#homecmos IRC log for Saturday, 2014-05-24

berndj-blackoutSpeedEvil, i thought the "salt" had to be anhydrous?00:06
SpeedEvilYou can bake it00:06
Sync__with chinese CO2s being so cheap there is no real advantage in doing it yourself :D09:35
Sync__azonenberg: is there a way to go from a bitstream back to some kind of hdl or anything meaninful to reverse the functionality?12:08
SpeedEvil'a bitstream' ?15:38
SpeedEvilyou mean a scanned image?15:38
azonenbergSpeedEvil: he means an FPGA bitstream15:38
azonenbergSync__: not officially supported15:38
azonenbergI'm developing such a tool for coolrunner-ii CPLDs15:38
azonenbergbased on extensive RE of the silicon to figure out what each bit mean15:39
Sync__yeah I was hoping on some prior art :/16:01
--- Sun May 25 201400:00

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