#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2010-05-04

qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [usbboot] change the prefix to /usr by default http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/905a08605:10
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [usbboot] change the sysconfdir to /etc by default http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/3b5b0b305:12
vegyraupeuwe_: saw this: http://sharism.cc/2010/05/02/along-comes-debian/ ?06:09
uwe_vegyraupe: great, thanks! I'll have a more detailed look later. I only see images right now, is the (modified) source or patches available somewhere? (kernel + uboot if necessary)?09:54
vegyraupeuwe_: the kernel is the same as used for openwrt09:58
vegyraupewith 3 modifications09:59
vegyraupewhich I described in a mail to the devel list09:59
vegyraupeuwe_: see under kernel: http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/developer/2010-April/002766.html10:00
uwe_what's avt2 vs. lb60 btw?10:01
vegyraupeavt2 is our development board (64MB RAM, extra usb host connector etc)10:01
vegyraupelb60 is the board in the black ben nanonotes10:02
vegyraupeuwe_: the next openwrt image release will see these kernel flavours and i hope with the configs attached :)10:04
uwe_ok, great. the .config variable names would also be sufficient for me, for now10:05
uwe_I'll give it a try in the evening with a debian unstable rootfs on SD card, if I find the time10:06
vegyraupesounds good :)10:06
vegyraupea blogpost would sound even better ;)10:06
uwe_will do, definately10:06
vegyraupetuxbrain_away: ping10:30
jd823592Hello, are there already any ideas or plans for Ben NanoNote successor?11:20
jd823592Any ethernet, wifi/ larger display11:21
vegyraupejd823592: check http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ya_NanoNote_Specs for ideas11:21
vegyraupenothing has been decided yet11:21
vegyraupewe are in the idea collecting phase :)11:22
jd823592thanks, i will take a look11:22
jd823592Are common people allowed to contribute to the idea list?11:22
jd823592Is the original processor for Ben MIPS?11:23
jd823592i think i've seen a note about it11:23
jd823592i was curious why MIPS, why not ARM... or anything else.. not that i would disagree with the decision, i am just curious :)11:24
urandom_is there any date set for when this ja nanonote should be produced?11:25
larscprobably fair dice roll11:25
vegyraupelarsc: :D11:25
vegyraupeurandom_: nope11:25
vegyraupestill a lot of possibilities around the Ben11:26
urandom_but no usb host on the ben :(11:27
vegyraupesad but true11:27
urandom_i thinking on buying a ben but 100¬ are some money and it has no usb host and the pandora might come out this year11:29
urandom_there are some router with usb connection for printer/extern media, wouldnt it be possible to use this Ethernet over USB support of the ben for connecting it with the router?11:34
vegyraupeurandom_: usb over ethernet is def doable with a PC, not sure about the router thing though. Lars?11:37
urandom_i think there are some router there you can install linux on them, isnt openwrt for it? it should be doable11:42
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding write funtions to blink driver sample http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/de9acb412:16
jd823592is the Ya design final or ilustrative?12:46
zeara j2me interpreter for dingux: http://code.google.com/p/midpath4dingoo/source/browse/#svn/trunk/midpath13:38
zearsomeone interested to adapt it to owrt?13:38
tuxbrainzear:I'm interested in have it :) not material time to (try)port it until the end of the month14:06
zeartuxbrain, and i don't know java, so i can't port it myself14:06
tuxbrain? but to port it java knowledge is needed? the jvm(java interpreter) is in C or C++ I guess14:08
tuxbrainvegyraupe: ping14:09
zearwell, the makefile requires you to have a java interpreter installed14:09
zeari think so14:10
tuxbrainI understand, is a java library you have  to had an jvm installed14:11
mthit probably need a Java compiler to compile the Java part of the class library14:12
zearmth, yeah, that's probably something like that14:12
mthassuming you are cross compiling, that should not be a problem though14:13
kristianpaulpyneo !16:02
Action: kristianpaul getting files16:03
kristianpauli have a trouble17:49
kristianpaulnano with no battery connected to usb dont power on17:50
kristianpaullast thing i did was  http://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html17:51
kristianpaul Prepare the Nano-Note17:51
kristianpaulhelp ! :/17:51
mthis the current it can draw over unconfigured USB sufficient to run on?17:51
kristianpauli did run before17:51
