#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-05-07

qi-commitsMirko Vogt: kernel image name changed since the profile is now part of the image name(s) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/85ea64008:41
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: gmenu2x: remove unused sections from menu http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/19a5ec911:33
_Matzedoes netbsd run on the NanoNote ?14:30
_Matzehm i  buy one :)14:38
larscbecause it does not run netbsd?14:39
_Matzeno, replace my old ipaq14:40
larscok :)14:41
_Matzenetbsd would be cool :) but linux is fine too14:41
_Matzenetbsd has xburst support :)14:44
_Matzethe nanonote should perform like a old Pentium 133/166 ?14:47
_Matzei order next month and try myself :)14:56
tuxbrainvegyraupe: ping17:09
vegyraupetuxbrain: pong17:10
tuxbrainnew image 05052010?17:10
vegyraupei wasn't aware of it17:11
tuxbrainI was flashing a new nanonote for the demo tomorrow and I realize the script was downloading17:11
vegyraupedoes it work?17:12
tuxbrainlet me it finish to flash and I will tell17:13
vegyraupehehe ok17:13
tuxbrain147mb of rootfs17:13
tuxbrainthis will take a while17:14
vegyraupei flashed a 400MB debian rootfs :)17:14
vegyraupeso 150 MB ain't nothing ;)17:14
tuxbrainhehehe, I reserve this pleasure for next week17:15
tuxbrainwhat where you feelings about debian17:15
vegyraupewell it did what I was hoping it would do :)17:16
vegyraupei could just apt-get stuff17:16
vegyraupeand that was a lot of fun :)17:16
vegyraupehaven't played much with it yet17:16
tuxbrainI have see pics from emdete with a webkit browser working :)17:16
vegyraupeyeah but he has an avt217:17
vegyraupeso double the RAm17:17
vegyraupebut he said he ran it on 14MB17:17
kristianpaulvegyraupe: got debian working?17:17
tuxbrainok I have forget this little detail17:17
kristianpaulhello btw17:18
vegyraupekristianpaul: http://sharism.cc/2010/05/02/along-comes-debian/17:18
kristianpaulvegyraupe: yes17:18
kristianpaulbut did you got it working17:18
vegyraupetuxbrain: I haven't tested it yet it might work on the Ben as well17:18
vegyraupekristianpaul: yes17:19
vegyraupeotherwise I wouldn't have blogged about it :)17:19
kristianpauli follow some steps at pyneo i just get black screen after uboot booted17:19
kristianpaulvegyraupe: how it feels?17:19
kristianpaulvegyraupe: osrry indeed you are right17:19
vegyraupekristianpaul: did you use the uboot and kernel from pyneo ?17:20
tuxbrainvegyraupe:have you see the crowd demanding to work on soft on Nano?17:21
vegyraupei saw your mail, yes17:21
kristianpaulvegyraupe: yes17:21
vegyraupeI am concerned that my name keeps on changing ;)17:21
vegyraupefirst I am Michael17:21
vegyraupethen Mirko S.17:21
vegyraupeso I guess my real name must be Michael S. :D17:21
tuxbrainheh, doesn't matter you are guy in charge :P17:22
vegyraupekristianpaul: does the usbboot mode via pwr+u still work ?17:23
vegyraupetuxbrain: hehe17:23
vegyraupeso no matter which name is used, everyone knows who is meant anyhow ? :)17:24
tuxbrainups I hope new reflash_nanonote.sh take in acount the kernel image now has a diferent name...17:24
kristianpaulvegyraupe: yes17:24
vegyraupekristianpaul: hm ok17:24
vegyraupei think I had to flash several times as well17:24
kristianpauli flashed the roofs severals times but no luck17:24
vegyraupeand the kernel ?17:24
tuxbrainkristianpaul:by the simptoms seem that is the kernel what is failing17:25
kristianpaulyes i never booted17:25
kristianpaulthe kenrel17:25
kristianpauljust blank screen17:26
kristianpaulafter uboots messasges17:26
tuxbrainjust guessing but have done a complet wipe out of the NAND?17:27
kristianpauli did17:27
tuxbrainthen I shout my mouth17:27
kristianpauli follow this:17:27
kristianpaulusbboot -c "boot"17:27
kristianpaulusbboot -c "nprog 0 openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin 0 0 -n"17:27
kristianpaulusbboot -c "nprog 1024 openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin 0 0 -n"17:27
kristianpaulusbboot -c "nprog 2048 debian-lenny.ubi 0 0 -n"17:27
vegyraupetuxbrain: sry I only read the mail roughly, it is great! i will start pondering on an answer and an appropriate reaction17:28
vegyraupekristianpaul: did you do the nerase?17:28
vegyraupeusbboot -c "nerase 16 4079 0 0"17:28
tuxbrainvegyraupe:yeah I think we have to take advantage of the momentum17:29
kristianpaulthen usbboot -c "nprog 2048 debian-lenny.ubi 0 0 -n"17:29
kristianpaulall the steps int eh order of http://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html17:29
kristianpaulmay be i just need start over again ;)17:30
vegyraupetuxbrain: btw just talked to Mirko V. and he will update the image once more and then do a propper changelog etc and I will write an announce mail17:31
vegyraupekristianpaul: yeah I am afraid that is the only thing I can up with as well17:31
tuxbrainok, :) just  want to say that this works :), I but yes I miss some juicy changes I have seen on the git log17:39
tuxbrainas the qi background instead of pandora's17:39
vegyraupenot sure how far mirko took the image17:39
tuxbraincourious, I see flikering in firt time on gmenu2x but when it loads again after gmu it doesn't flick at all.17:40
kristianpaulgood :)17:41
vegyraupetuxbrain: i suggest we await Mirko's announce and then scrutinize the image17:41
vegyraupeand derive our software plan from that17:41
vegyraupethings that need work etc17:42
Action: kristianpaul hope will avaliable as when i get in home17:42
vegyraupeah no sry that is not how I meant it17:43
vegyraupei meant wrt the mail17:43
tuxbrainI just was in a hurry to have flashed nano for tomorrow17:43
tuxbrainand I get the surprise17:43
vegyraupehehe yes17:43
kristianpauli just get noticed here and want to try :)17:43
vegyraupeas I said I was unclear17:43
tuxbrainagree to wait for the Mirko's ok17:43
vegyraupedidn't mean to tell you to not comment on the image17:43
vegyraupeI meant in order to create a plan with the community and the devels17:44
kristianpaulyes i'll wait too17:44
vegyraupewe could use this image as a basis17:44
tuxbrainyeah I have understanded you17:44
tuxbrainundertanded-> understood (f%&$ng irregurar verbs)17:45
kristianpaulme too17:45
Action: kristianpaul back to work17:45
Action: tuxbrain also has to finish somethings before sleep17:45
vegyraupeok I will write a short response17:46
Action: tuxbrain tomorrow has to deal with 25 geeks anxiose of smell hot tin and see electrical sparkles17:47
tuxbrainc u17:48
--- Sat May 8 201000:00

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