#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-04-26

mortysHi zear, do you have any news of slaanesh ?07:38
zearhey mortys07:40
zearnope, nothing new07:40
mortysSo we just have to wait :), but I supposed it polishing his release...07:40
mortysZear, Slaanesh released the Dosbox test version.08:09
zearyep, testing it right now :)08:20
mortysI'm gonna do it now08:21
mortyswhat do you use to mount the µsd card as C_Drive08:26
mortysin the config file08:26
mortysZear ?08:32
zearfirst you need to mount in on linux08:32
zearthen you do mount C /card08:32
zearin dosbox.conf08:33
mortysso you don't put the C drive stuff at the end... ok08:33
zearnope, check dosbox.conf08:33
zearthere's an example at the bottom08:33
mortysI've done it but write C /card/ c_drive08:34
mortysnot just C /card/08:34
mortyssyndicate is launching :)08:36
mortyspretty slow but launched08:37
mortysHow do you get the mouse to work ?09:18
mstevensyay, microsd usb adapter arrived13:55
Action: mstevens attempts my first openwrt build14:29
Action: mstevens cheers on the openwrt build process and hopes this doesn't really take 6 hours15:05
larscdepends on your cpu and ram15:07
mstevenswell I think this machine is fairly good, but there's only one way to find out15:08
larscif it's a revent machine and your are not include qt in your build it should be less then an hour15:08
mstevensIt's whatever the default build is15:09
larscdefault build is less then half an hour15:10
mstevensha, build failed15:13
wolfspraulI have setup irclogs of this channel at http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs20:49
wolfspraulalso, git pushes (commits) into any of the projects on projects.qi-hardware.com should now trigger 1 line into #qi-hardware as well20:49
wolfspraullet's see whether it all works, we may need to finetune a little here and there...20:49
wolfspraulkristianpaul: hi there, still up?20:55
mthhi wolfspraul20:56
mthlarsc: does the NanoNote have backlight control? I can't find any reference to it in board-qi_lb60.c (lb60 is the NN, right?)20:57
mthI am considering writing a backlight driver for Dingoo, but maybe I can make it a generic JZ backlight driver in one go20:58
mththen I can remove all backlight related code from the SLCD driver20:58
wolfspraulmth: hi :-)20:59
wolfspraullb60 is ben nanonote, yes20:59
kristianpaulwolfspraul: hola21:04
wolfspraulkristianpaul: how is everything going with the NanoNote?21:05
kristianpaulso far, is good21:05
wolfspraulI will give a talk at the Campus Party in Bogota in late June/early July21:05
wolfspraultwo talks actually21:05
kristianpaulme too21:05
wolfspraulah great21:05
kristianpaulindeed !21:06
wolfspraulI was just asking how far it is from Bogota to your place :-)21:06
kristianpaulkind of21:06
kristianpaulif you open a OSM map of colombia21:06
wolfspraulso I need to prepare many many things on my end, but one thing I wanted to try is to get a simple Colombian disti setup21:06
kristianpaulBuga from Bogota is 500Km far21:06
kristianpauldisti = distribution?21:06
wolfspraulnormally I like traveling, bus/train etc. but in Colombia the general advice in the west seems to be to not do that :-)21:07
kristianpaulwell plain is better, and faster21:07
kristianpaulfor the people can affor it21:07
wolfspraulbut anyway you are in Bogota21:07
wolfsprauldisti = distributor, yes21:07
kristianpaulfor campus party i will21:08
wolfspraulso I need to find someone who can help not so much on profit motives, but just to get a few Nanos at good prices to interested people in Colombia21:08
wolfspraulcan you help me find someone?21:08
wolfspraulnice it would be if we would find someone :-)21:09
kristianpauli dont know21:09
kristianpaulmay be i can ask21:09
wolfspraulthere was a company in Colombia asking about distributor once, but I think they would sell at huge markup etc.21:09
wolfspraul1 USD = ca. 2000 colombian pesos, right?21:10
wolfspraulso the coolest thing would be if we could sell for 200,000 pesos, but that's probably impossible with shipping & import taxes21:10
kristianpaulmy nano was 260.00021:10
wolfspraulI am willing to share the burden on my end, but the problem is more to find an equal partner on the other end who won't add 100% :-)21:11
wolfspraulthat's a great price21:11
wolfspraulthat's only the cost of shipping & import taxes added21:11
wolfspraulwhich at this stage is what it should be, we need to find people that help us spread the thing. If we don't find them, well then it spreads slower...21:11
wolfspraulkristianpaul: basically we need this:21:11
wolfspraulWe need someone who is willing to order 20 Nanos, say for a total of about 4 million pesos21:12
