#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-04-29

qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: cleanup CFLAGS http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/086c98503:24
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: refresh-uboot-patches.patch http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/a94582204:10
gnufsyay! tuxbrain's arduino howto!05:20
Action: gnufs is, coincidentally, in his first MIPS assembly class workshop05:21
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: correct BOOT_FROM_SDCARD check http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/0f1cbcc05:56
tuxbrainwolfspraul: I was thinking....A video recorded with ephel camera about BNN||SACK||Milky post-produced with Kino(or any other FreeSoft) in a (that's what I lack of information about) an open workstation should be the first movie made with Free Open/hardware tool from beginning to end06:23
tuxbrainforget about open, I mean free06:23
tuxbrainFree Hardware/Software tools06:24
vegyraupetuxbrain: call at oen ?06:51
Action: gnufs rolls his thumbs and waits for his nanonote to arrive09:05
tuxbrain_awaygnufs: it's on Berlin since 07:47, so I guess it will arrive at any time today09:36
rafatuxbrain_away: about the first movie made with free hardware/software : Great idea man :D09:41
tuxbrain_awayrafa: any suggestion of free hardware workstation to do the postproduction?09:43
gnufs\o/ the courrier is here!09:43
gnufsplease let oit bethe nano!~09:43
tuxbrain_awayhehehe firt time I follow a delivery live :)09:44
gnufsomg omg omg!09:44
rafatuxbrain_away: I do not know if the laptot of RMS is easy to get :).. Another idea would be to use just text video editors from  command  line, and to use a Ben ;)09:45
rafatuxbrain: I mean, video editors from console.. no for text :P09:46
rafa(without GUI)09:46
gnufstuxbrain: you have packed the thing very well09:46
gnufsmaybe even too well in fact :)09:46
tuxbrainuff, we will have enough ben playing videos , editing I guess will be too much for the 32Mb to encode fast enough09:47
Action: gnufs finally reaches to the black box under the onion layers09:47
tuxbrainheheh gnufs, noting a good knife can handle (jack the ripper dixit)09:47
tuxbrain nothing a good knife can't handle (jack the ripper dixit)09:48
Action: gnufs holds the nano in his hands first time09:48
gnufsi think09:48
gnufsi think i've fallen in love09:48
rafatuxbrain: I know how to cut/paste from command line.. and also how to add subtitles.. perhaps 32MB is okey if we have patient ;)09:48
tuxbrainXD XD XD I understand you man09:48
gnufswow, my biggest worry was the keyboard, but this is pretty good09:49
kristianpaulgnufs: cheers !09:49
tuxbrainrafa:I think I will preffer milkymist to do that job instead of ben09:49
kristianpaulalso screen but seems okay after a while09:49
gnufsmuch better than i'd expect from any sub-300euro device of any producer, in fact09:50
kristianpaulhola rafa09:50
tuxbrainyes, hardware quality of the device is notable09:50
Action: gnufs wishes he had gone with his instinct and ordered two of these babies at once09:51
rafatuxbrain: ah.. you are right. I did not know about milkymist09:51
Action: tuxbrain too :P09:51
kristianpaulmilkymist !09:52
Action: gnufs loves seeing the GPLv3 and CC-BY-SA 3.0 license text at the end of the manual09:53
tuxbrainrafa: now we enter the geeky jugling  game, we should ssh milky with the nano and do the editing trough command line using ben as keyboard/screen09:53
gnufsand it boots! \o/09:53
kristianpaulof course09:53
tuxbraingnufs: remember to charge the battery for a while first time :P (it's an urband legend?)09:54
gnufstuxbrain: i think it's an urban legend with the new lithium batteries09:55
Action: gnufs is mesmerized by seeing such a recent kernel version in an embedded device09:56
rafatuxbrain: ;-))09:56
tuxbraingnufs: :) one of the qi-hardware principles, dude :)09:56
larscgnufs: recent? 2.6.32 is outdated, i have 2.6.34-rc5 on my nanonote ;)09:57
tuxbrainlarsc: wow, any notable improvement ?09:58
larscjust keeping things uptodate09:59
tuxbrainlarsc: hehehe man I love your categorical negative replies09:59
larscwell, most of the kernel stuff is done.10:00
larscand i fear we won't see any notable improvements there.10:01
wolfspraullarsc: how about the NAND timings?10:01
tuxbraingood news, then :). time to focuse in user software :)10:01
