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NaotoHanatoThe name of the .ubi file on EXT2 must be rootfs.ubi?02:25
xiangfuNaotoHanato, you need use the tgz file not .ubi file. mount your sd card to your system . use "tar zxvf -C /PATH/TO/sd_card_partitons_2/" to extra the rootfs files.03:18
vegyraupexiangfu: which button to press for sd boot?03:24
vegyraupexiangfu: and can you note all the available commmands in the wiki somewhere?03:24
xiangfuvegyraupe, http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Bootloader03:25
vegyraupexiangfu: thx03:26
vegyraupethat is very well hidden :)03:26
xiangfualso http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Boot_mode  :-)03:30
vegyraupexiangfu: now uboot also redirects there03:32
vegyraupexiangfu: do you have a uboot laying around for one of the old, white prototypes? (1GB)04:48
xiangfuvegyraupe, wait..04:49
vegyraupexiangfu: thx04:51
xiangfuvegyraupe, in this package. it's include the usbboot, u-boot, uImage.bin of 1GB board.04:52
vegyraupexiangfu: thx04:52
xiangfuvegyraupe, :-)04:54
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: add CONF_FIRMWARE to Makefile.am http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/4c7e4f905:04
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: code cleanup http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/945e32b05:04
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: cleanup the configure.ac file, -lconfuse http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/9ed1a7605:04
vegyraupelekernel: hey, I am prepping the next community news http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Community_News_2010-04-28 got to updates from you, anything else that should be mentioned?05:55
vegyraupeahhhhh tuxbrain :)05:57
tuxbrainallways listening05:57
vegyraupelooking forward to your tutorial :) already got a blog post drafted :)05:57
tuxbrainhehehehe, today (maybe late night but today I promise)05:58
vegyraupetuxbrain: is the call on today?05:58
tuxbrainbetter tomorrow, I got a lot of things pending05:58
vegyraupejust give us a ping :)05:59
tuxbrainI't a pitty I haven't a better camera, doing videos with kino05:59
tuxbrainvegyraupe: sure05:59
tuxbraindoing videos with kino is so easy :)06:00
tuxbrainworking on next hit, arduino+Nanonote+robot arm :)06:02
tuxbrainAnybody here has news about playing video on nanonote? I will love to do one demo of playing a video about nanonote, I love recursivity06:04
vegyraupetuxbrain: I ported dfbsee but still need to get xine working with directfb06:05
tuxbrainvegyraupe: from total ignorance, but haven't mplayer also works on directfb? at least in Dingoo06:07
vegyraupei didn't get the mplayer to compile06:08
vegyraupei tried but something stopped me06:08
vegyraupenot sure what06:08
vegyraupetuxbrain: xine is on mirko's todo list06:13
vegyraupenot sure how high it is prioritized but it is there :)06:13
tuxbrainmy prioryty scale is totally blur, basically all is for yesterday :P06:14
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: update README http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/d61d27706:23
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: update configure.ac, remove check signal.h http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/2175cec06:23
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: add more error check. remove the signal handler http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/07bfc3306:23
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: update the email address http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/2aa447206:30
lekernelvegyraupe, yes06:59
lekernelvegyraupe, please talk about the GSoC (http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/2010-April/000552.html)07:00
vegyraupelekernel: thx, added :)07:03
vegyraupelekernel: I will try to do these every other week, so whenever you have something, just go ahead and add it :)07:04
vegyraupeesp if it is not on one of the Qi lists07:04
gnufshello all!07:22
