#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-09-18

--- Wed Sep 18 201300:00
soul-dmaybe intresting here    Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans*    http://people.umass.edu/gbecker/BeckerChes13.pdf10:21
soul-dsome researchers hacked intels ivy's  random generator or something10:22
soul-dcorrection they used  intel's  rng design  as case study  so news article headline as expected bit misleading12:05
lkcl_hi folks am looking for kicad parts for a GPL'd project to create a router22:12
lkcl_i saw this:22:12
lkcl_and wondered if anyone knows what RJ45 with built-in magnetics that azonenberg is referring to?22:12
lkcl_azonenberg: pingggg22:12
--- Thu Sep 19 201300:00

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