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Sync__I wonder if I should try to get the electron microscope we're throwing out into my flat14:34
soul-dif not  i got an adress15:18
soul-dalthoug probably have more use for a basic one   to start out instead of all the  fancyt stuff  with  no clue15:19
Sync__if you pay shipping for overseas15:24
soul-dhow much does it weigh ? :P15:33
Sync__I guess around a ton15:34
soul-dso only slow shipping posible like with cars  probably still cost like  few k im afraid15:35
soul-dtobad if i had the money id woulnd have to think about  that :P15:37
Sync__well I guess I'll try to cram it into my flat15:40
Sync__probably going to overload the ceiling15:40
soul-dwhat time span   your work/lab will need to get rid of it ?     just don't trow it away to be useless :P  and my finacial sitution can alway's change at least  that was the plan for near future15:44
soul-di had to pounder about that one  it's seiling mounted device ?15:45
Sync__no but my flat is in the 4th floor15:53
Sync__well probably in the next few years ;P15:56
Sync__it sat there for a few years15:56
soul-dheh that does sound problematic although  even though it sounds heavy doesn't give much away  of size15:56
Sync__all in all with the control cabinet probably 3x1m or something15:56
soul-dso much like an all in table  i did see on google images http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/19/Old_Scanning_Electron_Microscope.jpg15:58
soul-dwell if it's years and  ton/2ton shipping costs maybe i should   reserch it ( like import  to )16:00
soul-dyou would send it as  gift ofcourse ? :P16:00
soul-dprobably woulnd know how to use it  but i still want it :)  but who doesn't like fancy nerd toy's16:02
Sync__well I guess I can repackage the console into something smaller19:11
soul-dwhere are you located btw ?19:34
soul-dim in eu netherlands19:34
Sync__germany, so shipping wouldn't actually be too bad19:36
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