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DingooDigitalUSAOk they are posted taking pre-orders for the Dingoo Technology A330 please vist HTTP://WWW.Dingoo-Digital-USA.com to make your pre-order...00:27
gitlognico: target/toolchain: match toolchain directory name changes in r19885 & r20215 (closes: #7148 & #7162) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/8848c0b01:16
wolfspraulhe :-)01:41
wolfspraulthat didn't work as expected. need to improve the gitlog script...01:41
larscmth: I got something in mind.02:39
gitlogxiangfu: add .config file http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/9f1bb3b04:55
larscxiangfu: .config should not be in git05:09
larschu? and why is that commit from 1 month ago?05:10
xiangfularsc, I think wolfgang is test the gitlog .05:57
gitlogMirko Vogt: sparsehash is needed as dependency, however just while compiling, not for runtime... http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/3b95c4811:25
mstevensWha would explain gitlog there announcing a change, but git pull not picking it up?11:38
mthdifferent branch?11:43
mstevenshmm, yeah, mirko's change is on master, but I, as recommended in the docs, am on the xburst branch11:45
mstevenshold on, no, I'm being thick.l11:46
mstevensthe openwrt build doesn't pull in package updates unless you tell it to11:48
mirkomy fault i guess11:54
mirkono, wait11:54
mirkothere's just one branch in openwrt-packages11:54
mstevensmirko: Yeah I was being daft and updating openwrt-xburst, and then going "wah, why mirko's change not there?"11:54
mirkoopenwrt-xburst contains 2 branches (where the xburst one is we're currently developing in)11:55
mstevensmirko: Then I realised, update feeds, pulls in newer packages, everything's a happy thing.11:55
mstevensmirko: There's a missing perl dependency somewhere, I'll try to point y11:56
mstevensou at where once I get a bit further11:56
mirkookay, thanks12:01
mirkoah, i know what you mean12:01
mirkoit's a dependency needed on the host system12:01
mstevensyes, something wants perl's XML::Simple on the host to build12:02
mstevensI noted down the problem but foolishly not which package12:02
mstevensso I'll need to take it out again and see what doesn't build12:02
mirkookay, thank you12:09
mirkodidn't remember the related package as well12:09
mirkothink it was gnome-icon-theme or sth. like that12:09
mstevensyeah, vaguely gnome related sounds right12:10
mstevensrar, built an image, now to break it12:23
gitlogLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740_fb: Free colormap http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d7d83a212:26
Action: zear is playing civilization 1 on his nanonote13:18
vegyraupezear: good choice ;)13:18
zearit's slow in some places13:18
zearlike when it has to render the city view13:19
zearbut the map is really fast13:19
Action: mstevens is still trying to track down the missing dependency13:32
Action: mstevens traces the missing dependency to a dodgy feed being picked up from openwrt16:55
mstevensnow trying to work out the openwrt side of things16:55
max_posedonhi! I'll receive my ben-nanonote soon, and want ask some questions. My main goal, is try do some fixes for Gentoo to support BenNN.17:40
max_posedonRight now, I just want to know, which gcc -march should I use? (and which toolchain)17:40
max_posedone.g. like for arm, I require armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi and cflags -march=armv4t -mtune=arm920t17:42
max_posedonso, what should be used for Ben NN?17:42
guylhemhow do you leave gmenu2x to get a normal tty?17:43
guylhem(did that with ctrl alt can't remember how)17:43
guylhemctrl-alt-fx don;'t work17:44
mstevensguylhem: I thought ctrl-alt-thingy worked for me17:46
guylhemcould you confirm it? I'm soldring stuff on the mobo, need to know if something is fried17:47
mstevensOkay, ctrl-alt-f1 should take you to a screen that says "Please wait while graphic bla blah"17:48