gnufshmm, it doesn't seem to have a /proc/acpi/battery/...10:01
larscwolfspraul: i tried faster timings and it changed nothing10:01
wolfspraulhmm. I see.10:02
larscgnufs: /sys/class/power/battery10:02
wolfspraulscreen brightness?10:02
larscwolfspraul: already done10:02
wolfspraullarsc: is openinkpot using the openwrt kernel as well now?10:02
wolfspraullarsc: oh wow! :-) [screen brightness]10:02
larscwolfspraul: theirs is based on the openwrt/qi kernel10:03
gnufsand it comes with screen! smart..10:03
larscwolfspraul: actually now that i think of it it might haven been an improvement of 10% due to better nand timings. mounting time went down from 10 to 9 seconds.10:04
larsctuxbrain: and the more i think about notable improvements: There is one thing that needs to be done and thats using DMA for mmc transfers10:06
gnufsumm, and which file gives the current capacity left on the battery?10:07
Action: gnufs guesses he should do a thorough RTFM session before flooding the channel any more questions10:07
gnufsokay, one last basic question: does it charge over USB?10:08
tuxbrainlarsc:yes this will be a great10:09
tuxbraingnufs:that was easy, yes10:09
wolfspraullarsc: there is also this screen flickering that I still see10:09
Action: tuxbrain see flickering too10:10
kristianpaulis driver issue10:10
wolfspraulif you compare with the proprietary software, it's a _huge_ difference10:10
kristianpaulnot hardware10:10
kristianpaulwolfspraul: awake? :O10:10
wolfspraulin fact when the factory workers saw the openwrt splash screen booting, the quality people immediately said devices with that much flickering would not pass their OQC (outgoing quality control) standards :-)10:11
wolfspraulbut of course the test is done with the proprietary software so we know it could be better10:11
larscwolfspraul: i had a look at it during the past days and i couldn't find anything to fix it10:11
wolfspraulcan you see the flickering?10:11
wolfspraulah good, that's a start10:12
larscit's most visible with contrast=min and brightness=max10:12
kristianpaullarsc: how do you changee contrast and bright?10:13
wolfspraulI have some very basic testing sources somewhere, I try to find them. Maybe there is a clue in how they enable/drive the LCM.10:13
larsckristianpaul: /sys/class/lcd/gpm*/{brightness,contrast}10:13
kristianpaullarsc: there is a way of do it with gmu?10:13
larscwolfspraul: i could reduce the flicking though. but it's still there10:13
larsckristianpaul: i guess not10:14
kristianpauli just want reduce bright to save energy10:15
kristianpaulogg seems to require energy10:15
larsckristianpaul: won't save you much energy. cause it's the color brightness not the backlight brightness10:15
tuxbrainlarsc:ok when you talk about brightness I think you where talking about backlight, so wow +0,5 only :P10:17
kristianpaulthere is way to reduce backlight then?10:18
larscaccording to the specs it should be possible. but it does not work10:19
tuxbrainlarsc: and simply on/off10:19
kristianpaulbut this is not a qi display i think..10:20
kristianpaulhow readeable will be after off :/10:20
kristianpaultuxbrain: black colored themes ;)10:20
tuxbraingmu turns black when idle, but backlight still on I guess, so turning totally off will save some batt10:20
larsctuxbrain: hum. that should be possible(according to the specs). haven't tried yet, cause i don't know how usefull it will be10:21
kristianpaulmy idea is have a read mode10:21
larsctuxbrain: when gmu turns the screen black it also turns down the display.10:22
larscat least here10:22
larscit does10:22
kristianpaulis screen at all10:22
Action: kristianpaul wonders if there are plans to change display technology in Ya10:23
tuxbrainok so I have not said nothing  ,10:23
wolfspraullarsc: I digged up some codes I got once to 'help' us with the flickering, they are totally horrible codes but maybe there is a clue in there... maybe not...10:23
wolfspraulnot sure what the point of 'old' and 'new' was, I got this already months ago10:24
larscprototype and production display?10:24
wolfspraulyeah maybe, AUO & Giantplus. not sure.10:25
larscbut yes they do look good. if you have a nanonote at your hands you could even try if it makes a difference10:27
wolfspraulthat was my plan, but in my never ending todo list I wish I could even get to the wiki pages I promised David months ago10:28
