari've seen some reviews in press that were complaining about it14:53
tuxbrainok :) wellcome to small lovely free devices world14:53
FrankBluesI´m still figuring out what to use mine for (other than irc, heh)14:53
zearbecause it can't run windows, normal desktop programs, etc etc14:53
Xakhthat's why it's so cool.14:53
tuxbrainhahahaha windows!?14:53
zearso when someone buys a nanonote he needs to think of it more in terms of a handheld calendar rather than a full feature laptop14:54
Xakhbecause it can't14:54
zearyes, i have no interest in x86 platform14:54
zearor atom14:54
zearbecause it uses windows14:54
Xakhx86 is dying and fast.14:54
zearwell, it should have died a long time ago now14:54
Xakhwhile I love my massive Linux gaming rig, I know it's on its way out14:55
zearthe only reason it didn't die yet is because all that games and apps for windows are x86 compatible14:55
zearso windows can't just switch to arm or mips, or they'll lose the software support14:55
zearbut well, that's their problem. In linux world you can always recompile your apps :)14:56
Xakhstill, with 2gb RAM this thing'll be pretty fast, right?14:56
Xakhnot a full laptop14:56
zearwith 2gb ram - yes. With 2gb swap - nope14:56
Xakhwell, faster?14:56
Xakhi mean, microsd cards are pretty zippy, right?14:56
zearthere were 40gb drives in the '90s, but i never heard of someone making a 40GB swap on them and having a super fast computer :)14:57
Xakhtrue, but they weren't solid state14:57
zeari don't know what is the max read/write speed limit of an SD card14:57
Xakhi'll check.14:57
zearbut it's probably not even close to ram14:57
zeari don't know much of ram, but i guess it works a bit differently, or else we'd use the 4GB nand for swap ;)14:58
Xakhthere we are.15:05
Xakhmax r/w: 10 mb/s, 1,000,000 rewrites.15:05
Xakhon microsd15:05
Xakhnot bad15:05
Xakhso, how would it do as swap?15:06
Xakhoh, and is there any way to make the microsd slot act as a usb slot?15:07
Xakhi saw that little wireless card do it15:08
Xakhand does the nn come with the latest version of openwrt, or am i going to have to reflash it myself?15:10
Xakhman, place be deaaad15:12
XakhI'll be back later15:12
FrankBluesXakh: reflashing is needed for newest openwrt15:12
Xakhthe one it comes with15:12
Xakhdoes it have gmenu15:12
Xakhthe new frontend15:13
FrankBluesYeah, though it is the first thing I get rid of on reflash15:13
Xakhreally? I think it looks neat.15:13
FrankBluesLooks cool, but I do a lot more console stuff with the nn15:14
Xakhdoes it have access to a terminal emu?15:14
FrankBluesLike minicom?15:15
Xakhin gmenu, i mean15:15
FrankBluesNot by default15:15
FrankBluesI think you can ctrl-alt-f1 to a shell, iirc15:16
XakhI think my first nanoproject will be making gmenu a really useful front end for the nn15:16
XakhI'm getting mine in tomorrow, really excited.15:17
FrankBluesI think I´d like to work out a reliable config backup script so I don´t have to keep rewriting everything when I reflash.15:17
Xakhbasically, I wanna make the nn accessible, so that people won't be so scared of copyleft projects15:18
Xakhmake  a good frontend that works on any xburst system, so we could sell these as all sorts of stuff15:20
Xakhholy crap nanonote came a day early15:21
Xakhit's right here15:22
Xakhokay so i turned it on15:27
Xakhwhat do i do to start gmenu15:27
FrankBluesShould autostart on boot if installed15:27
Xakhit ain't15:27
FrankBluescommand is g2menux iirc15:28
FrankBluesmight need to reflash first15:28
tuxbrainyes the firmware out of the box is a little old15:29
tuxbrainyou better reflash to the latest image15:29
tuxbrainFrankBlues: +1 to this backup script15:30
FrankBluestuxbrain: I´ve got an old 256mb microsd I´ve beenusing to manually backup, but it isn´t eficient.15:32
FrankBlueseffiÂcient even15:32
FrankBluesThe irssi for nn has no script support?15:55
xakhSo I put a big question up on the talk page.16:33
xakhThis is one of my first electronic projects, so how do I reflash this thing?16:34
xakhHi there!16:37
xakhso I'm up on my laptop16:37
xakhhow do I go about shorting this battery connector?16:37