gnufsordered my my nanonote last night and excitedly waiting for it to arrive :)07:22
gnufsa quick question07:22
gnufsis the xburst processor 32bit MIPS?07:22
xiangfugnufs, yes. 32bit MIPS07:23
xiangfugnufs, you are welcome :-)07:24
tuxbrain:) welcome gnufs07:24
wolfspraultuxbrain: congratulations for your video!07:24
wolfspraulyou believe in this for months, and in the end you did it!07:24
gnufstuxbrain: yeah, i was also about to congratulate you :)07:24
wolfspraulalso I am very happy that you are promoting the tuxbrain brand!07:25
wolfspraulit's a good brand, you should be proud of it and continue to move forward with your values. You have a very unique business!07:25
wolfsprauldon't be too shy! more people should know about tuxbrain and order stuff from you!07:25
gnufstuxbrain: hmm, are you also running the tuxbrain store?07:25
wolfspraulgnufs: yes, sure :-)07:25
tuxbrainwolfspraul: this is the empiric demostrantion that I listen you in spite of my rantings :P07:26
wolfsprauland he is one of the rare guys who will really not carry a product he doesn't personally believe in07:26
tuxbrainyes gnufs07:26
gnufswell, in that case i have a conditional question07:26
wolfspraulI mean how rare is that? if there is a product David knows he could sell, but he thinks it's crap, he won't carry it!07:26
tuxbraintellme gnufs07:26
gnufsdoes using the serial console (a la http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Serial_console ) mean disabling the USB?07:26
tuxbrainbut remember you only have usb device not host07:27
tuxbrainyou can operate with serial manwhile ussing ssh07:27
gnufsyou read my mind, sir!07:27
tuxbrainIn fact I do all test before the video this way :)07:28
gnufstuxbrain: do you by any chance sell this usb-to-serial cable by any chance? (and if you do, would it be possible to add it to an order i placed last night? :D)07:31
wolfspraultuxbrain: some video feedback: first a stand, maybe a stand would make a big difference07:33
tuxbrainsorry I don't have this product in catalog,07:33
wolfspraulif you are doing more promotional videos in the future :-)07:33
tuxbrainwolfspraul: you mean a tripod?07:33
wolfspraulyes, sorry07:34
wolfspraulthen for some reason the screen contents seem not in focus, strange07:34
wolfsprauldoes your camera support focus change while shooting?07:34
tuxbrainI had one but broke last week07:34
wolfspraulunfortunately that's the one important thing my little Canon is missing. once I start shooting a video the focus is fixed.07:34
wolfspraulalso, I notice that the screen is too bright. do we support brightness change in software on the Ben NanoNote? I don't even know...07:35
wolfspraulif we do, would be cool if we had a way to increase/decrease brightness07:35
larscwe could, but we don't do07:35
wolfspraulhe OK. I will write it up as an issue, at least we remember it's theoretically possible... thanks!07:36
tuxbrainthe one I used not, just automatic focus but next one I will try with the one I bring to events, is bigger and to usit with one hand is very unconfortable07:36
larscwolfspraul: we could change the lcd color brightness. but not the backlight brightness07:36
tuxbrainI will try to find a tripod nest time07:36
tuxbrainnext time sorry07:37
tuxbrainwolfspraul: also I will arrange little bit the ambient light so the contrast is not so high on  screen07:38
gnufshas anyone figured out a way to use an external usb or ps/2 keyboard with nanonote yet?07:38
larscnot possible07:38
wolfspraultuxbrain: I wrote up the screen brightness issue http://projects.qi-hardware.com/p/ben-nanonote/issues/73/07:38
gnufsi can imagine a few attack vectors but wouldn't wanna repeat what anybody else has done07:39
wolfspraulif lars says it should work that's encourating, I understand we have tons of details everywhere but at least it's written up so we won't forget and can track it...07:39
tuxbrainmaybe a serial keyboard, they exist once upon a time ....07:39
wolfspraultuxbrain: which software do you use for video post-processing?07:42
wolfspraullike for example to format the text into it?07:42
tuxbrainwolfspraul: kino07:43