wolfspraulbut yes, I will try asap10:28
larscdon't worry i'll try them later today...10:28
larschm. they do write to registers which are not documented10:33
wolfspraullarsc: great that would be fantastic [try them later]10:34
wolfspraulregisters on the Giantplus or Ingenic side?10:34
wolfspraulok, just shoot your questions and we'll forward to Giantplus who knows maybe we even get an answer...10:35
wolfspraulI'm out for the day, will catch up with the irclogs tomorrow. good thing now I don't miss stuff anymore.10:36
gnufsnow let's see how this baby handles heat10:36
Action: gnufs runs yes > /dev/null10:36
gnufshmm, it takes it very well10:42
zearwell, it's mips, not x8610:43
gnufsjust a very faint heat on the keyboard's surface10:43
gnufszear: ya10:43
larscwon't work as a heater :/10:43
mstevenserk, how did a gnufs get in here, I thought you were safely locked up in #gnewsense10:43
gnufsmstevens: i got banned again, so found myself a new project to work on :)10:44
gnufsokay, now let's test the nokia battries10:44
gnufsoh, the nokia BL-4C fits very well10:45
gnufshmm, infact maybe a little too well10:47
zearand if you shake the nanonote, the battery disconnects? :D10:47
gnufsit's just a wee bit too small horizontally, and would need a tiny object like a piece of paper to make sure the contacts are touching10:47
zeari had that problem with the sagem battery10:47
zeargnufs, if you have any ideas for the new columns in the compatible batteries wiki article, feel free to expand it ;)10:49
zeari basically added what i thought might be useful, but i'm not a technican, so maybe there's something important i overlooked10:50
gnufszear: hah, was creating a new column just as you wrote that10:51
gnufsoh and nokia BL-5C (the 1020mAh battery) also fits okay, and even the lid closes when you push it down with a little force :)10:55
gnufsbut with the same shortness problem like the BL-4C10:56
gnufsi also have the freerunner battery but it's already tested :)10:58
zearyeah, easy to fall out10:58
Action: gnufs updates http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compatible_batteries with his findings10:59
zeargnufs, can you check if your nokia batteries charge with ben?11:07
zearthe red led should turn on if it charges the battery11:08
gnufsgood idea11:11
gnufsoh, the red light lights up!11:13
gnufsand battery status file confirms11:16
zearthen it should be a good replacement battery available on the market11:19
Action: kristianpaul needs two for longs trips11:19
zearhmm.. the led turn on when i put my sagem battery as well11:21
zeari think i must have not been touching the pins when i first tested it11:21
Action: gnufs confirms charging and status on BL-5C too11:25
Action: gnufs gives a try to the fr battery11:27
zearit does charge it11:28
zearjust tested11:28
Action: gnufs 's desk is full of batteries and opened devices11:30
gnufsnow let's try to find which belongs to which :)11:30
Action: zear has a lot of batteries that have pins located on the opposide side11:30
Action: gnufs can smell the burnt lithium from zear's soldering iron11:31
zeardon't worry about it, i can't solder :D11:32
kristianpaulzear: in that "battery bag" you have, there is one for long charge?11:33
gnufseverybody can solder. soldering actually what you want you want to what you want is the skill that needs practice :)11:33
kristianpaulmaybe twice that nano actual charge11:33
zearkristianpaul, what you mean by long charge?11:33
kristianpaullong life*11:33
zearah, the freerunner battery, probably11:33
zearyou think it could charge it just half the way in the nano?11:34
gnufskristianpaul: compare the mAh's on http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compatible_batteries11:34
kristianpaulgnufs: what are you goint to do with your nano?11:34
zearor overcharge it, if it has a smaller capacity?11:34
gnufskristianpaul: i have a few secret projects11:34
kristianpaulah ok11:34
Action: kristianpaul disclosure :/11:35
kristianpaulgnufs: GSM networks related btw? ..11:35
gnufswell at least not till you suggested it :)11:36
gnufsoh the fun we could have if nano had a usb host11:37
kristianpaulif a usb host could fit in a CPLD i'll could give  a try11:38
kristianpaulwhat are the mAh of Sagem my500x  battery?11:42
Action: kristianpaul need 2000 mAh11:43
Action: jxself zaps kristianpaulwith 2000 mAh11:43
Action: kristianpaul buzzing11:43