xakhor whatever you have to do to update16:37
FrankBluesuse the little button looking thing16:40
xakhthat came in the box?16:40
xakhwhat do I do with it?16:40
FrankBluesit fits perfectly over the contacts underneath16:40
xakhthere's only one...16:40
xakhI'm gonna go grab it16:41
xakhdo I need anything else?16:41
FrankBluesput it over the contacts in the battery compartment, hold it down while plugging in the usb.16:41
xakhokay is it supposed to turn on then?16:43
FrankBluesscreen will remain blank16:44
xakhwhich way do I hold it?16:44
xakhthe little cup in on the brass, or the other way?16:45
FrankBluesas if it were a pushbutton16:45
xakhscreen is blank16:46
xakhnow what?16:46
xakhcan I let go?16:47
FrankBluesyes, let go16:47
xakhmy laptop's not detecting anything either16:47
xakhis that normal?16:47
FrankBluesdo an lspci on the laptop16:48
xakhholy crap lots of stuff16:48
FrankBluesyou should see a 601a:4740 line16:48
FrankBlueswith no hw description16:48
xakhthere's the output16:50
xakhI don't see that thing you said16:51
FrankBluescrap, lsusb, not lspci16:51
xakhI don't know what Acer's made here16:53
FrankBluesif you don´t see the 601a line, you may need to try again16:54
FrankBluesmake sure not to use any hub in between the nn and your computer16:55
FrankBluesyou can do a "watch lsusb" to keep an eye out for the nn16:56
xakhno hub, just a USB port16:57
xakhwell it detects when it turns on16:58
FrankBluesgot it?16:59
xakhcan I push the little brass tabs with my fingers?16:59
xakhno, it turned on when I plugged it in16:59
xakhand it thinks it's an ethernet port16:59
FrankBluesthey need to be shorted while it is off.16:59
xakhI was just messing around with it, seeing if the connection itself worked16:59
xakhbut can I short it with my fingers?17:00
FrankBluesethernet over usb17:00
xakhthat popped right up17:00
FrankBluesI doubt it, but worth a shot.17:00
FrankBluesIf you can o17:00
xakhif I can plug it with my fingers you mean?17:00
FrankBluesposition the button thingy right over the contacts it usually works17:01
xakhand then I hold it down, right?17:01
FrankBluesyep, hold it while connecting the usb cable17:02
FrankBluesand keep it down17:02
xakhcould I use duct tape?17:02
xakhjust wondering, this thing seems to be shredding up the button17:03
FrankBluesif it is conductive enough17:03
xakhif it's conductive enough, so can I use like, a small piece of wire?17:04
xakhbecause I keep holding this button and it doesn't work17:04
FrankBluessure, as long as it shorts the contacts17:04
xakhgimme a sec, I have a bunch of old USB cables, and one of them's shorted on its own, so I'm going to cannibalize it for parts17:05
FrankBluesthe shield from a usb cable might work17:05
xakhalso, that's the little metal thing that says "usb boot" on it, why's it there?17:06
xakhI'm supposed to be shorting the battery contacts, making it think there's a battery there, right?17:06
xakhor something like that?17:06
FrankBluesno, short the pins on the usb boot pins17:06
FrankBluesthe button should fit directly over the usb boot pads17:07
FrankBluesand leave the battery out17:08
xakhso the little thing that says usb boot17:08
xakhI put the button on that?17:08
Action: xakh is an idiot sometimes17:09
FrankBluesyep, cover the two solder pads with the button17:10
xakh okay, I did17:10
xakhthe screen didn't turn on17:10
xakhbut nothing detected17:11
FrankBluesit won´t in usb boot mode17:11
FrankBluesnothing in lsusb?17:11
xakhI had watch lsusb on17:11
FrankBluesno battery, button shorting pads, usb plugged in... should be working...17:12
xakhoh wow.17:12
xakhI'm dumb17:12
xakhgimme a sec17:12
xakhI had two cables17:13
xakhand I didn't figure out one was not the other17:13
xakhjust one of those days.17:13
xakhokay now it worked17:14
xakhwhere do I go for instructions on reflashing?17:14
FrankBluesnow... do you have the reflash_ben.sh script?17:14
xakhoh yeah, gonna go grab that17:14
FrankBluesrun it as root/sudo it and you should be golden!17:15
xakhalso, for gmenu2x, I saw that you can change the wallpaper17:15
xakhI know it sounds silly17:15
xakhbut I found something I think is fitting17:16
xakhin how awesome it is17:16
