#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-08-28

Sync__teeny tiny linar rails also arrived14:00
Sync__also the tmp150 http://sync-hv.de/hi-vac/tmp50-150.jpg14:18
soul-d:) no clue what the second pic is but  looks cool  or that vacume  thing ?14:20
Sync__those are two turbopumps14:21
soul-dmmm  thought  they where used  for  vacume though when you mentioned them before  but it's more for liquid ?  or those turbomolecular pumps ? :S14:28
Sync__yes those are turbomolecular pumps14:30
chris_99whatcha using them for?14:58
diginet_Sync__: those linear rails are so cute!18:22
Sync__teeny tiny20:27
Sync__well chris_99 in conjunction with the high precision linear stages I just ordered and the ballscrews probably for my go at a direct laser exposure unit22:47
chris_99what kind of laser is that?22:48
Sync__well to get the proper energy a blue sanyo diode will probably be the best option22:52
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