#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2017-01-16

wpwrakwhitequark: btw, would be nice to have a shortcut for editing group names from the list of groups, without having to select the group, edit there, then return08:59
wpwrakhmm .. no autosave before the first "save as" ? just crashed on me :(09:11
wpwrakwhitequark: now, a very simple problem: i want to make a box for a display. i start with the sides: i draw the module rectanglt (as construction), then with a little offset the inside of the side walls, and with another offset their outside. extrude, all fine.09:31
wpwraknext, the top. there i put a workplane on the top of the walls, make one rectangle, extrude, set thickness. couldn't be easier.09:32
wpwraknow, the window opening. for this i go back to the sketch with the walls since they have the geometry of the actual display. i add a new workplane on top, then construct a suitable rectangle, and extrude.09:34
wpwraknow, first problem: this should have the same thickness as the top, but when i select the top so that i can select its thickness, "home" disappears, so i can't go back to the group of the extruded window.09:35
wpwrak(i need to go to the group of the extruded window since part of the edges that define the thickness is hidden inside the top, and if i try to set a length (thickness) on what is visible, i just get a REF, if i set an equivalence, (of course) an error09:38
wpwrakbut okay, i can just set the length independently and slvs is happy. but then comes the real problem: when i set the window to "difference", nothing happens.09:39
wpwraki guess slvs applies the "difference" to the "parent", i.e., the side walls, which already have a big hole there, but not the whole model ?09:40
wpwrakthis is the bothersome critter: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/slvs/box.slvs09:47

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