#homecmos IRC log for Saturday, 2014-04-05

--- Sat Apr 5 201400:00
NullMoogleCableso here is my idea to slowly grow silicon oxide. mr coffie hot plate + mini clothes iron moded with 2 liter bottle for extra long steam capacity all controlled with a arduino + servo to keep steam at constant temp + moisture20:44
NullMoogleCable8$ parts from thrift store vs 500$ tube furnace or kilm20:46
Sync__that will take forever20:50
NullMoogleCableIm wondering if i could speed it up with a vacuume or high pressure enclosure20:51
NullMoogleCablehas anyone tested this?20:54
Sync__vacuum or high pressure? yeah20:54
Sync__the process does not depend on outside pressures20:55
NullMoogleCablewhat about gravity? using a centrifical force?20:57
NullMoogleCablespin the sample using a centrifugeto force the steam at the silicon20:58
--- Sun Apr 6 201400:00

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