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qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: remove u-boot under target/linux/xburst/image, use package/uboot-xburst instead http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/c0f787911:41
qwebirc76045kristianpaul: ping13:51
tuxbrain_tookristianpaul: ping13:52
tuxbrainkristianpaul: ping16:41
kristianpaultuxbrain: pong17:49
tuxbrainhey man are you seaching for me?17:50
kristianpaulyeah i was17:50
kristianpaulabout where you get 3.3v from nano board17:50
kristianpaulis not clear for my in the picyres17:50
kristianpaulbut i wired the 3.3v from a label with that name17:51
tuxbrainand it works?17:55
tuxbrainin this one http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/0/03/Hwmod_serial_2.JPG , the black wire is attached to the first "big" capacitor counting left to right17:59
kristianpauli ditn test yet, hope i'll post as soon i got it working18:08
kristianpaulbut i just can said i avoided make holes in one side of the nano18:08
tuxbrainmmm intrigued to see your solution :)18:20
kristianpaulbtw http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/CECT_C3100_Analysis :O18:33
steve|mkristianpaul: this is related to osmocom-bb, wolfspraul bought the phones, since some of us want to get familiar wth the MediaTek chipsets ;)18:42
tuxbrainyummy, isn't it? also Harald Welte has an eye on it , but don't hold your breath too much this is a long time project if even started18:42
tuxbrainsteve|m: I hope you can fit osmocom-bb on it :)18:43
kristianpaulsteve|m: good to know :)18:43
steve|mtuxbrain: I'm currently adding support for the MTK romloader in our 'osmocon' tool which handles the serial connection to the phone, so a simple hello-world program on the mtk basebands should run soon18:45
kristianpaulsteve|m: yeah i was linked by laforge blog18:45
steve|mkristianpaul: yes, harald wants a phone with jtag, I'm currently using this one, which is of better quality: http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/MobistelEL57018:46
steve|m(which seems to have test-pads for jtag, too)18:47
tuxbrainsteve|m: I have not understand very well due my hardware knowledge is near to 0 , but it sound really good news :)18:49
qi-commitsBas Wijnen: usb-booting alarm clock, with split gui http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/8c7cac319:04
qi-commitsBas Wijnen: removed old device handling http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/a4b5d9419:04
qi-commitsBas Wijnen: before device-removal http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/62ac5f119:04
kristianpaultuxbrain: http://identi.ca/notice/3163941119:15
gbraadNice to see osmocom picking up; had seen those CECT3100 very often in Beijing :P.19:16
kristianpaulseems is cheap (13usd?)19:18
gbraadyou mean the phone? yes... about 115 Chinese yuan19:20
gbraadwould be around 15 or 16 usd19:21
steve|mbut hell.. there are tons of better quality mtk based phones, which don't cost much more.. its just that not all of them have jtag19:23
gbraadprobably... but is JTAG exposed on those?19:23
steve|mgbraad: not on all phones, but this is only needed for hardcore-debugging... there is a rom-bootloader, just like in the TI Calypso we currently support, so you can upload code via the uart to the ram, and run it19:30
gbraadI understand. Will keep my eye on it. Soon I will be in China again... I have a lot of friends in the H/W community of Beijing.19:33
gbraadbut I will be off now. see you later...19:34
tuxbrainkristianpaul: hey put that one in the wiki page! :) ,19:37
kristianpaultuxbrain: yes i will19:40
tuxbrainsteve|m: you see possibilities on run a linux in those phones(long term of course)? how much ei570 costs?19:47
steve|mtuxbrain: this should somehow be possible, the EL570 costs about 80 euros19:51
steve|mtuxbrain: this is basically what the guys of http://peeklinux.com are trying on the TI Locosto chipset.. which is ARM7, too, like the calypso and the mtk chips we're talking about19:52
steve|mtuxbrain: but mabe it's better to use a phone with separated baseband/application processor then, there are some mtk designs that work this way.. and on the calypso-side the OpenMoko devices of course19:53
steve|mwell anyway, good night19:55
tuxbrainsteve|m: good knight and thanks for share this great info19:56