jxselfYou're all charged up now, huh?11:44
Action: gnufs may have an fsfe representative from their berlin office to inspect the nano in a few hours11:50
Action: jxself wants to buy a Nano11:53
gnufsyou can't buy nano11:54
gnufsnano chooses you11:54
jxselfI like the idea that djbclark had to create a fork of OpenWRT so that the FSF could endorse the Nano.11:55
gnufsthat reminds me11:55
gnufsso, is the OpenWRT the popular distro of the nano development community?11:55
kristianpaulso far11:56
kristianpaulwho bets to port minix3 in the nano? ;)11:56
jxselfdjbclark's plan was to use the linux-libre kernel & make other changes so as to meet the FSF's guidelines for a free distro but I think that the project may have stalled. :(11:57
kristianpauljxself: no11:58
kristianpauljxself: theere is a kernel out there11:58
kristianpaulan image*11:58
jxselfYeah: I remember Robert put something together but I thought it was just a normal build of OpenWRT?11:58
jxselfIf someone's made the linux-libre kernels work, then I'm excited.11:59
gnufsawesome! \o/12:07
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding  blink driver demo http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/6caf52e12:25
gnufswe have the pulse! \o/12:46
zearhmm.. what's with the "CECT C3100 Analysis" page on the qi-hardware wiki? Are you guys planning to port linux to that device?12:47
zearbecause if so - that would be really interesting. I always wanted a linux phone that looks like a phone and works like a phone. Unlike the freerunner ;D12:47
tuxbrainRegarding batteries, (end) next week I will reciebe a bunch of Nanonote batteries12:59
larschm. the screen flicker seems to be gone with the new values13:00
tuxbrainyay!!!! lars13:01
larscgmenu2x ruins it though13:02
tuxbrain?, time to recode it?or replace it13:03
Action: gnufs and the fsfe guy is playing quake! ---> http://aligunduz.org/img/nano-quake.jpg13:22
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding simulation files to blink example http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/034807813:49
gnufsi run "opkg update" and then "opkg list-upgradable" shows a bunch of things that can upgraded15:23
gnufsbut when i run "opkg upgrade" it acts as if i just ran "opkg" and lists the documentation15:23
gnufsany suggestions?15:23
gnufsoh and it spits "* pkg_get_installed_files: Failed to open //usr/lib/opkg/info/DirectFB.list: No such file or directory." warnings15:24
gnufsoh saw a temporary fix at http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/ben-nanonote/issues/56/15:25
gnufshmm, the warning has gone but my upgrade problem continues15:27
gnufstuxbrain: btw i'm recruiting other people to buy nano from tuxbrain.net. where's my commission, dude? ;)15:41
gnufsokay, i give up, how do i upgrade packages on this?15:46
kristianpaulgnufs: do you already upgrade the uboot and openqrt image?15:55
kristianpaulwith xburs tools atc..15:55
gnufskristianpaul: no16:10
kristianpaulgnufs: you should16:10
kristianpaulthre is a script for that16:11
gnufsis there a special reason?16:11
kristianpaulupgrade !16:13
tuxbraingnufs:Actually we are not ready yet to update the nano firmware trough opkg , you should do a clean install on each release, we will arrive there but we are not yet16:24
gnufsbtw, does anyone know of a framebuffer or directFB programming manual?16:29
gnufsthere is plenty of docs on directfb's wiki but the ones i've looked at are mostly about porting already written GUI stuff onto directfb16:29
tuxbraingnufs: SDL,GTK and QT libraries on ben use directly framebuffer so you can do a gui using qt tools and then "just" crosscompile them using openwrt tools16:31
tuxbraingnufs: I just read about the commision ..... make me sale 1000 and we will talk again16:33
gnufstuxbrain: i don't want porting GUI framework apps to fb. i want to work with fb itself16:35
zeartuxbrain, oh yeah, how are the nanonote sales?16:40
zearand when do i need to return your wiz? as i had barely any time to play with it yet16:40
tuxbrainzear: don't hurry, do your tests and whatever you had planned, I was mentalized to don't see my wiz for a month :P if you need more time just tell me16:42
tuxbraingnufx: have already read this? https://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/03/EmbeddedGraphics.pdf16:44
gnufsi certainly did not!16:45
tuxbrainis very light, barely an abstract but points to some framebuffer sources16:45
