#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2013-11-24

Sync__yeah I also thought that azonenberg12:39
Sync__dunno why I had the brainfart in the drawing12:40
Sync__ yup14:21
Sync__it fits14:21
Sync__needs some lube but it fits14:21
azonenbergSync__: whats that?17:36
azonenberglooks like a solid quartz rod... or is it a chamber?17:36
Sync__well, it is the top plug for my cheap idea to make a sputtering setup that does not involve welding orgies like my modified beer keg17:39
Sync__going to make the bottom one tomorrow17:40
azonenbergoh, interesting17:43
Action: azonenberg needs to build a sputtering rig17:43
Sync__and I need to get a parting tool18:15
Sync__the problem with the current tubing is that it is not calibrated in any way23:24
Sync__so I need to make every plug custom to the pipe :/23:24
--- Mon Nov 25 201300:00

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