mstevensand enter should bring up a show17:48
mstevensthat's with whatever the most recently announced image was17:49
guylhemit doesnt17:49
guylhemwhen I boot with f, the number key dont work either17:51
Skuerzomax_posedon: you can get the toolchain as shown in http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image17:51
guylhemcould you please try this too ? (reboot, pres f+enter)17:51
mstevensguylhem: don't know what you mean "boot with f"?17:51
guylhemreboot, you get prompter for a failsafe mode17:52
max_posedonSkuerzo, its just uses openwrt generic mipsel, and following cflags: -Os -pipe -mips32 -mtune=mips32 -funit-at-a-time17:52
max_posedonI think its still too generic.17:52
max_posedone.g. if you remember, arm/x86 have more specific options17:52
mstevensguylhem: I don't see anything about a failsafe mode17:52
guylhemin the text msg before the gui is loading17:53
Skuerzoi know, I'm a gentoo freak too, but I wasn't sure what were you asking. Sorry I don't know this one17:53
guylhemapprox 10s after reboot17:53
max_posedonSkuerzo, look at my arm example. I want smth similar.17:53
mstevensguylhem: I get some boot loader stuff scroll past extremely fast, OpenWRT logo screen, "please wait while graphical env loading..." then I'm into gmenu17:54
max_posedongcc -march have long list of options for mips17:54
guylhemmstevens if you can do ctrl alt f1, could you please do : find /|grep \,map17:55
guylhem(dot map, .map)17:55
guylhemshift key aint working. Can't do a pipe17:56
Skuerzoguylhem: maybe this can help? http://pastebin.com/mzGgG3LW17:57
mstevensguylhem: I er have a bunch of files17:57
guylhemanything looking like keyboard.map or loadkeys.map ?17:58
mstevenstoo many results to check the grep output17:59
mstevenslooking for those names specifically17:59
mstevensnothing called keyboard.map or loadkeys.map18:00
guylhemI;ll try thw wrapping stuff in gmenu18:01
guylhemhopefully it's a glitch not an hw problem18:01
guylhemcan you get digits in tty mode?18:11
guylhemanyone know how to diagnose a keyboard problem?18:37
nebajoththe problem is semen.18:46
nebajothoh, YOUR keyboard.18:46
nebajothI know you're out there18:48
nebajothand laughing at my awesome impropriety18:48
guylhemnot laughing - I'm more concerned about possible damage to the mobo and figuring out what has happened18:52
nebajothwhat did you spill?18:59
guylhemI'm soldering stuff on the serial ports. There is no spill19:02
nebajothoh dear19:07
nebajothmay I ask what you were soldering?19:08
nebajothoh sweet19:08
nebajothwhat is the unit you were soldering to it?19:09
nebajothand did you notice anything awry, or was booting up and discovering no keyboard the first sign?19:09
guylhemI had the nanonote waiting for ~1 week19:09
guylhemlast time it worked. now it doesnt19:10
nebajothit stopped working while sitting on a shelf?19:10
guylhemmaybe. or maybe the serial port has a role.19:10
guylhemboth are plausible at the moment.19:10
nebajothbut it worked last week?19:10
guylhemit did IIRC19:10
nebajothcould it be a simple configuration issue in a version of the firmware flashed on the unit?19:11
nebajoththat didn't take effect until you rebooted the unit?19:11
nebajothI'm just trying to think of things that would cause a difference between reboots19:11
nebajothshort of your actual solder connections breaking19:11
nebajothI don't see why it would work one day19:11
nebajothand not the next19:11
guylhemI don't see either.19:12
guylhemI hope there is a test image to rule out an hardware problem.19:13
nebajothhave you tried reflashing at all yet?19:14
guylhemnot yet19:14
nebajothtoss the latest firmware on19:14
guylhemI want to understand what is happening19:14
nebajothproblem solver19:14
nebajothit boots?19:14
guylhemboots fine and works fine - but the blue, alt and shift key19:14
nebajothyes I see19:15
nebajothit COULD be the serial ports19:16
nebajothbut you recall those keys working ok last time19:16
