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azonenbergSync__: I'm picking up optics slowly10:44
azonenbergjust grabbed a newport 2-axis mirror mount and repurposed it as a tilt stage for my microscope10:45
Sync__yeah I bought two nanostages azonenberg11:28
azonenbergI have two i think 250um/revolution linear stages11:28
azonenbergMight try hooking those up and remove the olympus stage11:28
azonenbergthey're a lot more precise11:28
azonenbergjust have to machine some base plates or something11:28
nats`grab one from ebay ;)11:29
nats`mine works weel now11:29
Sync__I achieved 100nm positioning with those, they are .5mm/rev but with a 1024count encoder11:29
Sync__so that is not too bad11:29
azonenbergSync__: Not bad11:29
azonenbergMine lack encoders atm11:29
azonenbergI have yet to decide how to mount things on them11:29
Sync__I more or less have the issue how I bolt them together and insure planarity11:30
azonenbergnats`: I bought one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/Newport-MM-2-Solid-Mirror-Mount-/360661635707?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53f91bd27b11:30
azonenbergto use as a tilt stage11:31
nats`azonenberg I didn't do the tilt stage for now :)11:34
nats`I must find a way to fix my bhmj head over the table11:35
azonenbergit's mandatory for CNC11:35
azonenbergsince you can't stop and refocus every few pictures11:35
nats`I'll do one later but first will test with my ULWD optic11:36
Sync__azonenberg: can't you do focus detection and adjust accordingly?11:38
azonenbergSync__: That requires you be doing realtime image processing11:38
azonenbergrather than just step, snap, step, snap11:38
azonenbergfollowed by offline processing of the data11:38
azonenbergThese are megapixel range cameras and only a few FPS11:39
azonenberginteractive focusing would be slow11:39
azonenbergremember the data is going over USB, you dont have a DSP right on the camera to do autofocus11:39
Sync__well with modern computers megapixel processing isn't too slow11:39
azonenbergif i had a bare CCD that would be a lot easier11:39
azonenbergWhat i meant is11:39
azonenbergmoving 9mp uncompressed frames over USB11:39
azonenberglimits your framerate11:39
soul-dazonenberg,  look for astonomy  camera's  diy11:40
azonenbergsoul-d: There's no point in going through all that effort11:40
azonenbergTilt also messes up the focus within a frame anyway11:40
soul-dor exsiting  ones with colling if you have the casg11:40
azonenbergThe best option is just to spend the minute or two leveling the specimen11:40
azonenbergthen snap all the pictures11:40
Sync__well I guess that is the easiest if you have a decapped chip11:41
Sync__with wafers you know that they are flat11:41
azonenbergI'm working with bare dies11:41
azonenbergBut the back side may still have die attach adhesive on it etc11:41
azonenbergor be attached to the carrier11:41
azonenbergOr even still be in-package11:42
soul-dmy first astro cam was a horror 512x somthing that din't even reached  1 fps    it used .net drivers :'(11:46
azonenbergMy current microscope cam has windows binary blob drivers11:48
azonenbergdigshadow reversed the USB driver for a similar chipset though11:48
azonenbergi'm probably going to pick up one of those and use his linux driver11:48
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