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orly_owlAny word on battery life?02:10
orly_owlAlso .au group buy?02:10
tuxbrainorly_owl: there are some info on batteries on the list http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-May/000547.html02:18
orly_owl15 hours is pretty good02:19
tuxbrainbut for sumarize on own unmesured experience 6-7 hours of working time, 15-16h of standby time, 1,5h to full charge from empty to full02:20
orly_owlwith the battery that comes with it?02:20
tuxbrainfor the group buy, I have not oficialized on the webshop but I will offer the NaNonote for group buy at 95¬ 10x minimum shipping costs apart02:21
orly_owloh ok02:22
orly_owlsounds good02:22
tuxbrainI think a better place to aks is list,  take a look at this wiki page http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Group_Sales if there is no group there start one just editing the page, no registration required (but recomended :P) , and due there is no one now start one.02:27
orly_owloh good i dont have to register :)02:28
vegyraupetuxbrain_away: ping05:23
wolfspraulmy scripts/config/mconf in openwrt is segfaulting. how do I turn on debug symbols for it?05:43
wolfspraulok I just added a -g in scripts/config/Makefile...05:51
wolfspraulcrash fixed, was a segfault inside strncmp(), had multiple glibc versions installed. after I cleaned up the glibc mess and rebuilt mconf everything works...06:40
kristianpaulwe need a backup batery in next YA12:20
prpplaguehow are the sales for the nanonote?13:13
Action: prpplague was considering ordering one today13:13
tuxbrainwhere are you from?13:13
prpplaguetuxbrain: well i live in the dallas, texas area13:15
wolfspraulprpplague: then it would come directly from Hong Kong with Fedex13:15
tuxbrainyep :)13:15
wolfspraulsales are good, maybe sold 600-700 now13:16
prpplaguewolfspraul: nice13:16
wolfspraulof course sales are not exploding because software is still growing and not at the point that the normal end user could just unpack it and start having fun13:16
Action: prpplague is interested in purchasing the nanonote without the motherboard13:16
wolfspraulprpplague: did you see David's last video?13:16
prpplaguewolfspraul: sorry no, i've been swamped with a board bringup for the last 3 weeks13:16
wolfspraulprpplague: we cannot sell this right now, it's too much work. So the only way to get everything but the board is to buy a NN, take the board out :-)13:17
prpplaguewolfspraul: even for 5000 units?13:17
wolfspraulyou want to buy 5000 NanoNotes without board?13:18
prpplaguewolfspraul: possibly13:18
wolfsprauljust the case, LCM, keyboard?13:18
prpplagueyea we will do our own motherboard using an OMAP4 chip13:19
wolfsprauloh cool!13:19
prpplaguenanonote is one of the items were were considering since the design was open and easy to implement our own mb13:19
wolfspraulwe can definitely look into it13:20
wolfspraulcould be cheap even, < 20 USD maybe. don't know.13:20
prpplagueyea that is what we figured13:21
wolfspraulif you are seriously interested, we will definitely be able to give you a quote13:22
prpplaguewolfspraul: yea it is a serious project, would be a joint venture between TI and TinCanTools13:23
wolfspraulbut in this case I think you really should buy 1 NN first so you know the device well.13:23
prpplagueyea i just finished doing the initial board bringup of the core omap4 board items13:23
prpplagueso now we are looking at the over packaging13:23
prpplaguewolfspraul: any discount codes? hehe13:28
wolfspraulprpplague: you mean codes that add our losses per unit to the sales price to arrive at something sustainable? no...13:29
prpplaguewolfspraul: hehe13:29
Action: prpplague orders one13:31
wolfspraulI support you on your project, not going to hide the vendors and prices from you. But the NanoNotes are selling at 99 USD now, we cannot change that.13:31
prpplagueyea i know , i was joking with you13:31
kristianpaulwolfspraul: alo13:32
kristianpaulwolfspraul: http://www.microensamble.com/13:32
kristianpaulwolfspraul: SMT stuff in colombia that i know works13:33
kristianpaulbut i guess carlos already use it13:33
prpplaguewolfspraul: ordered13:33
prpplaguewolfspraul: whats the delivery time usually like to the US?13:33
prpplaguewolfspraul: are you guys geared up to do 5000 units?13:34
wolfspraul3-5 days total maybe13:34
wolfspraulfriday morning now13:34
wolfspraulnot sure it goes out of HK today, maybe not13:34
wolfspraulthen it would go out Monday13:34
prpplaguethat with the priority shipping?13:34
wolfspraulfirst our warehouse needs to pick it up and give it to the hands of fedex13:34
wolfspraulI'm not sure that will happen today.13:34
wolfspraulyou are testing the system at a good time :-)13:35
prpplaguenp, will they send me an email with a tracking number?13:35
wolfspraulin a perfect world it should go out today, but it's friday 10.30 AM here, not sure our fulfillment works that well yet13:35
wolfspraulprpplague: hey, sorry13:35
wolfspraulall confused13:35
wolfspraulI am in San Francisco13:35
wolfspraulit's 10.30 AM where I am :-)13:35
prpplaguewolfspraul: ahh13:35
wolfspraulscratch what I said...13:35
kristianpaulmorninh there :)13:35
wolfspraulI have a phone conf... yes you should get a tracking number, and yes we can do 5K cases, of course13:36
Action: kristianpaul in lunch time13:36
wolfspraul'we' is relative here since it's just a few vendors anyway13:36
wolfspraulnot really us13:36
wolfspraulkeyboard + metal domes + LCM + plastic + hinge13:36
prpplagueyea, basically the entire item minus the motherboard, including battery and box13:37
wolfspraulah OK, well there surely will be some details like manual and printing on box13:37
wolfsprauldo you want to sell your thing as 'NanoNote'?13:38
prpplaguewolfspraul: that will be marketing decision, but i could see it as NanoNote-OMAP413:38
wolfspraulwe haven't even thought about this in detail yet you are the first one, but I think that would be very confusing and we would like to keep use of the NanoNote name to products that are fully compatible with the other NanoNotes13:38
wolfspraulah OK13:38
Action: kristianpaul wonders a nanonote like gameboy unit13:38
wolfspraulon the phone for a while, sorry...13:39
prpplaguewolfspraul: i have a meeting on the subject next week13:39
wolfspraulprpplague: thanks for ordering! Can you send me a short mail about the OMAP project? wolfgang@sharism.cc13:39
prpplaguewolfspraul: will do13:39
Action: FrankBlues waves14:01
darfgarfis there anyone around that knows a bit about opkg?14:43
tuxbrainasking directly is better :)14:44
CongoZombielarsc: not sure if I've asked you about this, but know how to assign a custom SrsRq key without a custom driver? (as well as having alternate key mapping when SrsRq is held)14:44
darfgarfoh wait, got it working...almost14:46
larscCongoZombie: no idea14:50
CongoZombienot to worry14:50
CongoZombiesure there is a way14:50
CongoZombieit was done with a custom gpio-keys driver in the ingenic kernel, but there must be a better way14:50
CongoZombieaha "The Magic SysRQ system works by registering key operations against a key op lookup table, which is defined in 'drivers/char/sysrq.c'" bingo.14:53
CongoZombiewhy did I write SrsRQ up there instead of SysRq :|14:55
qwebirc2541I've manges to get kdrive running on the nanonote, but the keyboard is not working. I get this error:15:05
qwebirc2541> Error:            Can't find file "pc/pc" for symbols include15:05
qwebirc2541>                   Exiting15:05
qwebirc2541>                   Abandoning symbols file "default"15:06
qwebirc2541could somebody point me to what I am doing wrong15:06
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