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JewFro297How much success has there been in homebrew CMOS?04:56
berndjdidn't you hear, we're making deep submicron billion-transistor chips in our kitchens now06:01
soil-danyone hints on good temperature meters get swamped by devices  these day's  sofar i assume most of are generic and the type of probe you plugin  usaly decides max temp  like "K : 1300C "   since even cheap ones get advertised with win/xp logging stuff wonderd if any linux user here used them :>19:50
nmz787_seems like something that would depend on your application21:28
soil-dprobably ceramic/porttery  and melting furnace21:29
nmz787_I'd think most of those devices would be fine if you didn't need high sensitivity, re-calibrated yourself once in a while, didn't need high sample rate21:29
soil-dso  1000-1300C21:29
soil-dfor pottery it's long time like 10-20 hours21:29
nmz787_so I guess you need to know how fast the heater could increase the temp21:30
nmz787_and make sure that time is around the sample time for the sensor21:30
soil-dbut no  just basic measurements   no need  for super realtime spot measurements21:30
nmz787_otherwise your control scheme will be laggy21:30
nmz787_though maybe some temperature ripple is OK within that temp ramp ability21:30
soil-dah like pid controll  method21:31
soil-dit's not a neccesity all the logging i just wanted a hand held device  but since even cheap already  boast about it   just wondering if one played with cheaper ones and linux   or just to ignore those and even try to opt for without computer stuff21:34
soil-dsince it's in shed wellaway from any pc  for time being21:34
Sync_what are you trying to do?23:01
Sync_most of them will do fine23:01
soil-dfirst fire some potery if that works some cruicbles   then some metal probabl alu /silver sub 1000C metals  before moving on23:04
Sync_then just take every type k thing and it works23:58
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