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kanzureazonenberg: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/barsmonster/595624345?token=6d71abcc14:40
soul-ddonno who it is ? someone in here ?  because well one can dream  but sounds more like  your donating money to some guy  that wants to experiment  with little in return except he calls stuff open15:28
soul-din short  seems to me more like begging  wich is fine everyone to it's own   but seems your more like sponsering his wish  education on the matter and  the stuff  and you may hope you get a wike page like azon is already proving sometime in the unkown future15:31
nats`same opinion15:34
nats`and seeing the technology target that's a dead end I think15:35
soul-dwell and  that you probably need 35000k15:37
soul-dto setup your own garrage15:37
soul-dlike him15:38
soul-dbasicly said with 35k everyone can make a nice home lab  with only output a gadet15:39
soul-dalthough a kit  would be hard to ofcourse so little to realy offer15:40
soul-dyeah just go trough  text he needs to basicly buy  more space  and all lab ware    like vacume pumps to generators  ,15:47
nats`yep he needs money for ebay auction :D16:10
nats`I'll do the same I dream of a signatone laser diagnostic microscope \o/16:11
nats`too much talk about dickstarter I go back home :D16:11
soul-dlol need some grocery's to  grumpy cause been hacking at avr v-usb all day need some food :)16:15
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