mthdoes the nano have a charger?17:51
kristianpaulcharger? no17:52
emdetekristianpaul: usbboot mode?17:52
kristianpaulemdete: yes17:52
mthafaik USB starts in a low power mode and after exchanging some messages it can increase the power17:52
kristianpaul[edit] Hardware USB_BOOT17:52
emdeteso how do you know?17:52
kristianpauli dont17:52
kristianpauli'm trying to get there17:52
emdeteif its in usbboot mode and switches on, the screen stays black...17:52
emdeteyou have to watch syslog from the linux host where its connected to17:53
emdeteor a lsusb17:53
emdeteto see the dev17:53
kristianpaulit is black as power off and dmesg said nothing new about the usb17:53
emdetethat happened to mee also from time to time. just unplug & replug usb17:53
mth"Product: JZ4740 USB Boot Device"17:53
mththat can be confusing the first time indeed17:53
emdetemth: exact17:53
Action: kristianpaul trying again17:54
mthwell, this is from the Dingoo, but I expect it to be similar (slightly different CPU model?)17:54
kristianpaulno luck17:56
kristianpauli must on after press power button 2 seconds17:56
zearmth, actually, for my lsusb it is listed as a blank device17:56
mthzear: this was from dmesg17:56
mthkristianpaul: on the Dingoo I always press the B button (USB boot mode trigger there) first and then reset17:57
mthit takes a very short time to get into USB boot mode, far less than a second17:58
emdetemth: yes, a Bus 003 Device 006: ID 601a:474017:58
kristianpaulwhat abouy if i deleted uboot?17:58
zearmth, the problem i had with booting the nanonote into usb boot mode was it needs about 2sec to do it17:58
kristianpaulemdete: yes in normal contitions17:58
emdetekristianpaul: no problem17:58
kristianpaulusb hardware boot17:59
emdetekristianpaul: the bootloader for usbboot is unbrickable17:59
emdeteit is /not/ u-boot17:59
emdeteyou can wipe out the whole nand, np17:59
emdetekristianpaul: did you check to press power for some seconds (just watch syslog)17:59
kristianpauli did18:01
emdetedid you try another usb cable?18:02
emdetedo u have a hub inbetween?18:02
sid__hi, is JZ4740 mips or mipsel?18:03
kristianpaulno hub18:03
mthsid__: mipsel, little endian18:04
kristianpaulii'll try other usb cable later (not have spare stuff here)18:04
emdetekristianpaul: sounds weird, never had such a problem so often. succeeded always the second time to boot18:04
mthzear: maybe power on vs reset makes a difference in timing?18:05
kristianpaulemdete: i just deleted some stuff with xburst and then unplug18:05
kristianpauland here i'm18:05
kristianpauli ran18:05
zearmth, could be, i did it with power on18:05
emdetecould be you usb-boot "switch" is somehow... broken?18:05
kristianpaulusbboot -c "boot"18:05
kristianpaulsed -i 's/NAND_FORCEERASE = .*/NAND_FORCEERASE = 1/' /etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg18:05
kristianpaulusbboot -c "nerase 0 4096 0 0"18:05
kristianpaulthen unplug18:06
emdetekristianpaul: yes, that wipes all. i had alot of problems after some flashing to flash without18:06
kristianpauli just want it to try pyneo :/18:06
emdetekristianpaul: i assume you don't use usbboot at all - have you tried soft-usbboot?18:06
emdetekristianpaul: pyneo isn't very far, you will try debian on the nn :)18:07
kristianpaulemdete: soft-usboot? (U  + power)18:07
kristianpauli did18:07
kristianpauldmesg said nothing18:07
kristianpaulalso syslog18:07
kristianpauland hardware usboot18:07
kristianpaulthat the nano must turn on first18:08
kristianpaulthen unoplug and replug18:08
kristianpauland try hardware usb boot18:08
kristianpaulso the first thing dind work18:08
kristianpaulno power18:08
kristianpaulno black LCM screen18:09
kristianpaulany way18:09
kristianpauli must travel back home18:09
emdeteyes, it stays black in usbboot18:09
kristianpaulnos leemos luego18:09
kristianpaulemdete: but usb dont show nothing18:09
kristianpaulchao !18:09
emdete /thats/ strange18:09
sid__mth: thx18:12
kristianpaulhelp !20:43
kristianpaulemdete: nothing :(20:44
kristianpaulusb cable is okay20:44
kristianpauli did usb hardware boot i think bot dmesg nothing shows20:58
kristianpaulif uboot is okay why it dint power up?20:59
kristianpaulor may uboot be damaged? what can i do?20:59
mthuboot is on the NAND, so erasing the NAND would erase it too21:00
mthbut USB boot should always work, in theory21:00
kristianpaulmth: in theory21:02
kristianpaulwell in my case the nand was flashed21:02
mthI don't know why it won't work for you21:02
sid_in usb boot (u+power) screen is not on; lsusb is 601a:4740 instead of 0525:a4a221:03
kristianpaullsusb is not changing21:03
kristianpauli know when it does as before i flashed nano21:03
kristianpaulis there !21:04
kristianpaul Booted successfully!21:04