steve|mtuxbrain: one more thing, the approach of the guys is very interesting: we have deep documentation for the TI calypso since the beginning of the project, but for the Locosto there was almost nothing, so they have added support to qemu to emulate the locosto/peek and all its peripherals, and they're making good progress.. serial output and keypad is already working and so on19:59
steve|mtuxbrain: they basically run the original proprietary firmware in qemu, and observe what it does :)20:01
tuxbrainI just admire guys than can open the plastics of a device and can guess things just with that20:01
steve|mtuxbrain: well, a scope/logic analyzer sure is of a great help, this is how I wrote e.g. the motorola C155 display driver for osmocom.. since you don't know the controller of the display, sniffing the commands, and then googling after them to find the datasheet is almost the only way (besides the approach of the peeklinux guys, or completely disassembling the firmware with IDA or something)20:05
tuxbrainby the specs peeks seems basically a rigid nanonote with simcard :P20:05
steve|mwell, but gn8, this time for real ;)20:07
tuxbrainsteve|m: ok , idem, going to sleep cu20:07
gbraadsame here, for real too20:08
gbraad5 hours till alarm20:08
tuxbrain1 more than me :P zzzzzzzz20:08
methril_someone up?22:35
wolfspraulmethril_: me22:44
methril_i was guessing if i could help with the kernel side22:45
methril_but most of the devs are sleeping :)22:45
wolfspraulwah of course you can help22:46
wolfspraullast I heard from Lars and others was DMA for MMC transfers, for example22:46
wolfspraulor pushing our patches upstream22:47
methril_this could be hard22:47
methril_(pushing patches upstream ;)22:47
wolfspraulI think Lars has done a lot of work already to cleanup and prepare for that.22:47
wolfspraulnot sure what you are most interested in, there is work everywhere22:48
methril_i see a pwm driver22:48
wolfsprauloutside the Linux kernel, there are still many things in usbboot/xbboot and u-boot that could be fixed22:48
methril_i did some pwm drivers before (in other archs)22:48
methril_i'm familiar with u-boot too22:48
methril_i'm going to take a look22:50
wolfspraulin u-boot, one long outstanding bug is that when booting from sd card, the kernel is read from a vfat partition, the rootfs from ext222:50
wolfspraulbut for some reason the kernel cannot be read from the ext222:50
methril_it's an upstream bug?22:50
wolfsprauldon't know22:51
wolfsprauljust off my memory22:51
methril_i'll take a look22:51
methril_xiang or Lars connects to IRC?22:51
wolfspraulalso, I think u-boot currently does not support booting from multiple rootfs'es on the SD card22:51
wolfspraulyes definitely22:51
methril_i'll try later22:51
methril_we are not in the same timezone22:51
wolfspraulirclogs are here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs/22:51
methril_and get harder to chat with them :)22:52
wolfspraulso you can just write some questions to xiangfu or lars here, maybe they reply later at least in the irclogs you can see what they said :-)22:52
wolfspraulmethril_: another u-boot thing would be the ability to boot into Iris from SD card22:52
wolfspraulthat would allow people to easily try Iris22:52
methril_uhm!! i like this one22:53
wolfspraulI think Bas may have started with that but not sure.22:53
methril_i see the idea of Iris22:53
wolfspraulwell Bas would be thrilled if you could help22:53
methril_but i didn't find the time to help with it jet22:53
wolfspraulwell good opportunity, did you see Bas' mail on the list?22:53
wolfspraulhe just published an update22:53
wolfspraulbut I think it's hard for people to try out, at least I don't know a place that clearly says how to install it22:53
wolfspraulif we even have binaries anywhere (I doubt it)22:54
methril_i'm going to reply it22:54
wolfspraulI think this only runs on 1 Nano in the world right now :-)22:54
wolfspraulthe best would be to allow u-boot to boot Iris from microSD22:54
methril_then i could start writing a getting starting with Iris22:54
wolfspraulthat would give people an easy way to try Iris without fiddling with what they have in NAND22:54
wolfspraulyes that would be awesome!22:55
methril_i'm going to try it a little bit before to write , and i tryto help Bas22:55
wolfspraulgreat, he will be very happy22:55
methril_i'm going to prepare the toolchains before going to sleep22:56
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