wolfspraulthey need to risk that much money21:12
wolfspraulthen we will work together with them to sell them in colombia21:12
wolfspraulsince I give a talk, and you are also at campus party, I think we have a chance that we get them sold21:12
wolfspraulbut in the end the distributor will most likely only make all his costs back, and have become a member of our community21:13
kristianpaulthats hard people to find here21:13
wolfspraulif he totally cannot sell, I am willing to take the nanos back, but even then the distributor will loose a little money for shipping, taxes, or what not (and his time)21:13
Action: kristianpaul wish have 4 millones21:13
kristianpaulwait a  min, you mean sell in the campus party time?21:14
wolfspraulI am just trying to find a way to get them to people that are interested. Which I think after my campus party talk there will be some.21:14
wolfspraulAnd maybe there wish to buy one can be fulfilled, or not. At least I want to try.21:14
wolfsprauland I think we should work together to bring the price down, not up. I am looking for someone to help me on that.21:15
wolfspraulI don't know whether I am allowed to sell there, I think they don't like that. Which is fine.21:15
wolfspraulBut there will be a talk about Ben NanoNote (and SAKC), so I would think a few people at least will say "yeah, I want to play with this too"21:15
kristianpaulyeah campus people is bad ;)21:15
kristianpaulwhat said carlos there?21:16
kristianpaulhe is in bogota21:16
kristianpaulmay be know more people than do i21:16
wolfspraulCarlos and his students are already doing so much to help.21:16
wolfspraulmaybe there is a LUG in Colombia, or some other free software/content people?21:16
kristianpaulat slcolombia.org21:17
wolfspraulCreative Commons Colombia? Local Wikimedia Foundation chapter?21:17
kristianpaulyes there is Creative Commons21:17
kristianpaulCarolina Botero is in charge21:17
wolfspraulwe just need 1 person who says "what the heck, why not, I just take the plunge and risk 4 million pesos to help these guys get started in Colombia"21:17
wolfspraulplus I am 90% confident we make every penny back21:17
wolfspraulI even take the Nanos back myself if they don't sell21:17
wolfspraulbut the one thing that is not possible is that everybody makes a lot of money. That won't work at the beginning, the product is too cheap and volumes too low right now.21:18
wolfspraulkristianpaul: so if you can ask around a bit that would be cool21:18
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i'll try21:18
wolfspraulwould be sad if I give a talk but the stuff I am talking about is inaccessible to people21:18
kristianpaulconsidering i'm dont know too much rich people ;)21:19
wolfspraulonly to the rich who order with fedex from Hong Kong21:19
kristianpaulit still expensive here even 200mill21:19
wolfspraulmy ticket to Colombia costs more than 20 Nanos21:19
wolfspraulkristianpaul: the moment we have someone who takes an EQUAL RISK in this, I am willing to take a bigger risk too21:19
kristianpaulthis is not a rich conuntry, technology still expensive for masess21:19
wolfspraulmeaning that I could well imagine to lower prices further for Colombia21:20
kristianpaulyes, i understand21:20
wolfspraulbut the problem is like I said: It doesn't make sense that I lower prices only so that others can markup more.21:20
wolfspraulwe get requests all the time21:20
wolfspraulbut those are companies that will sell it for 200USD and more21:20
kristianpaulyes :(21:20
wolfspraul350 even (in one emerging country)21:20
wolfspraulif we can make the nanos more accessible I have a plan to drive them down to 60 USD21:21
wolfspraulbut needs higher volume. and higher volume needs better software and content, which gladly lots of people are working on right now.21:21
wolfspraulincluding you :-)21:21
wolfspraulkristianpaul: ok, so back to the Colombia 'distributor' - can you ask around a bit?21:22
kristianpaulyes i'll do21:22
wolfspraulI'd say we should not look for the normal 'import' company, they are only motivated by large markup21:22
kristianpaulso 4millons?21:22
wolfspraulwe need to look for a believer/supporter of the project21:22
kristianpauli'll look for a local foundation21:22
wolfspraulif we cannot find that person then that just means the device is only available via fedex from hk21:23
kristianpaulnot promise, but i'll try21:23
wolfspraulwhich it is already21:23
wolfspraulthat means until all import taxes have been paid 1 Ben NanoNote costs ca. 200 USD in Colombia21:23
wolfspraul400,000 pesos21:23