FrankBluesthe script logs to ~/.qi/nanonote/ben/latest/log.txt, otherwise it is pretty quiet while flashing17:16
xakhit said command not found17:17
FrankBluesdid you install xburst-tools?17:17
xakhoops, hadn't given it permission to run on its own17:18
xakhno I didn't17:18
xakhshould I have?17:18
FrankBluesyees, need those first17:18
xakhit's reflashing....17:18
xakhis that bad?17:19
xakhsays it's fetching it17:19
FrankBluesyou may want to check the log file17:19
xakhdid I brick my nanonote?17:19
xakhit says it's downloading right now17:19
FrankBluesit will fetch the nanonote's software first17:19
xakhoh ok17:20
FrankBluesyou pretty much can't brick it - usbboot will always work17:20
xakhalso I'm installing xburst-tools now17:21
xakhgotta love uni internets17:21
xakhanyway, so it's downloading the other thing still17:21
xakhshould I run it again, just in case, since I have the tools now?17:22
FrankBluesI'd leave it be... it will flash the nanonote as soon as it is done downloading17:23
FrankBlues(as long as xburst-tools are installed)17:24
xakhok, says it's flashing17:26
xakhsays it's done.17:32
xakhwait gonna install quake from the demo script too17:33
CongoZombieanyone here have any experience with the AIC?17:33
FrankBluesdo the quake install after usbboot17:33
CongoZombiein the jz17:33
FrankBluesdon't think you can install it until it has booted normally. then you can scp it over.17:34
xakhoh ok17:34
xakhso now I put the battery in and reboot?17:34
xakhnow, in gmenu2x17:37
xakhhow do I get to settings?17:37
xakhit has an L and an R17:37
FrankBluesl=q r=p17:38
xakhthanks man17:38
FrankBluesno problem!17:38
xakhit says I can overclock17:39
xakhshould I?17:39
FrankBlueser... only you can answer that...17:39
xakhoh yeah.17:39
xakhso it's at 30017:39
FrankBluesI wouldn't, but don't think you'll need to17:40
xakhokay, now what do I do to move stuff in?17:43
FrankBlueseither copy using sd or get networking to work and scp stuff over17:44
xakhis networking hard?17:45
FrankBluesnot really. just follow the wiki article on usb networking and it should work17:46
xakhecho "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward17:48
xakheven with sudo17:48
xakhsays access denied17:48
FrankBlueswhat distro are you using?17:48
xakhI know, nooby17:48
FrankBluesme too, I remember this problem... halfasec17:50
xakhalso, how do I get out of gmenu?17:50
FrankBluesyou have to change an app so it won't reload gmenu, then run that app and exit17:51
FrankBluesedit /etc/sysctl.conf ... uncomment the forwarding line17:55
xakhI don't have a text editor...17:55
xakhon desktop17:55
xakhhow then?17:56
FrankBluesyes, sorry, on desktop17:56
FrankBluessudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf17:56
FrankBluestake the # away from the net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 line17:57
xakhhow does that get rid of gmenu?17:57
xakhoh oh ok17:57
FrankBluesoh, sorry, still on networking17:57
FrankBluestry ctrl-alt-f1 to get a console on the nn17:58
xakhI did17:59
xakhthen it tries to load gmenu17:59
xakhokay, got rid of the line18:00
Frank_BluesYou want the line, just not the # in front of it.18:01
xakhsorry that's what I meant18:01
Frank_Bluesctrl-x will exit and save. Reboot and you'll have ip forwarding enabled on your laptop.18:01
xakhoh I gotta reboot18:02
xakhso now it's all plugged in18:12
xakhwill it "just work" so to speak?18:12
xakhby the way it still says access denied on that command18:13
xakhFrank_Blues: you still there?18:16
xakhSo, what's next?18:17
Frank_Bluesif you "cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" do you get a "1" ?18:18
Frank_Blues(on the laptop)18:18
Frank_BluesOkay, so the whole echo "1" > /proc... so on is now unnecessary.18:19
Frank_BluesDo you use wifi or ethernet?18:19
xakhso the etho part is right18:19
xakhoh, since I rebooted18:19
xakhshould I redo all the previous commands?18:19
Frank_BluesAnd anytime the nanonote reboots, you'll need to redo the "ifconfig usb0" command on your laptop - after you see the ubuntu network manager give up (you get the auto usb0 disconnected message)18:21
