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dmarschalgood morning!00:51
dmarschalI located http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Toolchains and have a question00:53
dmarschalI need an assembler to run on my NN.00:54
dmarschalPlease suggest one. I'm not a porting/recompiling guru. (-: Thank you in advance!00:57
dmarschalmips.sde links are dead )-:01:01
xiangfuYi, hi06:10
xiangfuzhangyi, Hi06:10
zhangyixiangfu: hi06:10
xiangfuzhangyi, http://linux.solidot.org/article.pl?sid=10/05/06/0837240 here is the Chinese Article about Debian run on Ben.06:11
zhangyixiangfu: ah, great!06:12
zhangyixiangfu: well done! Thanks!06:13
xiangfuxiangfu, will post in my blog too.06:14
kristianpaulohh solidot.org :)07:00
wolfsprauldarfgarf: blame the qi server, no problem :-)08:24
wolfspraulit's not 100% stable yet08:24
darfgarfbetter than mine, one of the fans fails and the cpu heatsink fell off yesterday XD08:25
wolfspraulyes but I do need to spend some more time on stability08:25
wolfspraullarsc: http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/developer/2010-May/002882.html08:33
wolfspraullittle bit more about ACh08:34
larscgood, thanks08:38
emdeteits just to test if my proxy works again, hetzner was down...10:17
nebajothhello :O13:15
heberthnanonote plays the video?13:16
heberthI do not speak English13:16
nebajothwhat language?13:16
nebajothit should play video if you have graphical environment installed13:17
nebajothresolution is small though13:17
nebajothbut it should play video well enough13:18
heberthopenwrt ?13:18
nebajothdebian works on the nanonote now13:18
nebajothas of 2-3 days ago13:18
heberthI heard that13:19
nebajothbut the latest openwrt image from the nanonote developers13:19
nebajothalso has a graphical environment13:19
nebajoththe chip in the nanonote13:20
nebajothis the JZ474013:20
nebajothit has an xburst mips processor13:20
nebajothand a Video Post Processor13:20
nebajoththat can do things like resize video on the fly13:21
nebajothso videos should work pretty well13:21
nebajothalthough I have not tried myself13:21
zearno, nonote does not play video yet13:21
nebajothhave you tried with debian?13:22
zearno, i only tried mplayer i compiled myself13:22
jd823592Hello, may i ask about the processor used in Ben... what are the specs? is it compatioble with MIPS32 or MIPS64 .. i dont know much about MIPS but how about multithreading support? .. from what i have read about MIPS i would love to see Ye stick with it14:36
mthit's 32 bit, little endian14:44
jd823592thanks, are there any ideas about what processors are inteded for the upcoming successors to ben?14:46
mthI don't know exactly, but I'd expect something from the same range14:46
mthmaybe JZ475014:46
jd823592These processors are probably not comparable to current intel processors Atom etc14:49
mthno, it's a totally different architecture14:49
mthbut that doesn't really matter if the software you run on it is open source14:49
mthah, comparable, not compatible14:50
mthI think they are comparable to ARM processors14:51
mthAtom has better performance, but also draws a lot more power14:51
jd823592I see.. if i asked you about ilustrative comparison of performance.. could you plase give me an idea?14:52
mthit's not easy to compare since a lot depends on what CPU the code was optimized for14:54
mthfor example video decoding benefits a lot from SIMD instructions and hardware acceleration14:54
mthI don't actually have a NanoNote myself, but a Dingoo, which has similar hardware but not the same14:55
larsci think wolfgang said he would like to see the jz4760 on the ya14:59
mthon the Dingoo most emulators of 8-bit systems run fine15:00
jd823592well i know about SIMD instructions15:00
jd823592but i thought you could point out something like these processors perform at 70% of commonly used x86 compatible processors created by intel15:01
urandom_will the ben drop in price soon? i am really thinking about buying one15:10
madenurandom_: really?15:14
madenyou think that it's expensive15:14
urandom_the price i fine in general but it lacks usb host so not sure how much or for what i would use it15:17
madeni still don't see how it could be any cheaper.15:19
