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NecrosporusDoes specs mean, there is no possibility to connect NanoNote to the internet, except via mini-USB port and usual computer?02:07
NecrosporusI think, it would be much more useful with addition of at least bluetooth module02:08
jlmokoNecrosporus,  there is a wifi uSD http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_Wi-Fi04:19
Necrosporusjlmoko, I have no wifi network nearby, but I own a bluetooth enabled smartphone04:23
NecrosporusWith damned Symbian... But it doesn't matter if I would use it as modem04:23
NecrosporusBut if there is only one slot, you will be unable to use the internet and memory card same time04:45
NecrosporusSo you will be unable to download something big04:45
NecrosporusNanoNote is not a bad thing for its price04:48
NecrosporusBut why not to make a feature-full copyleft computer with huge amount of memory and so on...04:48
NecrosporusSomething like ARM/MIPS/SPARC/other non-x86 1-2 GHz processor, 1-2 GiB RAM, 3-5 USB ports, screen >= 1024x768, bluetooth, wi-fi with free firmware awailable (like Ath5k)04:52
NecrosporusAnd at 10 hours battery life04:52
Necrosporus* at least04:52
NecrosporusIs it screen touchscreen?05:01
NecrosporusIf not, how to navigate it without mouse?05:02
NecrosporusOr is it intended to be used as pocket linux shell device?05:02
orly_owl_shell might be the intention05:08
orly_owl_its probably low spec so people will actually buy it05:08
MisterMojust got my ben nanonote18:02
MisterMohm.. perhaps.. one could tell me which keyboard shortcut I have to use to scroll up in the terminal?18:02
larscshift+page up. but not sure if it's possible to do that combination with the nanonote keyboard18:03
MisterMowell yeah... how to get the page-up keycode? ;)18:04
larscred arrow + volup18:05
MisterMoah.. thx :D18:05
MisterMoand just one more question... what is the "qi" button supposed to do?18:06
larscit is mapped to ctrl18:07
MisterMothank you, again :)18:07
larscleft ctrl18:07
larscand ctrl is right ctrl18:07
larscah no18:07
larscit's mapped to F13...18:08
larscand FN is left ctrl18:08
zearF13? But that's just useless :D18:08
MisterMolarsc: where are those mappings written down? ;)18:10
larscMisterMo: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-xburst/source/tree/xburst/target/linux/xburst/files-2.6.32/arch/mips/jz4740/board-qi_lb60.c18:11
MisterMoah thx :)18:12
MisterMook... my really last question this evening..... is there already a mapping to move the mouse cursor?18:21
zearMisterMo, in what environment?18:24
zearthere are problems with it in gtk+, sdl - depends on the game code, qt - no idea18:25
zearx11 - still no port of it18:26
MisterMoah hm.. ok18:26
MisterMoin gtk (stardict e.g.) I don't know how to move it.. qt as well18:26
mthkdrive is pretty simple to build, but I wonder if it's worthwhile on such a small screen18:27
mthactually, it was not that simple now that I think of it18:27
mthsince it has quite a few dependencies and it is not always clear which are optional18:27
zearmth, maybe with a wm that does not base on windows18:27
zearand virtual screens rather18:28
mthbut I did succeed doing it in the past18:28
zearthe problem with x11 on 320x240 are window boarders18:28
zearthey eat up too much space18:28
zearso i guess every single x11 program would have to be customized to fit in such a small res18:29
mthI guess you'd want some kind of tabbed interface where only one window at a time is visible and maybe a status bar18:29
zearmth, yeah, something like e17 has18:29
zearthough the e17 itself should be too slow on the nanonote18:29
mthin the end we decided to use wxWidgets on DirectFB though, instead of wxWidgets on X1118:30
MisterMoratpoison would probably be a fitting wm ;)18:30
mthsince the DirectFB disk footprint was a lot lower18:30
zearmth, there are always alternative window systems18:31
zearlike the xynth18:31
zearor opie18:31
zeari'm especially interested in xynth, as it has working sdl and gtk support18:31
MisterMoare there already any projects using the nanonote or projects targetting the nanonote which aren't mentioned in the qi-hardware wiki?18:32
MisterMosomething one could look at? searching the web results mostly in some "reviews" not saying much.. :-/18:32
zearprojects as in software, or a way to use the nanonote?18:32
MisterMoboth, perhaps ;)18:33
zearwell, nanonote is binary compatible with dingoo a320, you can run a lot of games for it on the nanonote18:33
zearincluding emulators and interpreters, like scummvm18:33
MisterMohm.. ok18:33
zearhere's a collection of dingoo games: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi18:34
zearthe only thing you'd probably have to do is to copy the missing libs from the dingux toolchain18:34
MisterMoah ok.. thanks18:34
MisterMowell thanks for the info18:44
larscboth kdrive and Xorg are in the qi-hardware package repository19:12
mthisn't kdrive part of Xorg?19:13
larschehe. yes. it's part of the Xorg project19:17
larscbut there is also the Xorg xserver19:17
mthoverloading is confusing :)19:18
larscgood night19:19
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