Action: tuxbrain is just a shopkeeper so my judjement on tech stuff is as valid as a fisherman about F1 motor setup16:47
zearbtw tuxbrain, i remember you mentioning jornada 6xx in one of your posts on the mailing list16:48
tuxbrainzear: yes16:48
zearDo you use jlime with it?16:48
tuxbrainmy first beloved embedded linux device, yes with jlime16:48
zearas my whole adventure with non-x86 linux devices started with jornada 720 :)16:48
zearnever seen you on #jlime though16:49
tuxbrainI have abandoned chat stuff for a long time until #qi-hardware16:50
zearah, right16:50
zearwell, in any case, if you're still interested in your jornada, we have a jlime meeting this year in poland16:50
zeararound september16:50
zearand of course everyone is welcome16:50
zear(i think everyone is :D)16:50
tuxbrainI'm more interested in see jlime ported to Nano :)16:51
zearme and two other members of jlime have their nanos16:51
zearso jlime port for the nanonote should progress faster than before now16:51
tuxbrainNow my jornada has gained a higlighted position in my selft,16:52
tuxbrainI have done OS practice of university with it in train, basically compiling C stuff under GNU linux16:53
zeari used to take down notes from the lectures with it16:53
tuxbrainso I code an compile on the go :)16:53
zearbut this year i'm skipping most of the classes, so don't use jornada anymore :D16:53
tuxbrainbad guy16:54
zeari wish ben's keybord was like jornada's16:54
tuxbrainyes jornada has te better keyboard I have seen on a small device ever16:54
zeari agree16:54
tuxbrainsmall enough to be portable, and big enough to write with two hands16:55
zearunfortunately, the screen reaction time is low16:55
tuxbrainand processor was sloooooow (remember I have a 680)16:56
zearin 720 (200MHz arm) it's better, but still slow16:56
zearbut enough to handle sdl games like doom or duke3d16:56
tuxbrainyep, and X and PDF reader, and kismet, and... a lot of stuff I want to see on Nano!16:57
zearX11 was still slow :P16:57
tuxbrainbut usable, an now we have half the screen and twice the processor :P16:58
zearand no pcmcia slot for wifi :P17:00
zearso, how are the sales of ben going?17:00
gnufsi still don't understand why the designers decided to have a usb host17:01
zearto have or not to have?17:01
tuxbrainto not have, I guess17:01
gnufsD*not to have17:01
larsccause they didn't need it, probably.17:02
tuxbraingnufs: Ben was an already existed platform originaly to be a Chinese translator17:02
zearah, right17:02
gnufstuxbrain: oh, didn't know that17:02
larscavt2 has usbhost17:03
zearso what's the deal with that: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/CECT_C3100_Analysis17:03
tuxbrainyeah some day we had to write down the full history of how all started :)17:03
zearare you guys planning to have a linux phone? :D17:03
larscgnufs: http://sharism.cc/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1117:03
gnufslarsc: is it possible to replace it with the board inside the nano?17:05
larscif you modify your case a bit, yes17:06
tuxbraingnufs: you have to do some plastic drilling but yes, I have see one on Fosdeem17:06
zearlarsc, so what's the deal with that cect_c3100 thing? :)17:06
larsczear: i have no idea17:07
zearmust ask wolf17:07
larsconly saw it today in the wiki changes17:07
zearbut it sure looks delicious17:07
gnufszear: so they're planning to reverse the phone?17:07
tuxbrainzear: sharims are near to shenshen or watever is called that is a real big source of gadgets of all kind17:07
gnufs*reverse engineer17:07
zearalways wanted a linux phone that does look like a phone and works like a phone17:07
zearunlike a freerunner :D17:07
tuxbrainthey are allwais evaluating products to achive what they achieve with ben17:08
tuxbrainIf they find a good cuality product and manufactures agree to open it, or let them open it providing thech info it can be a candidate to be a next sharism product17:09
zeari don't think they allowed them to open it :D17:10
zearat least they would give them the schemes if they agreed for it :D17:10
tuxbrainmaybe they found something intesresting in that phone than worth the try17:11
larscmaybe they don't have them ;)17:11
tuxbrainyep this is also posible :) blind copy things is one of the wonderfull chinese habilities17:11
tuxbrainchinese manufactures17:12
