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--- Fri Jul 5 201300:00
berndjazonenberg: you reckon it make sense to use a p-type wafer as collector, an n-well as base, and a p-diffusion in the n-well as emitter?02:39
azonenbergnot sure, i'm not good with BJTs02:40
berndjnot going for any great performance as a bjt, just hoping one could at least get okay matching on the same chip?02:40
berndji know cmos can latch up, and this sort of thing would be part of the mechanism02:41
berndjor maybe this is an x-y problem: real question is: what's a good way to measure temperature on a chip, given a cmos process?02:41
Sync_berndj: diode on chip09:54
Sync_measure forward drop09:54
--- Sat Jul 6 201300:00

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