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azonenbergnmz787: isotropic etches for silicon?04:04
azonenbergyour options are, basically04:04
azonenbergHF + strong oxidizer04:04
azonenbergor SF6 plasma04:04
nmz787azonenberg: someone on mems-list said DRIE without side-wall passivation, same thing as SF6 plasma?07:39
azonenbergnmz787: DRIE is normally alternating steps of SF6 plasma and some kind of fluorine-based passivation07:40
azonenbergi forget what the base is but it ends up being essentially PECVD teflon07:41
nmz787what's easiest?08:08
nmz787is DRIE cheap?08:08
nmz787i wouldn't need much, i think, 1 micron deep to start08:09
nmz787this local lab would let me use their lab for $20/hr, spin coater, fume hood, solvent cabinet and address for delivery, already have HF08:10
nmz787they also have a FIB, but that's another pricing scheme that is a bit blurry08:10
nmz787(not sure if any of their chems are still 'good') or if they go bad08:10
Sync__doing DRIE at home is not the cheapest thing to do09:05
lkcl_kanzure: :)10:11
nmz787no i wouldn't do either at home10:22
kanzurelkcl_: sup15:30
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