#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2013-12-13

azonenbergSync_: What is it supposed to do?08:05
azonenbergjust plasma, or are you doing somehting useful with it08:05
soul-dmy gamble would be prototype warpcore08:11
Sync_azonenberg: I just tested if it will hold pressure11:45
Sync_just machining the magnetron head11:45
azonenbergSync_: oh, i see11:58
Sync_the bad thing is that the pipe is not calibrated on any dimension12:00
Sync_now lets see if I can drive the water out of my pump and then test again12:51
Sync_yeah it pumps down to 1.8x10^-3mbar without the turbo13:54
Sync_that's plenty good13:54
Sync_the turbo is coming on, so far so good15:26
Sync_reaaaaaly scratching on the sixth negative power now15:31
Sync_I'm ok with that16:02
Sync_yay the microstage runs23:22
--- Sat Dec 14 201300:00

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