wolfspraulso we have that already21:23
kristianpaulbeleiveme, if i have that money, i'll put in nanos21:23
wolfspraulbut now we are trying to bring it down21:23
wolfspraulcarlos brought it down by ordering 20, btw21:24
wolfspraulby ordering 10 or 20, the per unit shipping costs comes down a lot21:24
kristianpaulbtw, Carlos is on business i mean, i know he own emqbit, and sell stuff and services21:24
kristianpaulnot all is just teaching21:24
wolfspraulsure I know. But they already bend over backwards to help.21:25
wolfspraulOnly thanks to Carlos do we have some Nanos in Colombia now, for reasonable prices like you bought.21:25
wolfspraulCarlos is the only free software/content guy in Colombia?21:25
wolfspraulthat's just impossible21:25
kristianpaulcheck this http://code.google.com/p/altaimpedancia/21:26
wolfspraulso someone please put their money where their mouth is21:26
kristianpaulare other guys interested in hardware freedom21:26
wolfspraulwe make it back anyway, the only thing we cannot create are real profits right now21:26
kristianpauli know i know, i'll try talk with people i'm related (a few) but is a try21:26
wolfspraulgreat! :-) thanks...21:27
wolfspraulso how's the nano for you? starting to become useful?21:27
kristianpaulreally !21:27
kristianpaulogg music all time so far21:27
wolfspraulso much software we could/should bring to it21:27
kristianpauli just need make some time to add more sofware21:27
wolfsprauldo you have an accoung on projects.qi-hardware.com ?21:28
wolfspraulthat way you could commit directly into qi-packages, and your stuff shows up in our images and package repos21:28
kristianpauland ill try have some case prototype before campus party21:28
wolfspraulwow, cool21:28
kristianpaulwich my conference will be about reprap i hope :)21:28
wolfspraulI can show them on my talk.21:28
kristianpauli want :)21:29
wolfspraulkristianpaul: create yourself an account on projects, then I'll add you to the qi-packages project21:29
wolfspraulso you can commit there21:29
kristianpauli did i think21:29
wolfspraulit's very important that the porting work that is going on shows up in the images and package repos, so it becomes easily accessible for everybody21:29
kristianpaulkristianpaul = user21:29
wolfsprauloh one sec21:29
wolfspraulshould I add you to openwrt-packages and openwrt-xburst?21:29
Action: kristianpaul that remenber i really liked that project management21:30
kristianpauli'll ask for it as soon i have something usefull i think21:30
wolfspraulI'll just add you now21:30
wolfspraulno need to waste time later again21:30
wolfspraulkristianpaul: I added you as member to openwrt-packages, openwrt-xburst and xburst-tools21:32
kristianpaulwolfspraul: are yo coming for wich days of campus party?21:32
kristianpaulokay thanks for the trust21:32
wolfspraulI forgot in detail how it works, I think you may have to upload your ssh public key, then you can push into the repo21:32
wolfspraulnah, thanks for hanging around and sharing your passion!21:32
wolfspraulall days21:32
wolfspraulin fact I arrive 2 days early21:33
kristianpauli do :)21:33
wolfspraul25 or 2621:33
kristianpauli hope we can chat a bit21:33
wolfspraulof course21:33
kristianpauli'm there http://www.campus-party.com.co/Software_Libre.html21:35
kristianpaulCristian Peñaranda21:35
kristianpaulso see you thre :)21:36
wolfspraulwe'll chat more about it anyway21:42
wolfspraullots of things for me to prepare, even the whole trip is not finalized yet21:42
kristianpaulcan you bring a mlkimist one if is avaliable fot that date?21:42
mthlarsc: Dingoo backlight needs PWM on timer 7, since that sends pulses over GPIO PD3121:48
mththe current timer.h does not contain functions yet to reserve a timer21:48
mthdo you already have a design for that in mind, or should I improvise something and then let you review it?21:49
kristianpaulwolfspraul: http://www.projectcaua.org/ maybe qi could fit in someway, (just passing the link)21:50
wolfspraulkristianpaul: what is this projectaua ?21:59
wolfspraulI know maddog is doing it but it looked very lofty to me last time I checked21:59
kristianpaulwolfspraul: do yuo know john mad dog?21:59
kristianpaulwell is other project trying to use free technologies to third world countries22:00
wolfspraulyes but are they doing anything?22:01
wolfspraulany results yet?22:01
kristianpauli heard from maddog there is a running pilot in brazil righ now, but not sure wich free tecnologies are using22:01
kristianpaulnot public22:01
wolfspraulhe, OK. Nothing then.22:01
DingooDigitalUSAwho wants an A33022:43
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