Frank_Blues(or if you connect / disconnect the nanonote)18:21
xakhhm. there's a difference between the output of ifconfig here and there18:21
xakh TX bytes:4941 (4.9 KB)18:22
xakhinstead of 018:22
Frank_BluesI wouldn't worry...18:23
Frank_BluesThe ubuntu network manager utility tries to mess with usb0 on a regular basis...18:23
Frank_Bluescan you ping the nn?18:24
xakhokay, done all the nat config stuff18:24
xakhsave for that one command you said I didn't need18:24
Frank_BluesYou should be able to get to the internet from the nn18:25
xakhI can't get to a console from the nn18:25
Frank_BluesControl-Alt-F1 doesn't work?18:25
xakhno it tries to load gmenu2x again18:25
xakhhow do I get it to stop?18:26
xakhI tried ctrl c18:26
xakhgot it18:26
Frank_BluesTry http://agrajag.posterous.com/18:26
Frank_BluesDown by "Where's my console?"18:27
xakhI got it!18:27
xakhalso it gives a random instruction on how to make a cocktail.18:27
xakhwhen gmenu exits.18:27
Frank_BluesIt'll do that.18:27
Frank_Blues(change /etc/banner if you want something else)18:27
xakhalright, good to know my nano's an alcoholic18:28
xakhno, I like it18:28
xakhjust made me laugh18:28
xakhcan't seem to get a line out18:35
xakhthis usb thing is tough18:35
Frank_Bluescan the nanonote ping a numerical address (say,
xakhtried 818:36
xakhdidn't get anything18:36
Frank_Blueshave you given a default route?18:36
Frank_Bluessomething like route add default gw
xakhI think I skipped a step. gotta try something18:37
xakhoh crap I never set a root password18:38
xakhhow does one do that again?18:39
xakhI've always had a graphical interface18:39
xakhso yeah18:43
xakhseriously, what's the ash command to set root password?18:43
Frank_Bluessorry, had to work.18:52
xakhnp, I got it18:53
Frank_BluesI've gtg, home and all. Have fun!18:54
xakhthanks for your help!18:54
Frank_Bluesnot a problem! Enjoy the nanonote!18:54
xakhhm. How do I get stuff off SD?19:12
xakhhow do I get stuff off of my microSD card?19:28
mththe copy command on the shell19:31
xakhI was more asking what do I do to mount it?19:31
xakhI've been spoiled by X1119:32
mthit's not automounted? (I don't have a NN myself)19:32
xakhwell, I'm not sure.19:32
mthif you check by using "mount" without arguments19:32
xakhlots of things19:32
xakhwhere would a microsd card usually go?19:33
xakhokay got in19:35
xakhnow what's the syntax for cp again?19:37
mthcp from to19:43
mthwhere "from" and "to" can be file names with or without directories, and "to" can be just a directory19:44
xakhI'm trying to figure out where the folders for wallpaper and music are19:54
CongoZombiewhich openwrt branch is current? master or xburst?20:02
xakhxburst is meant to work with xburst processors, if I'm not mistaken.20:06
xakhaka the NN20:06
xakhso, when I set the date, the machine stops responding20:06
xakhwell, not totally, but the command prompt stops being the normal name and such20:07
xakhand turns into > with a blinking _20:07
xakhand I can't do anything.20:07
xakhwhat's going on?20:07
xiangfuHi xakh20:14
xakhI've been using Linux for a year, but I've been spoiled by graphical interfaces20:15
xakhI got my nn20:15
xakhand I'm tryin' to figure it out.20:15
xakhfirst big question20:17
xakhhow do I move stuff off my microsd card?20:17
xakhI'm pretty lost, xiangfu20:19
xiangfuxakh: have you mount the sd-card in NN??20:22
xakhnot sure what to call the card20:23
xakhI put it in, physically20:23
xakhso what do I do?20:25
xiangfuxakh: if you plug it in after NN booted. the Nanonote will automatic mount it at /mnt/mmc***20:26
xiangfuxakh: if you plug it before the NN booted. we need mount it manually.20:26
xakhI plugged it in after it booted20:26
xakhin the microsd directory20:27
xakhso what's the name of the directory for gmenu2x wallpapers?20:28
xiangfuxakh: let me search . never look into the wallpaper.20:28
xiangfuxakh: /usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/wallpapers/20:32
xakhso to do that I put like20:33
xakhcp from /mnt/mmcblk0p1 to  /usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/wallpapers/?20:33
xakhor what?20:38
xiangfuxakh: yes.20:38