urandom_yeah you are right i think15:20
zedstarand buying one is supporting project and increasing the chance of other devices!15:21
urandom_yeah is really like the whole ideology behind it15:22
jd823592Is it difficult to use better display with NanoNote?16:12
jd823592i mean in the hardware design16:14
nebajothjd823592: there's a message on the mailing list from a day or two ago16:39
nebajoththat benchmarks the nanonote16:39
nebajothand compares it against an atom and so on16:39
nebajoth"It is in a class similar to a Pentium 200"16:40
nebajothis the short story16:40
tuxbrainurandom_: If you achieve someone buy me 1000 units at once I assure you a great discount :P16:40
nebajothinterestingly enough, the JZ4740 seems to have usb host functionality16:41
nebajothits just not used in the current Ben design16:41
nebajothalthough I haven't spoken to the devs about this, I personally imagine it was done to save power16:41
nebajothonce you start powering usb gadgets you get into a whole new ballgame, power-wise16:42
nebajothand the nanonote doesn't have a huge battery16:42
larsci would rather say it's not there cause it was not needed16:43
jd823592nebajoth: thanks :)16:43
nebajothnp dude16:44
nebajothnot needed for what?16:44
nebajothusb host opens up the ability to add ANY missing peripheral16:44
nebajothwhich is kind of a big deal16:44
nebajotheasily add, I should say16:44
nebajothno need to solder to UART points that break basic keyboard functionality, for example :P16:44
urandom_could finally make up my mind, buying a ben nanonote17:12
jd823592i would buy it right away if i could :D17:20
urandom_now i have to wait :(17:24
zearare they out of stock or something?17:26
urandom_no i hope not, but i have to wait till they bring it to my house17:27
jd823592where do you order it from?17:28
urandom_pulster.de cause i live in germany and they ship it with a free laserpen ;)17:29
urandom_128.50¬ with all the shit, not so cheap but they seem to be friendly17:32
jd823592its more than initial $9917:32
urandom_well shipping from china to germany and then from there to where i live costs a bit17:36
zedstarplus u can have fun with cats now with a laserpen which is priceless ;)17:36
zedstaror annoy pilots landing17:36
jd823592i will have to wait for Ye :)17:37
jd823592hopefully it doesnt end up like 3d7k (openmoko's gta03)17:38
urandom_i have read somewhere that it might take at least 6 months for the Ye17:40
urandom_so happy waiting :P17:40
urandom_but this would be still much better than waiting for the pandora17:40
jd823592well i will wait 6months without even noticing it after i waited 1year for 3d7k which will never see the day's light17:42
urandom_well you could speed up everything with buying a ben since they first need to sell them to have the money for the Ye, i know 100 is a lot of money but it is for a great idea ;)17:44
jd823592it indeed is... i would love to but buying it now would mean i would wait 6months for it to reach me anyway :D:D:D... and secondly, i would really appreciate bigger screen and maybe faster cpu, bigger storage... i know, i have high demands17:46
urandom_ah just give it 64mb ram, USB host and something like a trackpoint and it will be awesome17:48
urandom_i personally dont see the need for bigger storage but yeah a bit bigger screen would be nice17:49
jd823592storage is last of my requirements :)17:50
jd823592but 64mb ram seems quite too little17:50
urandom_depends if it gets a better CPU, for the current 64mb would be much fun17:51
jd823592i have noticed 512MB was mentioned on the proposal list on the web17:53
urandom_if it should cost 99$ i dont think it will get 512mb, maybe the modell after the Ye17:54
urandom_even the pandora hast only 256mb and it costs 3 times as much and is not open hardware17:55
sid__... pulser is great! i bought my moko there too and with the nanonote order i got the moko debugboard for free17:55
jd823592i didnt say i would expect it to cost only $99 with 512mb17:56
jd823592i am off to bed now, nice talking to you.. cant wait to get my hands on that note :)17:56
jd823592good night17:57
urandom_yeah, see you!17:57
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