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diginet_Sync__: do you think it would be possible to construct a vacuum chamber out of a steel cooking pot (304 or 316 stainless)01:36
diginet_the problem is the window, I don't know how to weld, and even if I did, welding for vacuum applications seems hard01:37
diginet_on the other hand, I don't want glass because of implosions/fouling01:37
Sync__it is certainly possible to use a pot08:44
Sync__but you will need to solder or braze stuff to it08:45
Sync__I'd use beer keg08:45
Sync__they are cheap and a lot thicker than a pot08:45
Sync__and you know that it is proper stainless08:46
diginet_hmm, that sounds like a good idea09:36
Sync__the deposit is like 25¬ here09:36
diginet_for a beer keg? what do you mean by deposit?09:37
Sync__well, if you get a keg you pay for the beer and for the keg itself09:38
Sync__and if you give the keg back you get the deposit back09:38
Sync__so that you don't throw it away09:39
diginet_ohhhhhh, I'm too young to buy actual beer :P09:39
diginet_can you buy empty kegs?09:39
diginet_also, do you know anything about welding for vacuum applications?09:41
Sync__yeah you can buy empty ones09:43
Sync__yes I've done a bit of welding on vacuum apparatus09:43
diginet_is it hard? I mean, is it something an amateur could learn?09:45
Sync__I'm just an amateur, too, it just depends on how much time you spend trying it09:47
Sync__welding is not something where you'd need a special skill it is something you learn with doing09:48
diginet_I see, well that's hopeful.09:49
Sync__but you will need a tig welding machine09:50
soul-dwich means  your stuck with gas  tig machiene 500$ ?   new gas canister  200$  lots of steel to practice   probably takes around 1k  to get started with tig  also would refute  it takes no special skill if you need to practice (it takes perhaps no prequisites) , but your not gonna weld something   well   for a while   it's probably cheaper to get  some  one qualified  to weld10:02
soul-dfor the rest sync is right it depends how much time and money you spend10:04
soul-dforgot the saftey gear another 200$10:05
Sync__gas is cheap10:07
Sync__like under 50$ per fillng10:07
soul-dthe canister is not10:07
soul-dyou might get one cheap10:07
Sync__bit it is yours, you only pay it once10:07
soul-dtrue if your building a workshop anyhow10:08
soul-dbut  if you  have to make something that is stable with a decent vacume  id probably not   weld that out of the blue10:08
Sync__in the end doing vacuum work and experimenting with it you'll need your own shop at some point10:08
Sync__but I didn't really have had issues with tig welding, was making leak tight welds after 2-3 weeks practice with some scrap10:10
soul-dyeah  but assuming not legal drinking age also the wage if any hard problem  but that said young enough to learn anything you set mind to10:12
digineti'm 20 :)11:02
Sync__then you are plenty old enough to buy beer11:03
diginetnot in the US, and anyway I don't drink11:30
berndjhave you guys seen that video of the imploding oil barrel?11:37
berndji'm assuming a beer keg is also a log bigger than a pot11:37
Sync__a beer keg is a lot stronger than an oilbarrel11:38
Sync__because it actually is a pressure vessel11:38
berndjgood point11:38
Sync__I tried it on a 30l keg and it works just fine11:39
soul-dah you meant one of those   bar things11:39
berndjyou put a vacuum in it?11:39
soul-di was  thinking of a typical   german  hand hold keg11:39
Sync__you mean a humpen?11:39
Sync__or a maß?11:40
Sync__but no, the regular 30l stainless kegs do fine11:40
berndjhow are the ends attached - welded?11:40
berndjthen it sounds ideal!11:41
Sync__... which is why I used it11:41
berndjhow do you open it and put stuff inside?11:41
berndj(stuff that isn't beer)11:41
Sync__by welding in a port11:42
berndjquite a big port, or what are you putting inside?11:42
berndjat some point i want to coat telescope mirrors11:43
Sync__should be easy enough11:43
Sync__meh, I should lurk less and ride my motorcycle11:43
berndjso i'd imagine having to cut a keg in half and put a flange on each half11:43
Sync__if you want to split it completely yes11:47
Sync__I'd just weld a K250 flange into one end11:47
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