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nmz787soul-d: thanks for that paper05:29
nmz787why can't I find info on this photoresist online or in journal articles? it's called iP5680 and made by TOK (TOKYO OHKA KOGYO)05:30
nmz787kanzure: can you find anything more than this? http://snf.stanford.edu/pipermail/specmat/2008-July/001686.html05:31
kanzurepaperbot: http://snf.stanford.edu/pipermail/specmat/2008-July/001686.html05:32
kanzureoh wait i'm an idiot05:32
kanzurelkcl_: nice to see you in here05:33
soul-dand  anything out of japan might be hard on info if it's created  their05:33
soul-dthey are terrible in english05:33
nmz787they sent me this as well http://diyhpl.us/~nmz787/pdf/TOK_ip5680.pdf05:35
soul-d6 and 13 google results  mostly to tok-europe or the mailing list you already found05:36
nmz787since I need curved channels, and the unfocused curved resist isn't very smooth, I think I need to figure out some easy etching processes05:38
soul-dthey tell everything except what it is ;)  probably some secret05:38
nmz787this resist looks fine to do silicone impressions with for square channels05:39
nmz787but this means that I can't have curved and square channels on the same layer05:39
nmz787which might not be a big deal, I don't think it would be at this point05:40
soul-dcan't say anything on that  since i'm just a general lurker here  reading with great interest but nowhere near experimenting yet05:45
nmz787what's your interest//goal?06:41
soul-deverything/world domination06:49
Sync__I hope they loaded the wafers yesterday at work06:52
Sync__otherwise I can wait three hours06:53
soul-dnothing  particular  but this stuff does get down to the physical world  instead of just digital software , chemistry  balancing  calculating that06:54
soul-dbut since i don't have a true proper  setup  yet like  decent  labisch type of work spot06:55
Sync__need to put in some work next week after my wafers are done :/06:57
Sync__need to get the stages running06:57
soul-di needed some more coffee :)  you already built something with al the fancy stuff you posted ?  like for x,y stage ?07:04
Sync__I built a controller for the stage07:10
Sync__but I need to bolt them together now07:10
Sync__I'll need some good microscope lenses then and build some kind of focusing mechanism07:11
nmz787are there any 'safe' isotropic etches?07:33
Sync__well, I guess the "safest" is koh07:38
Sync__but that has a high selectivity07:38
nmz787that's anisotropic07:42
nmz787need curves not angles07:42
Sync__that's why I said it, but I guess you don't have much choice07:45
Sync__germanium is running low11:14
Sync__rate controller is hitting max power all the time :/11:14
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