kristianpauli really was scared21:04
kristianpaulhardware usbot worked finally :)21:05
mthany idea why it didn't work earlier?21:05
kristianpaulis gone21:07
wolfspraulkristianpaul: relax! :-)21:07
kristianpaulokay back21:11
kristianpaulmth: usb hardware boot is tricky21:12
kristianpaulrelly !21:12
kristianpaulhopes pyneo boots this time21:12
kristianpauli want debian in every device i can find :)21:13
wolfspraulkristianpaul: why tricky? shorting the USB boot pins doesn't work all the time?21:17
wolfspraulthe lowest level test you can run on the host side to see whether the Nano is in USB boot mode is 'lsusb'21:17
kristianpaulin my case dont21:17
kristianpaulyes i did21:17
wolfspraulif lsusb shows 601a:4740, it's in USB boot mode. if it doesn't show those numbers, it's not.21:18
kristianpauli think my method is not good at all21:18
kristianpaulbut it worked21:18
kristianpaulnot i'm flashing pyneo again21:18
wolfspraulwith the carbonized rubber button included in the box, you should be able to short those pins in at least 99% of cases21:18
kristianpauli lost mine :/21:18
wolfspraulwe'll send you a few new ones21:18
kristianpaulis somewhere in de desk21:18
wolfspraulcan you email me your postal address?21:18
wolfspraulwell maybe you look there first21:19
wolfspraulif you cannot find it, we'll just put a few in a regular letter and mail to you21:19
wolfspraulthey cost something like .6 US cents or so21:19
kristianpaulthanks :)21:19
kristianpauli think i can get some from an old calcultor21:19
wolfspraulkristianpaul: please email me your postal address21:19
wolfspraulwell it's up to you21:19
wolfspraulanytime, just email your address and we'll send a letter. no biggie.21:20
wolfspraulnormal letter though, not fedex or so, that would be a little disproportionate21:20
kristianpaulyup :)21:20
wolfspraulwithout the button, which method are you using?21:20
wolfspraulthe second best for me always was aluminum foil, but I have heard other preferences21:21
kristianpauli'm using a resistor wire :p21:21
kristianpaulit was just in front of mine21:21
wolfspraulare you planning to hook up the UART GPS chip you have?21:22
kristianpaulyes i want21:22
wolfspraulI would be super interested in that21:22
wolfspraulyou need to hook it up to TP4/TP5, then you should have no keyboard interference issue21:22
kristianpauljust let me finish the reprap i'll have more time21:22
wolfspraulunfortunately those TPs are not under the battery label21:22
wolfspraulso jump into your first Nano disassembly :-)21:22
kristianpaulTP4/TP5 is the second serial port isnt?21:23
kristianpaulyeah seems i'll have too :)21:23
wolfspraulnot really, I think the CPU pins are somewhat configurable21:23
kristianpaulah okay21:23
wolfspraulsomehow the bottom line is that our latest u-boot will configure TP4/5 to be UART0, but without keyboard interference?21:23
wolfspraulI am not 100% sure myself actually21:24
wolfspraulbut I believe it should work, I think David confirmed that21:24
wolfspraulyour application with the GPS chip would be the next step21:24
wolfspraulsee whether we can hookup a new peripheral to the Nano21:24
wolfspraulif I come to Colombia in late June, that's a good opportunity for me to bring spare parts or what not21:25
wolfspraulso if you dig out some success (or failures) before then we have an easy chance to react21:25
wolfspraulof course I can always just mail stuff too...21:26
kristianpaulmy fears is that the nano will no be able to provide enought current21:27
kristianpaulthen something will reset21:27
kristianpaulthe wrt54gl used to do that :/21:27
kristianpaulahh pyneo21:34
Action: kristianpaul back to lovelly openwrt21:34
wolfspraulkristianpaul: enough current for what?21:37
kristianpaulwolfspraul: for the GPD21:37
wolfspraulkristianpaul: ah OK, for current question email the developer list, I'm sure Adam can have a definitive answer21:37
sid__how do i get a xterm with the actual image?21:39
kristianpaulxterm is X11 utility isnt?21:40
sid__cannot work with gxmenu; does anyone currently trys to compile gentoo on it21:41
kristianpaulWARNING: skipping gpsd -- package not selected23:07
kristianpaulso it not just copy a package from openwrt and ya :)23:08
kristianpaulhey open nano is easy if you start the right way :)23:23
Action: kristianpaul off bed23:25
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: add-xbboot-to-xburst-tools-debian-package http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/30a9ef823:43
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: merge xbboot and usbboot to one projects http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/65cc56123:43
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