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Sync__wee she's a runner14:06
Sync__even after 12 years of service14:06
Sync__but the bearings have taken a beating14:08
berndjwhat's a ballpark estimate for how fast i could clock a chip that has 130nm lambda?15:00
azonenbergberndj: Depends totally on the fab process and how complex the stuff you were doing on it was16:18
azonenbergFor scale, virtex-II pro is 150nm and 130nm (they did a die shrink midway through)16:20
azonenbergI'm not sure how fast general logic was able to get, but they got 3.125 Gbps on the SERDES16:21
Sync__hmm 150nm to 130nm is not a huge technology step16:29
Sync__but well, I guess they changed fabs16:29
Sync__now to the lathe, I hope my plans work :D16:31
Sync__looks like it will work20:44
Sync__just finished boring and surfacing the primary surfaces, now the oring glands and I can try if it will fit20:44
Sync__(just some work on my sputtering setup)20:44
azonenbergoh nice22:50
Sync__I guess I'll go to the basement and take a picture22:53
Sync__unfortunately no more lathe action tonight :/22:53
Sync__was I drunk when I measured the ID of the glass tube I'm going to use23:14
Sync__missed the dimension by 1mm23:14
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