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azonenbergSync__: are you familiar with antenna design rules?23:27
Sync__well, depends on the antenna type azonenberg23:35
azonenbergSync__: As in, vulnerability of ICs to plasma damage23:36
azonenbergi tried to FIB a chip after carbon coating it to reudce chargin23:42
azonenbergthen strip in oxygen plasma23:42
azonenbergrepeated the experiment a week later23:42
azonenberg100% mortality rate23:42
azonenbergneither survived23:42
azonenbergi suspect the plasma clean was killing them23:42
azonenbergdo you think a QFP leadframe + bond wires will couple enough energy from an oxygen plasma to blow out pad drivers?23:43
Sync__oh, certainly23:43
azonenbergi was hoping that by putting the package on a grounded metal plate i'd be ok23:44
azonenbergbut it might not have made good contact23:44
azonenbergSo, let me rephrase the question23:44
azonenbergif i want to do a fib circuit edit and not charge horribly23:44
azonenbergwhat are my options?23:45
Sync__good question23:45
Sync__I'd try removing it from the leadframe23:46
Sync__and possibly not running it through plasma23:46
azonenbergWell, if i remove it from the leadframe23:48
digshadow-w1azonenberg: I met someone when I was up in SF with diamondman that might be interested in home CMOS stuff23:48
azonenbergi am gonna have a pain testing the chip23:48
azonenbergdigshadow-w1: i need to get back to that23:48
azonenberghavent had the time23:48
azonenbergSync__: unless we can get the wire bonder in the cleanroom working better than it is now :p23:48
Sync__just rebond23:49
Sync__there is your issue :D23:49
azonenbergWe have issues with the bonder23:49
Sync__you also do not need to have it in the cleanroom23:49
azonenbergits in the offline test room23:49
azonenbergattached to the cleanroom23:49
azonenbergThe engineer who runs the bonder made 3 bonds in a row yesterday before something malfunctioned23:50
azonenbergthis was a new record23:50
Sync__what kind of RIE method?23:50
azonenbergO2 plasma barrel etcher23:50
azonenbergthey usually use it for stripping PR23:50
Sync__what does it use, capacitive RF or what?23:50
azonenbergi think so? its a front loader with a hexagonal structure inside an outer cylinder23:51
azonenbergpretty sure it strikes the plasma between those two pieces23:51
Sync__try to put a magnet under the chip23:53
Sync__oh wait, thinking about it that might actually make it worse23:53
azonenbergi dont want more plasma bombardment23:55
Sync__is it rf or dc?23:55
azonenbergI'm thinking i need to find an alternate way of mitigating charge in the fib23:55
azonenbergthis coating isnt the right option23:55
Sync__I only ever done fib on solar cells23:56
Sync__just had a quick read through some papers23:58
Sync__and basically they tell, you are fucked.23:58
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