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--- Thu Jan 16 201400:00
xtalmathazonenberg: ive been thinking about the reflections from using the camera tube as the optical projection path, and possible reflection in the alignment eye/camera path. I have no clue how disturbing it is, but if it is it should be simple to remedy with polarization filter in eye/camera path and ex-camera/projection path (the optics are nearly perpendicular so assuming no birefringence it should be eliminated)17:12
Anarchoswho ever created cmos chip at home ?19:18
xtalmathnot me19:19
kristianpaulazonenberg said once i was working on it ;)19:37
kristianpaul s/i/he19:37
Anarchoskristianpaul ok :)19:38
Anarchosi am looking for a vlsi implementation of MMIX (a processor designed by D. Knuth)19:39
xtalmathI think he is too busy right now to continue the project, but I think everyone in this room is dreaming about it19:49
xtalmathat least i am, but i have another project first19:50
xtalmathmake that two19:51
--- Fri Jan 17 201400:00

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