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paul_boddiepcercuei: Did you manage to get your kernels tested in the end? It was a long time ago that we had a discussion about that.21:55
pcercueipaul_boddie: no22:35
paul_boddieDo you still want someone to test them? I heard you were away for a while.22:39
paul_boddieI was doing things with some jz4730 code and ended up running into your work. :-)22:40
pcercueiWe need someone to test MMC patches on jz474022:42
pcercuei(among other things, I guess)22:43
paul_boddieOK. It might be interesting for me to look at that in more than one way.22:45
paul_boddieAny links to the code?22:54
pcercueiI can link you to the patch series23:00
paul_boddieSure. I hope I can get Git to do its thing. I think my puny machine is no longer a match for Git and the Linux kernel, though. :-/23:04
pcercueiwolfspraul: this is the patch series: https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-mmc/msg48338.html23:43
pcercueiThis patchset should not affect the JZ4740, but we don't know for sure until somebody verifies23:45
paul_boddieIt's funny: my brother was bringing a JZ4730 kernel forward and experienced issues precisely with the MMC support, as I recall.23:47
paul_boddieThat was bringing a 2.6 kernel into the 3.x era. But then I think he also experienced something similar with some iMX stuff and MMC.23:47
paul_boddieSo I guess it could be problematic if not tested.23:48
paul_boddieThe JZ4730 stuff I then did was effectively a rephrasing of the JZ4780 era code for the earlier SoC, so this is also interesting for that reason.23:49
pcercueiI tested my own patchset on a Dingoo A320, sometime in september, and it worked23:49
pcercueibut mine was a bit different, it moved everything to devicetree23:50
pcercueithis patchset keeps the "data supplied by board file" approach for the jz4740 and uses devicetree for the jz478023:50
paul_boddieYes, I was trying to do everything in devicetree as well. I would link to the repository but the site was down just now.23:50
paul_boddieIs there a convenient "download all" link for those patches?23:51
pcercueiI don't know :(23:51
pcercueiI have a "for-upstream-lb60" branch, which you could test as well: https://github.com/OpenDingux/linux/commits/for-upstream-lb6023:52
pcercueiit moves a lot of stuff to devicetree23:52
pcercueibut that's untested...23:52
pcercueithe "read ooblayout from DT" was tested on the Dingoo A32023:53
pcercueiI have to go. Bye23:56
paul_boddieWell, this might be closer to the JZ4730 stuff I was trying to do. So I might get some free advice.23:56
paul_boddieThanks for responding!23:56
pcercueiemail me with info about your jz4730/40 stuff, if you want23:56
pcercueido you have my email?23:56
paul_boddieIf you posted to the qi-hardware list ever then I think I have it already.23:57
pcercueiI /query'd you the email23:58
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