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azonenbergSync_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2JWaImre6414:57
chris_99i thought FIB could only etch stuff, but that's filling something in?15:00
Sync_why shouldn't it fill something in15:03
chris_99just didn't realise you could do that15:08
Sync_we also have a fib at work15:11
Sync_but nobody uses it15:11
Sync_it is sad15:11
chris_99so how do you control it to etch/fill, like what's the difference between those two15:12
azonenbergchris_99: When milling, you're sputtering atoms off the surface15:15
azonenbergFor deposition you're basically doing CVD15:15
azonenbergyou squirt a precursor gas into the chamber15:15
azonenbergit adsorbs onto the sample15:15
azonenbergbeam ions and secondary electrons cause it to decompose15:15
Sync_there are different methods15:15
chris_99aha gotcha15:15
azonenbergthe volatile part dissipates and the metal/whatever sticks15:15
azonenbergit's pretty much PECVD with the ions in a beam rather than a plasma filling the whole chamber15:16
Sync_we bought the thing to do some fancy selective doping stuff but in the end we did not do that project15:19
nmz787chris_99: you change the gas that's present in the chamber, and it changes the action of the impinging ions19:30
nmz787chris_99: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focused_ion_beam#Usage19:32
nmz787chris_99: that does an OK job for an intro19:32
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