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--- Tue Mar 25 201400:00
Sync__got a CF sealed rotary feedthrough for 7 bucks19:05
SpeedEvilhow sealed?19:26
Sync__I'm not that sure, I suspect ferrofluid19:28
SpeedEvilI should add a conflat search for ebay19:29
SpeedEvilTo add to the 'searches that will never happen' list.19:29
Sync__not really, there is so much crap on there for prices over the moon19:29
SpeedEvilyeah - UK - there is basically much, much less high-end technical stuff19:30
SpeedEvilso prices are more varied19:30
Sync__the uk is not so bad for mil surplus19:31
Sync__lots of people selling ex mod stuff19:31
SpeedEvilLiving in scotland without transport is unfortunately not helpful19:31
Sync__living in scotland is not so bad, not having transport more so19:34
Sync__https://www.vgscienta.com/productlist.aspx?MID=119&IID=328 one of those20:02
SpeedEvilI'd say it's magnetic21:08
SpeedEvilOr maybe not.21:09
SpeedEvilI don't understand 'thrust'21:09
Sync__what's not to understand about it?21:11
Sync__it is loading in the axial direction21:11
SpeedEvilOh - right.21:15
SpeedEvilI was assuming it was a sliding load, which I diddn't understand21:15
Sync__du hast kein mehl im haus?21:22
Sync__I suspect it is a bellows one21:22
Sync__from what it feels like21:22
Sync__I could just take it apart21:22
SpeedEvilIf you overtorque it - does it slip?21:23
Sync__how would it21:25
SpeedEvilI was thinking initially it was a assymetic magnet21:28
Sync__as I said, it feels like a bellows21:30
Sync__which would just break off21:33
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