tuxbrainto render the text I use the titler plugin07:45
tuxbrainto embed images superimpose plugin07:46
wolfspraulnever done that07:47
tuxbrainthe only thing you must be carefull is that one rederend there in no undo option, so better check on the preview you achive the right effect07:47
wolfspraulI am planning to buy an Elphel camera soon07:47
wolfspraulI am sure in terms of productivity that will throw me way back, but in terms of fun it should be nice! :-)07:47
Action: tuxbrain feels the envy rolling in my veins07:48
wolfspraulonce I have that little thing I will spend some more time to learn about effective post-processing07:48
jluistuxbrain: where is the video07:48
wolfspraultuxbrain: I plan to visit them soon. Many things to learn...07:48
wolfsprauljluis: it's on youtube and here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Community_News_2010-04-2807:49
tuxbrainjluis already subtitled to spanish on youtube and daily motion :)07:50
gnufsoooh, found the TTL-232R-3V3 in a store (segor.de) just a few bus stops away from my home \o/07:52
gnufsthis is certainly my lucky day07:52
tuxbraingnufs: sendme a mail with how much it cost you david@tuxbrain.com07:53
jluisbut it wasn't on your buzz feed07:54
gnufstuxbrain: "you've got mail!"07:58
gnufsooh, my freerunner battery is compatible with nano? kewl.08:10
gnufs"Can close the lid: No"08:10
gnufsdoes it at least fit into the enclosure?08:10
wolfspraulclose the lid? I'm pretty sure you can close the lid. I think that means the battery cover.08:11
gnufsaand, my nokia phone has BL-5C battery!08:11
wolfspraulthe issue is thickness08:12
gnufswolfspraul: nice08:12
wolfspraulbl-5c, freerunner etc. might fit into NanoNote, but not quite right08:12
wolfspraulit's hard to push the battery cover onto it, the battery is just a tad too thick08:12
wolfspraulthe connectors fit though. It also depends on the individual batteries.08:13
wolfspraulbatteries swell over time08:13
gnufsthat's what the duct tape is for08:13
wolfspraulyes sure08:13
wolfspraulthey get thicker08:13
gnufsoh mkay08:13
wolfspraulif you ever run across a battery recycling place they can show you some of their impressive models08:13
wolfspraulit can get round almost like a pear!08:13
wolfspraulamazing chemistry inside, don't forget that08:14
Action: gnufs wonders if his BL-4C would also fit the nano08:14
wolfspraulso but anyway, 'normally' they swell over time, and device vendors will leave tolerances in the mechanical design08:14
wolfspraulsay for a 10-15% swelling08:14
wolfspraulthe swelling may be more or less pronounced depending on how the battery is used08:15
wolfspraulso your freerunner battery may fit well, or not so well, or not at all08:15
wolfspraulit starts off a little too thick, even if it's brand new08:15
wolfspraulgnufs: just go to images.google.com search for 'swollen battery'08:16
wolfspraulit's normal and affects every battery, although usually it's just 5% or so and you shouldn't notice08:17
gnufsin that case08:20
gnufsNokia BL-4C may fit the nanonote quite well ===> http://omploader.org/vNGF5Mg/Nokia-BL-batteries.JPG08:20
Action: gnufs tries to register an account on the qi-hardware wiki, but can not pass the captcha for the 3rd time08:25
vegyraupegnufs: tell me about it, whenever my login is forgotten I spend at least 5 minutes trying to get the captcha right ;)08:26
wolfspraulvegyraupe: also the qi wiki captcha?08:26
wolfspraulit's too hard?08:26
wolfspraulgnufs: I think the string is always a concatenation of 2 english words08:26
wolfspraulmaybe that helps08:26
vegyraupewolfspraul: heh, not sure if I'd say "too" hard08:26
vegyraupewolfspraul: there is always a typo as well08:26
wolfspraulwe could change it08:27
vegyraupeor at least it looks like it :)08:27
wolfspraulthere is also visual math captcha and what not08:27
wolfspraulif you guys feel the one we have right now is too hard we should change it08:27
wolfspraulalso I think we can make the font size bigger which will make it easier to read08:27
wolfspraulgnufs: can you try again and let me know?08:27