tuxbrainzear:they achived to do it on Ben, why not on the phone?17:13
zearbut the fact there are companies in china that do reverse engineering for a living shows chinese are super fine with copying everything :P17:13
zeartuxbrain, that would be awesome. Think about it - a phone that looks like a phone and runs linux17:14
zearit's almost like that green phone you can't buy anymore17:14
gnufsput in a free gsm firmware a la OsmocomBB and you've got a deal!17:14
zearand asterisk17:15
zearif they'll manage to keep them at the same low cost as they bought that sample units (18USD), they should be cheap enough to buy for your whole family and use with SSL phone calls :D17:16
gnufslol, the top shows an httpd process running on the nano17:17
gnufswhat's it for if i may ask?17:18
zearno idea, but
zearit's just a useless httpd deamon for a http server on a nanonote17:18
gnufsan http daemon on such a machine... hah.17:19
zearwell, it *could* have a use as some kind of interface where you can set some settings, like on many routers17:20
tuxbrainI thing is an heritance from openwrt17:21
tuxbrainyou have network over usb, so you can enable webservices and manage some thing with your browser17:22
tuxbrainbut yes I also thing now is totally useless :P17:22
zearbtw tuxbrain, was the touchscreen in your wiz always that inaccurate? I wonder because when i bought my gp2x, the touchscreen was already faulty17:23
zearand i wonder if it's the same for the wizes17:23
tuxbrainit happens some times with some programs17:23
zearno, there are the whole areas that don't detect the touch17:24
tuxbrainusually a recalibraition solve this17:24
zearupper right corner of the screen, especially17:24
zearit does not17:24
tuxbrainwell maybe it has been broken17:24
tuxbrainhardware quality on wiz is very very crappy17:25
zearthe only thing i can't do with my gp2x and can on the wiz is tinygl quake/hexen217:25
zearthe rest is exactly the same speed as on gp2x17:26
tuxbrainthis along the lack of true oppenes has make loss a lot of interest on it17:26
zearand i don't know why such a design solution to not include minisd charging17:26
zearand you have to use the special cable17:27
zearif you lost it - you lose a way to charge your wiz17:27
Action: tuxbrain has lost the cable17:27
zearreally? how come i got it with your wiz?17:27
zearunless that's a new one17:27
tuxbrainnew one yep17:27
zearit fits gp2x's expansion slot as well17:28
zearbut i won't try to plug it to the gp2x and pc17:28
zeardon't want to toast it :D17:28
tuxbrainnow I use it as video player in the car for my doughter in long travels17:28
zearhow long do the batteries last with the video playback?17:29
tuxbrainI hope I can use a ben to this soon17:29
tuxbrainwell it last 2-3 hours well17:29
zearben will never be as good for video playback as the wiz17:29
zearmplayer with ingenics patches and ipu on the dingoo can barely play anything bigger than 320x24017:30
zearso you'd have to convert the video first17:30
tuxbrainyeah I know but my three year doughter is not very strict   :)17:30
zearbuy her a dingoo and mount an analog tv to the back of your seat, so she can watch it on the tv-out :D17:31
tuxbraincompare the price/size of a ben  with the solution you have proposed and you will have my answer :P17:32
zearthere's a new dingoo comming out, btw17:33
zearthe same cpu, 64RAM, and a wireless radio controlled gamepad17:33
tuxbrainyea I have hear about it, what do you think17:33
gnufsI have just found the one thing that irritated my eye about nano!17:33
gnufsthe lack of terminus console font!17:33
zearwell, i was told i'm gonna get a dev sample17:33
zeari wouldn't buy it normally as i already have two dingoos :D17:33
gnufsHas anyone changed the console font on nano?17:33
zearbut if it's a free sample - i'd be more than happy to test it :D17:33
zeargnufs, no, but that should be simple17:34
tuxbraingnufs:I think this was discused on list some time ago17:34
zeartuxbrain, i hope the wireless radio chip supports both receiving and broadcasting17:34
zearso you could pair two dingoos together for multiplayer gaming17:34
tuxbrainIt can be done but I remember you have to recompile the system17:35
zearfor the font? nah, it should be just a matter of running one command17:35
zearthough forgot the name of it17:35
zearwejp should know17:35
zearas he did that before, i think17:35
tuxbrainI think this sould be a feature to be added in next relases on the image17:35