nebajothwas the serial port stuff working last time?19:16
guylhemcutting the connections to the serial port revive these 3 keys19:20
guylhemweirdest electrical symptom I've ever met19:23
nebajothguylhem: can you give us the result of "cat /proc/interrupts" with the serial ports connected and disconnected?19:34
guylhemI have to resolder it19:34
nebajothI'm inclined to think its a gpio pin issue19:34
nebajothbut perhaps that's naive19:35
guylhemI would think the same - if I could check how the keyboard is wired19:35
nebajoththere's a gpio pinout on the wiki19:37
nebajothand there's the data sheet for the jz4740 itself19:37
nebajoththere was a thread in the mailing list a bit ago about serial ports19:37
nebajothbut I thought you were a participant in that19:37
nebajothso that's probably not news to you19:37
guylhemI'm having only problems with both serial ports19:39
guylhemchecked the wiki19:39
guylhemcan't find the matrix for the keyboard wiki19:40
guylhemif the 3 keys are on the same gpio then I will have a good suspicion19:40
nebajothdo you have the code?19:50
nebajothopenwrt-xburst/ ?19:50
guylhemwhich code19:50
guylhemno I dont19:50
nebajoththere is a file in the patches directory19:50
guylhemI'm still working around hardware problems19:50
nebajothit outlines keycodes19:50
nebajothoh hey19:54
nebajoththose three keys19:54
nebajothare all modifiers19:54
nebajoththe only ones, I think19:54
nebajothwas that obvious?19:54
nebajothjust hit me now.19:54
Action: guylhem interesting19:55
nebajothhave keycode 1219:55
nebajothI don't understand how that works19:55
nebajothbut ok19:55
guylhemmust go to the same gpio19:55
nebajothI'm fuzzy here19:55
nebajothbut that makes a kind of sense to me19:55
nebajothand those serial pads19:55
nebajothsame gpio?19:56
guylhemdont know about the serial gpio19:57
guylhemwould make sense however19:57
guylhemOn Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 19:28, David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david@tuxbrain.com> wrote:19:58
guylhem> I suggest to do some kind of switch or easy unplugable wire in the RX(Nanonote),19:58
guylhem> and yes it is a known issue due gpio sharing of RX and Keyboard.19:58
nebajoth"Apparently there is an issue where the same GPIO pin is used for serial and part of the keyboard, so none of these ideas are really useful. "19:58
nebajothwell at least we were smart enough to re-figure it out19:58
guylhemwell that's good19:59
guylhemI prefer to understand :-)19:59
guylhemthan to copy19:59
chenfengyuanwhen the new image will release?20:50
chenfengyuananyone knows?20:52
wolfspraulnot really, we don't have fixed release schedules right now20:55
chenfengyuanCan hwclock work in the new image?20:57
wolfspraulcan you write it up in the issue tracker? http://projects.qi-hardware.com/p/ben-nanonote/issues20:59
wolfspraulthat's the best way I know right now how to keep track of it and eventually get it in20:59
wolfspraulthere is also a wishlist in the wiki20:59
chenfengyuanWell,i see,i will do it:)21:00
wolfspraulchenfengyuan: thanks, that's great21:05
chenfengyuanI should say thanks for replyimg:)21:07
wolfspraulkristianpaul: hey :-)21:15
NaotoHanatoHi everyone! I'm trying to boot my BNN from SD card, but seems like isn't reading rootfs22:30
xiangfu_NaotoHanato, what is your SD card partitions and size?22:51
NaotoHanatoFAT (1.5 GB) and EXT2 (0.5 GB)23:05
xiangfuNaotoHanato, is the splash screen show up (the openwrt logo)?23:22
NaotoHanatoOk, I had the SD with one partition (FAT16). I copied uImage.bin and yes, show the splash screen. Now I made the other partition EXT2 keeping FAT16 and I see the following error: "can't get kernel image".23:29
xiangfuNaotoHanato, when boot from sd card. the first partition must FAT16, the second partitions must EXT2. the kernel name must "uImage" and put it in the first partitions23:38
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