xakhnow it's a gorilla and a shark high fiving as my wallpaper.20:42
xakhdoes this thing have a printscreen command?20:43
xiangfuxakh: yes. it's "fbgrab". download at:20:44
xakhUni internet messes up nanonote's ability to connect20:44
xiangfuxakh: you want nanonote to access Internet ? right?20:48
xakhmy uni messes with  connections20:49
xakhthe network's fast but sorta buggy20:50
xiangfuxakh: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB20:52
xakhI know20:52
xakhit always seems to fail20:52
xakhbut if you wanna try and trouble shoot with me20:56
xakhxiangfu I'm trying again, so maybe we can see where this went wrong?21:00
xiangfuxakh: ok.21:00
xakhokay, so the first problem21:01
xakhwhen looking at ifconfig usb0 it has a little difference21:02
xakhit says: TX packets:2421:02
xakhand TX has 4.8 kb in it21:03
xakhwhich is either sent or recieved, I don't know which21:03
xakhbut anyway, seems like there's slight activity on it, is that okay, xiangfu?21:04
xiangfuxakh: yes. we don't need care about the TX packets.21:04
xakhso I got to the ping21:04
xakhand it's pinging the NN fine21:04
xiangfuxakh: then we do the NAT config :-)21:05
xakhI keep having this problem21:07
xakhxakh@WarMachine:~$ sudo echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward21:09
xakhbash: /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward: Permission denied21:09
mthI guess the direct is done before sudo, instead of inside it21:09
mthdoes it help to quote everything after sudo with single quotes?21:10
xakhdid the same thing21:11
xiangfuxakh: try this:  echo "1" | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward21:13
xakhokay, done with the NAT thing, no other incidents21:15
xakhso I've already set a root password21:17
xakhso what do I do first?21:17
xiangfuxakh: ssh root@
xiangfuxakh: then in Nanonote: "route add default gw"21:18
xakhI'm on the tut21:18
xakhwhen I did ssh21:19
xakhit showed the system splash thing21:19
xiangfuxakh: it's normal :-)21:19
xakhokay sweet!21:20
xiangfuxakh: in NanoNote: echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf21:20
xakhI'm doing the route add thing first21:21
xiangfuxakh: ok21:21
xakhnot found21:23
xakhdidn't put that last bit21:24
xakhok now it works21:25
xiangfuxakh: ah. great :-)21:25
xakhso now I need to check pingin21:26
xakhhm sent out a ping21:26
xakhnothing coming back21:26
xakhsent it to google.com21:26
xakhxiangfu: what'd I do wrong?21:27
xiangfuxakh: try "ping"21:27
xakhnothing back yet21:28
xakhxiangfu: 100% packet loss21:29
xakh71 packages sent21:29
xakhnone received back21:30
xiangfuxakh: try "ping" . try to ping your PC.21:30
xakhthat works fine21:31
xiangfuxakh: have you run "sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE" in your PC??21:33
xiangfuxakh: is the eth0 connect to the network??21:33
xakhI'm talking to you on it.21:33
xiangfuxakh: ok. what is your default gw in your pc. try to ping PC's gateway ip address in NanoNote21:34
xakhI don't even know21:35
xakhhow do I find that, again?21:35
xakhoh, right, gotta say xiangfu to draw attention21:36
xakhxiangfu: how do I find my gw>21:44
xiangfuxakh: "route"21:45
xiangfuxakh: after you run "iptables ...." the nn network should work.21:46
xakhit pinged my default gateway fine21:47
xakhxiangfu: any idea what's going on?21:48
xiangfuxakh: ok. then mean the dns in your nanonote is wrong. take a look of your PC's dns :  "more /etc/resolv.conf"21:49
xakh# Generated by NetworkManager21:49
xakhdomain resnet.marshall.edu21:49
xakhsearch resnet.marshall.edu21:49
xiangfuxakh: then run [echo "nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf" in your PC.21:50
xakhxiangfu: then what?21:51
xiangfuxakh: then your nanonote network should work. try "ping google.com"21:51
xiangfuin you nanonote21:51
xakhshould I set the nanonote DNS too?21:52
xakhxiangfu: should I repeat that command on the NN?21:53
xiangfuxakh: don't need.21:53
xakhwell it didn't work.21:53
xakhxiangfu: I'll be back in a bit, I'm hungry, and going to go get a chicken sandwich21:56
xiangfuxakh: ok.21:56
xakhxiangfu: you still on?22:44
--- Fri May 21 201000:00

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