wolfspraulso far I was always able to guess it right, but I also wondered whether/why I got it right :-)08:27
wolfspraulat least we have no spam since I re-enabled anonymous edits08:28
wolfsprauland there are nasty bots out there, unfortunately08:28
gnufsgot it right the fourth time :)08:28
wolfspraulmaybe visual math captcha instead? :-)08:29
wolfspraulit's a race with the bots anyway08:29
Action: gnufs updates http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compatible_batteries with nokia infos and pics08:40
zeargnufs, can you close the lid when you put that batteries in?08:58
lekernelvegyraupe, you may also want to say that Adam has finished the first pass of routing for the M1 board09:24
lekerneladded it on the wiki09:26
vegyraupelekernel: superbb, thx09:26
gnufszear: haven't received my nanonote yet, so i just added the pictures and some info09:32
zearah, ok09:35
tuxbraingnufs:tomorrow you will have no excuse, courier has just pick up your order, tomorow will be there. :)09:45
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Fixing some errors on Makefiles http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/b12a74910:32
kristianpaulgnufs: ali?10:34
kristianpaulgnufs: hey good see you here, and more people supporting copyleft hardware with nanonote :)10:35
NaotoHanatoI need an advice. Want to connect a led to BNN and then drive it on Linux. I see that U11 (SCIC) chip wasn't included in the board so I was wondering if I can connect a LED between GND and SCL or SDA. Will that configuration work?10:58
larscshould work, i guess10:59
NaotoHanatoNext question is about the .ko (driver). Any ideas to start making this?11:00
larsca driver to controll the leds?11:02
NaotoHanatommm... Yeah, that LED between GND and SCL.11:02
larscto test whether it is working you can simply do (cd /sys/class/gpio; echo 72 > export; echo out > gpio72/direction; echo 1 > gpio72/value)11:04
larscif you want to register the leds as a led device you should use the leds_gpio platform driver11:05
larscas an example how to use it you can take a look at arch/mips/jz4740/board-n516.c11:05
NaotoHanatoGreat. I'll give it a try. Thanks for your help.11:12
NaotoHanatoUsing GND and SCL the LED=1 is on boot. I typed -> cd /sys/class/gpio; echo 72 and the result was: there's no gpio on /sys/class/11:59
NaotoHanato*I mean the LED is on when booting.11:59
NaotoHanatoAnd after boot too. Always on.12:00
mthNaotoHanato: the "GPIO_SYSFS" option must be on in the kernel config to enable the gpio directory in /sys12:13
NaotoHanatoCan be done using make menuconfig?12:18
larscmake kernel_menuconfig12:19
larschello qwebirc2126412:23
qwebirc21264i want some help please12:24
qwebirc21264any one can help me12:24
kristianpaulcan i update an already clonned git directory?12:24
kristianpaulqwebirc21264: go ahead, what is your problemn?12:24
larsckristianpaul: yes `git pull`12:24
kristianpaulok thanks12:25
qwebirc21264ok i want to design my own image for iq and i dont know anything about how to do so ,where should i start12:26
kristianpaulqwebirc21264: read this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image12:27
kristianpauland hack :)12:27
kristianpaulqwebirc21264: are you related to openwrt?12:27
tuxbrainNaotoHanato: interesting...12:41
Action: tuxbrain wondering if there is also another free accecible gpio to enable reception and mount an ir port with ir led emiter/ir receiver.....12:42
tuxbrainI have two free pins free to solder in the custom plug yet....12:43
NaotoHanatoIsn't David-san? ^_^12:54
kristianpaultuxbrain: sdio?13:16
kristianpaulbtw i'll try reply your work with serial  using a pinguino board (i dont have arduino or atmel)13:17
tuxbrainNaotoHanato: Arigato yes I'm David :)13:33
larscvegyraupe: do you think that it is a good idea that gmenu2x is messing with the cores pll registers?14:02
vegyraupelarsc: come again?14:02
larscmmc rates are down to 1.5MB/s instead of 4.0MB/s14:08
larscand the display clock is running why to slow14:09
