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azonenbergYes, you're alive00:31
azonenbergWhat's the first thing that jumps out at you guys about the next 30ish seconds?05:43
soul-dno clue been awake to long  maybe  the part  â€¦here transistors are later to be fitted "  as if it[ a loose component ?06:48
azonenbergsoul-d: how about the lattice06:49
azonenbergsilicon is not simple cubic :p06:49
soul-doh haven done chemistry a while, you could show me a paint thing of molecules wiggeling  tell something id probably assume it's true :P06:50
soul-dwiki says  >  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f1/Silicon-unit-cell-3D-balls.png/160px-Silicon-unit-cell-3D-balls.png06:52
soul-ddiamond cubical structure06:52
soul-dso thats why you need a seed  with drawing silicon ingots ?06:55
soul-dlike  with diamonds06:55
soul-dif i remmber correctly06:55
azonenbergwell, thats to make a monocrystal06:56
azonenbergregardless of the structure06:57
soul-dwonders if you can make an diy electrical furnace for that saw some diy /company  with nichrome wire  for  aluminum forge  2kw /20 min melt  wich looked intresting06:59
soul-dgues one could :>  http://www.temcoindustrialpower.com/products/Resistance_Wire/RW0087.html07:03
soul-dif one can heat the furnace to max opperating temps07:03
soul-dhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4yhzLuD9A   their extremly simple diy  aluminum furnace    i probably gonna use that method in near future07:08
azonenbergYou'd need to inert purge it07:58
azonenbergbut thats not super hard07:58
Sync_the issue more or less is getting it pure enough soul-d11:22
Sync_I just used a surplus oilburner for my furnance, 60kW of heat output easily :D11:23
soul-d:) well thought of it before but never thought it would  be feasible  but i'? gonna start  with small aluminium  furnace so i can try lost wax casting methods  maybe make some usable tools /13:36
Sync_well before you try lost wax casting get proficient in regular casting13:48
Sync_there are a lot of hassles to be tackled13:48
Sync_released some piece of cheap s235 yesterday and heat treating it actually helped machining a lot13:49
soul-dinert purge you mean  air has to be replaced with some inert gas ?     do  super tiny vacume  pump  ". Max. Pressure 300mmHg " instock  to play with13:49
soul-dtrue  sand casting  was actualy on first list probably even simpler like getting the hang of it with making ingots  for casting later13:50
Sync_no not really, but getting the technique down how to make molds and such is not easy13:50
Sync_well making ingots is supereasy13:50
Sync_there is nothing to go wrong13:50
Sync_mostly the problem with casting is predicting the shrinkage and controlling the heat13:50
soul-dah yeah another few tools needed like  proper   temp  gun /measurement method13:52
soul-dlast time i burned trough the simple metal cruicble afhter the second melt13:53
soul-dalso  was using coal  furnace13:53
soul-dso that was a mess13:53
soul-dso need proper cruicble for that or  get the proper clay materials to make them  since prefab are never the size/form i want or arrive broken13:55
soul-dwill have the whole winter to think about it  currently  shed /outside to wet anyhow  to play with molten metal for a while13:58
Sync_well the molds are made from sand soul-d16:24
Sync_mixed with oil16:24
Sync_and for Al you just weld up a crucible out of steel or stainless16:25
soul-dyeah  green sand stuff  but saw them use  water /moisture content there16:25
soul-dlong way to go thats for sure but ill start simple   trying to make own clay crucibles to and then go more complex16:27
soul-dsteel is tricky  though read  you need to   heat treat those first as aluminum eats trough  metal  or somthing   thought i was fine with stainless but was way to thin i guess burned trough it second time16:28
soul-dbut was to me expected with 1mm or less ;)16:32
soul-dwas indeed   the plan  to visit scrapdealer  for some proper materials   but welding is another trick i  still need to learn16:35
Sync_no steel is fine for Al usually17:15
Sync_a stainless cooking pot will oxidize through17:15
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