#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2010-05-15

orly_owlDoes nanonote have a built in mic?05:25
shevekDoes anyone know what happens when a command is sent to the mmc with no card inserted?  I would expect some error or timeout, but at the moment the clock does not seem to start running...09:49
larschow do you send the command?09:51
shevekI first set MSC_CMD and MSC_CMDAT, then I set MSC_STRPCL to MSC_STRPCL_START_OP | MSC_STRPCL_CLOCK_CONTROL_START (I started the clock before as well, but doing it twice shouldn't hurt, I think)09:55
mthhi shevek09:55
mthon the Dingoo there is a GPIO pin to get the "card inserted" status, but I don't know about the NanoNote09:57
larscshevek: so you are writing a driver?09:58
shevekmth: Hi.  Yes, it's here as well, but it only looks at the physical thing, not at actual cards (I have an adaptor from Wolfgang to insert a normal size SD in it, and it detects it even without a card in it).  I can also switch the power on, which works (a led on the adapter goes on).09:58
sheveklarsc: Yes, as part of a kernel. ;-)09:59
shevekreset() should initialize everything, but it hangs on the loop in line 57 if I don't comment it out.10:01
shevekMSC_STAT = 0x00000040, meaning the clock is not running.10:02
shevekmth: By the way, the behaviour is the same regardless of a card being inserted.10:03
mthall the registers are declared volatile?10:08
shevekYes, they are.10:08
shevekI think I found the problem; I have the module clock switched off in te central clock gate register.  I'll see what happens when I switch it on. :-)10:12
shevekIt helped. :-)  Thanks for listening.10:14
Action: FrankBlues waves11:07
FrankBluesHas anyone had success playing video on the nanonote?11:10
frankbluesoopsÂ, sorry...11:57
frankbluesWoo! irssi on nanonote! Hee Hee!12:03
frankbluesalt-# doesn´t seem to work, but /window # works fine.12:04
qi-commitsBas Wijnen: add partial nand and sd/mmc drivers http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/6bf410312:39
kristianpaulis nupdf in binary repos ?12:40
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