NaotoHanatommm... No positive result. I wonder now what is wrong. Seems extrange that when I power on the BNN the LED remain a little on, then if you type "clear" on screen the LED turn off completely.14:38
NaotoHanatoUsing GND and SCL (GPC8)14:39
NaotoHanato*I mean strange.14:40
larsccould it be that the output is configured as lcd pin?14:40
NaotoHanatommm... What should I try next...14:42
larschm... uboot configures it as a lcd pin14:46
NaotoHanatoSDA (GPC9) too?14:48
larscgive me a moment. i'm writing a patch14:50
qwebirc56366hi there14:54
tuxbrainhi fx14:54
the_fixouhi tuxbrain14:54
the_fixoujust receive my nano today14:54
the_fixouyep looks great14:55
tuxbrainreflash it with last image and will be even better :)14:55
NaotoHanatoThanks, larsc.14:56
the_fixouyes , i will try tonight14:56
the_fixouthis ones : http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/latest/14:57
tuxbrainNaotoHanato: I'm interested in your evolution in led if I'm not arround here please send me a mail with your success, some howto will be awesome to have too :)15:13
tuxbrainthe_fixou: yes , but http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/reflash_ben.sh will make your live a lot easier15:14
tuxbrainjust execute it as root in the host computer while nano is on usbboot mode15:15
the_fixouthanks , how many time does "flashing rootfs..." my during ?15:15
tuxbrainacouple of minutes, sorry I had never measured it15:16
the_fixouok ay perfaect !15:16
vegyraupelarsc: I didn't write gmenu2x so I am sure I have never looked at the piece of code that you mentioned15:30
larscvegyraupe: ok15:49
zearlarsc, what's the problem with gmenu2x?15:49
larscit reclocks the pll15:49
larscthus mmc and display are clocked to slow15:50
larscmmc speed for example is down to 1.4 MB/s15:50
zearit must be still set to gp2x values15:50
zeargmenu2x is a menu for gp2x15:51
zearwe just adopted for dingoo and nanonote15:51
zearso if something is reclocked, it most likely means it is set for gp2x values15:51
larscwell it has code for the jz474015:53
zearoh, so you reffer to the cpu clocking code?15:54
zearthen yes, i left the one from the dingoo port15:54
zearbecause it seemed to be working on ben15:54
larscwell. imo it should change the raw cpu registers15:54
zearprobably, i know nothing about that stuff15:55
larscNaotoHanato: if you use http://metafoo.de/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin it should work16:01
zearlarsc, is you decide to look at it, there are also some other easily fixable things that need to be done16:03
zearchange the root path from /card to / and path length value, so you can go up a dir without a crash16:03
NaotoHanatoGreat larsc, I'll try.17:04
NaotoHanatoOf course tuxbrain ^_^17:05
NaotoHanatolarsc, works perfectly...  (echo 1 > gpio72/value) -> Turn on ; (echo 0 > gpio72/value) -> Turn off ^_^17:49
NaotoHanatolarsc, can you tell me more about the U-Boot fix?18:01
larscNaotoHanato: yes18:06
larscNaotoHanato: https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/2124118:07
NaotoHanatoReally thanks for your help.18:12
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding RXDF TXDF connect them to MAX232, allowing communication between CPU and FPGA via serial port http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/1c0db1819:40
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Updating schematic PDF file http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/36d217d19:47
kristianpaulnite all22:30
rafakristianpaul: are you from America? :)22:32
wolfspraulfrom Colombia, the second home of Qi Hardware! :-)22:34
rafaah.. entonces podemos hablar en espaniol :D22:41
rafakristianpaul: I am from Argentina22:41
rafawolfspraul: if Colombia is the second home then I am happy to live close jeje22:42
kristianpaulrafa: claro que si !22:42
kristianpaulrafa: ya tienes el nano?22:42
rafakristianpaul: no yet.. It is in its way ;)22:42
rafayeah, I am so excited to get one22:43
kristianpaulrafa: ahora si me voy a dormir, maƱana madrugo a trabajar :)22:43
kristianpaulnos leemos !22:43
rafakristianpaul: saludos!22:43
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