Action: tuxbrain is a fisherman with a fish memory17:36
gnufs"ntpdate[700]: step time server offset -7159.645343 sec"17:36
zeartuxbrain, :D17:36
gnufsoh wait17:36
gnufsnot what i think17:36
gnufsgood night all! o/17:36
gnufsit was a very good first day on nanonote17:36
tuxbrainyep very intesive gnufs, :) se ya17:37
zearand tomorrow don't forget to try the gmu out17:37
zeari use it for ogg playback all the time17:37
tuxbrainyep put reflash on your todo list :)17:37
zearit has a clamshell design, so it's safer to keep in the pocket than a dingoo17:37
zeardon't need to worry that i scratch the screen17:38
zearbtw tuxbrain, have you tried dosbox out yet?17:38
tuxbrainor press it to much with a streched jeans and keys and... well17:39
zearthe lack of dosbox interest here makes me wonder17:39
zeartuxbrain, oh that should break the case of the nanonote17:39
zearespecially that i have a dev model, that perhabs has a thinner plastic?17:39
tuxbrainnanonote case is stronger than any lcd screen out there for sure17:40
Action: tuxbrain screens broken that way 2 nanonotes 0 17:40
zearthis is what happened to one of my dingoos when i dropped it on the floor http://wstaw.org/images/free/2009/12/18/772b938e97cce6aedb344def613ac1.jpeg17:41
tuxbrainhey it looks like my beloved Sony vaio t2xp, (I felt sleep while using it, I wake up with screen that way... I don't want to know what I have done with it while sleeping)17:44
zearuh oh17:44
tuxbrainWas a great machine... sniff17:45
tuxbrainIt's beside my jornada on the self17:45
zeari hope your jornada is in one piece :)17:46
tuxbrainyep is though like a rock17:47
tuxbrainthe only anoying thing it has is the backup battery17:47
tuxbrainit drains as hell if you have the main battery discharged17:48
zearwell, it shouldn't matter on jlime17:48
zearah, yes17:48
zearthat's because jlime doesn't detect what battery do you use17:48
zearand once the main battery is drained, it will run till the backup one is dead17:49
tuxbrainbut any way, did jlime achieve to make the ir work as lirc?17:49
zearwell, i managed to send and receive data via irda on j72017:49
zearon jlime17:49
zeardunno about 6xx17:49
tuxbrainmmm interesting17:49
tuxbrainmaybe I will recover it to try, I was monitoring a conversation with one Japaness guy with lars and they achieved to make a led work with one free gpio, so I was wondering if this led is an irled it can be used as irport on ben, and I have in touch with some guys that are doing cool stuff with IR, irtag.org17:52
tuxbrainI also need another free gpio to act as receiver17:53
zearcan such a led also receive the data?17:53
zearor only send it?17:53
tuxbrainwell I need one led an one irsensor17:53
zearah, just as i thought. So that would take more place on the ben17:54
tuxbrain2 free gpios17:54
zearwhat could be achieved with such a led?17:54
zearexcept of controlling ben with a remote17:54
zearor using it as a remote17:54
tuxbrainvisit irtag.org :)17:54
zeardata transfer between two nanos would be slow and easy to lose17:54
zearthe page is inspanish17:55
tuxbrainthey are making a game17:55
zearoh, you can choose the language17:55
tuxbrainthe also have an english version I though17:55
tuxbrainusing arduino and IR17:56
tuxbraina shoting game17:56
zearsounds cool17:56
tuxbrainI want to make ben act as judge/master/monitoring tool for the game17:58
tuxbrainor do a version of the game for use ben as gun :)17:59
zeardoesn't sound very handy :D17:59
tuxbrainI was master of "Killer" when I was young (once upon a time...)18:00
tuxbrainyou can't imagine what we have used (Killer=RPG on real live)18:00
zearrocks? :D18:00
zearand i think real life RPG are called larps18:01
tuxbrainfirst rule: the weapon has to be totally harmless18:01
tuxbrainwater guns where the star on summer :)18:03
tuxbrainyeah you see guys of 15-to 21 years old planing ambush to the enemiy, and start skirting in the middle of the street, and then searching for the master to otorgate puctuation ...18:05
tuxbrainand now imagine a more elegant version of the game using IR :) and all data stored to just be reade by nanonote18:06
zeari with i could play like that :D18:06
tuxbrainto just be readed by18:06
zearyeah, that sounds very cool18:07
tuxbrainI enjoy a lot being a player and master18:07
tuxbrainthe level of paranoia you reached when is game you don't know all players is impresive18:08
