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--- Thu Aug 7 201400:00
osfdHi there !11:37
osfdhow do I know a process is only 0..3.3V or -3.3..+3.3V ?11:38
SpeedEvilVoltage is always relative11:38
osfdthe process I use mention 3.3V supply voltage and a vds_max of 3.6V11:38
SpeedEvilYou can call it 0 and 3.3 or 100 and 103.311:38
SpeedEvilyour process doesn't care about what you call the voltages - just the maximum relative voltages across the chip11:39
osfdSpeedEvil: well, I know that...11:39
SpeedEvilosfd: sorry - I'm not quite understanding the issue11:39
osfdwell, I work with AMS0.35u11:40
osfdmost of the asic I can see (IEEE mostly) are all working in positive supply voltage 0-3.3V11:41
osfdand I can't remember of a chip working with different supply rails11:41
osfdso of course, I guess I can work with -1.65..+1.65V11:42
osfdbut what if I would need to work with -3.3..+3.311:42
SpeedEvilyou in general need a bigger process - if you don't want to change the design11:57

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