#homecmos IRC log for Thursday, 2013-12-12

--- Thu Dec 12 201300:00
Sync__ah finally some time to make the second piece for the glass pipe11:14
Sync__almost messed up14:06
Sync__but it seems to work14:06
Sync__still needs pfpe grease to slide together easily14:07
Sync__hehe it works20:51
Sync__ah damn21:34
Sync__my hv power supply died21:35
Sync_http://sync-hv.de/~tmp/plasma1.jpg http://sync-hv.de/~tmp/plasma2.jpg works for now.23:40
Sync_gotta drill some holes and finish the iso flange on the bottom but it does what it is supposed to23:40
--- Fri Dec 13 201300:00

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