tuxbrainwell man, time to some sleep18:09
zearsame here18:09
zearcya man18:09
wolfspraullarsc: still up? can you tell me which Giantplus registers are undocumented? then I can ask Giantplus...21:38
gnufs"usbboot: error while loading shared libraries: libconfuse.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"21:54
gnufshmm, it seems there _is_ a package called libconfuse on debian/ubuntu22:00
gnufsbut don't see such a pack on arch..22:00
kristianpaulwhat are yuo installing?22:01
gnufsusbboot specifically22:02
kristianpaulby deb ?22:02
gnufsno, bin tar.gz22:02
kristianpauli never did that way22:02
kristianpauliused deb22:02
gnufssince i'm not on an apt-based distro22:02
wolfspraulgnufs: about the battery connector, I need to say the one we have in the NanoNote is not very good22:03
gnufsokay, i have it installed on an ubuntu setup22:04
wolfspraulcheck out the picture at the bottom of this page: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_Hardware_Quality22:05
wolfspraulon the left side is our battery connector (it's a damaged one). on the right side is a better battery connector, that would probably also work with batteries that are slightly shorter.22:05
wolfspraulunfortunately switching to the better battery connector requires a PCB change, so we couldn't get it in for the Ben. It's definitely something we will try to improve for Ya NanoNote.22:06
gnufshah, full of FAILs :)22:06
wolfsprauljust fyi since I saw you experimented with some batteries...22:06
gnufsthanks for the notice22:09
gnufswhat is a "carbonized rubber"??22:10
kristianpaulthere are plans to include devel packages from openwrt to xburst repository?22:12
gnufsis it supposed to conduct current or not?22:12
kristianpaulas python and lua runs, will nice have gcc too22:13
kristianpaulif is carbonized..22:13
wolfspraulgnufs: yes I think it's rubber with metal powder mixed into the rubber22:13
wolfspraulyou should have a little button in your nano box somewhere22:13
wolfspraulit has a small black dot inside22:14
wolfspraulthat black dot is carbonized rubber22:14
gnufsso that's what that thing is for!22:14
wolfspraulto short the USB boot pins under the battery22:14
wolfspraulin case you brick u-boot in NAND22:14
gnufs"Bus 002 Device 005: ID 601a:4740"22:15
gnufswolfspraul: thanks!22:15
gnufsthat carbonized mistery would take me literally weeks to solve otherwise :D22:16
Action: gnufs rolls his fingers while waiting openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi to finish downloading22:27
gnufslet's see if i bricked the nano22:44
gnufsand it boots!22:45
gnufswith a graphical environment!22:45
gnufsholy moly22:45
gnufsand it has TTYs! \o/22:48
gnufs(which is even more useful for me than a graphical environment)22:48
kristianpaulgnufs: gmu !22:51
Action: kristianpaul listen ogg all the time22:51
gnufsyeah, playing with it right now22:51
Action: gnufs should disable the gmenu from starting at boot22:53
kristianpaulgnufs: /etc/init.d/start22:53
kristianpauli actully modified it to get mount the second partition to listen music easilly22:53
kristianpaulwich you should notice now there is a boot partition and other free space for user (default unformated)22:54
Action: gnufs already has a 16GB microSD full with music and video22:54
kristianpauli wish have atleast 2gb microsd :(22:55
gnufshm, trying to play a file from the sd card cause the OS to shut down23:00
gnufso wait23:00
Action: gnufs is confused23:00
gnufsyeah, i think it crashed23:01
kristianpauli'm not sure if openwrt will handle 16Gb of sd23:07
kristianpaulny defaukt...23:07
gnufsbut i can browser through it fine23:07
kristianpaultry copy one song to nand and then play23:07
gnufsfalse alarm23:15
gnufsi repeat, false alarm23:15
gnufseverything works okay :)23:15
gnufsbtw, this baby would also make a fine alarm clock23:17
gnufsthat little speaker can become quite loud23:18
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [uboot-xburst] fix some compile warning http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/b8b3ece23:32
gnufswho knew quake could be fun...23:42
gnufsokay, seems like i've achieved enough familiarity with the nano for the first day.23:51
gnufstomorrow, i'll start with experimenting on porting and programming side of things23:52
--- Fri Apr 30 201000:00

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