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azonenbergNullMoogleCable: chemical-mechanical polishing01:13
azonenbergi've mostly used it at the die level for deprocessing01:13
azonenbergi have not yet tried to CMP a whole wafer but it's done routinely by fabs01:13
Sync__it is easy enough01:14
azonenbergSync__: the hard part is getting everything super-uniform01:14
azonenbergBut in this case, if you just want to strip a film01:14
azonenbergand you dont care about  the wafer being slightly higher on one side than the other01:15
Sync__well, as everything it is fiddly to set up01:15
azonenbergthen its a lot easier01:15
Sync__it apparently is really tricky to get wafers with two polished surfaces01:16
Sync__if you don't care about braking your wafers you can just determine the preferred way of breaking them to know which orientation they are01:20
NullMoogleCableso i found a interesting patent http://www.google.com/patents/US572574201:20
NullMoogleCableand it looks expired too01:21
Sync__nobody will care if you do that01:23
Sync__I wonder what they used it for, if at all01:23
NullMoogleCableto oxidize silicon without a 1200* oven...01:27
Sync__the problem is the wafer will have serious ionic contamination01:27
NullMoogleCablehow so?01:28
Sync__the electrolyte contains sodium01:28
NullMoogleCablewhat would be the effects of said contamination?01:30
Sync__bad lifetime, meaning slow transistors01:33
Sync__I'd just shove them through rto01:33
Sync__rapid thermal oxidation01:35
NullMoogleCableI dont have a oven... yet01:36
Sync__just get a small glazing oven01:41
NullMoogleCablehow much do thoes run?01:42
Sync__no idea01:42
Sync__new I guess around 300, used probably around 50-10001:53
azonenbergsodium? run away02:44
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