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soul-dso azonenberg i wonder how many prism bots we got in here i think only 3 or 4 people are real ?  im supprised they din't cam bug your place  https://nsa.prism.livestream/geoloc=?usa?name=azonenberg?trackloc=lab?17:28
soul-dsomething like that :)17:28
azonenbergThey dont need to17:29
azonenbergi'm stitting in front of several computers with webcams17:29
azonenbergal,l they have to do is pop an 0day17:29
soul-dyeah but i bet you wrote your own fpga driver for it17:29
azonenbergNot yet17:29
soul-dbut apearently thats our future ;)17:30
azonenbergmaybe :p17:31
soul-dwell microsoft tries  a bit of orwellian stuff with new xbox and kinect   +drm17:31
soul-danyhow  whats up in lab stuff anything new going on latly or if i remmber correctly you where busy  doing final year ?17:33
azonenbergI finished my undergrad back in '11, working on the phd for a while more17:33
azonenbergIn the middle of wiring up my desktop FPGA cluster17:34
soul-dyou work neatly  it usaly last only one day like that here17:35
azonenbergThis was the result of quite a bit of work17:35
azonenbergAnd its a huge mess right now because i threw a bunch of temporary usb cables down17:36
azonenbergi'm slowly replacing them one by one with custom-cut ones exactly the right size17:36
soul-di got sidetracked again ofcourse   but did manage to clean my shed17:36
soul-ddid teach me few obvserving tricks so far gotta practice somemore only hard to  get started  since it takes bit of patience17:43
azonenbergIs that oil paint? I don't see any silicon :P17:44
soul-dyeah its oil paint  silicon ?17:45
soul-doh yeah thereis17:45
soul-di refined it with sand17:45
soul-dit has an acholo layer apearently17:45
soul-dor so the source said so :P  only checked one17:46
soul-dbut din't touch many of them yet had to figure out cheap study paper  60 cents a piece won't do :P17:54
soul-dbtw your pics are creative common thing  like i can steal them and profit ?18:02
azonenbergThe ones on my server?18:03
soul-dyeah   think ebay and  "smallest nyan cat in the world "oil painting on panel  "18:03
azonenbergI've never officially decided on a license for them18:04
azonenbergOn a case-by-case basis I'd probably be willing to release most of them under CC-BY but i'd want to do a full review before making any blanket statements about the 40,000 odd images there :p18:04
soul-dwich 40K  where can i browse ? :P18:05
azonenbergLol, I only chown 600'd a tiny handful of them18:06
soul-dmust be some good reference in there for something odd in the world whats not be painted before18:06
azonenbergVery roughly, there's two kinds of pictures there18:06
soul-dresearhc probably ?18:06
azonenbergnature shots from my camping trips, and lab setup pics18:06
soul-dboth are intresting18:06
soul-dstill life etc18:06
soul-dthey are on public link already  ive only know the few like on nyan cat page18:07
soul-dand the ocasional paste in here18:07
azonenbergThat server is literally apache pointing to a read-only clone of my NAS's picture dirctories18:07
azonenbergi set up an offsite backup on the machine i also run a web server on so i figured might as well18:08
azonenbergHence why there's no gallery app or any kind of sorting beyond the raw directory tree18:08
azonenbergit's also just about every photo i've ever taken since 2004 lol18:08
soul-dyeah im asking wich link you are referring  not the google docs im looking at i presume18:09
azonenbergeverything on my colossus.cs.rpi.edu server is $LICENSE_TBD18:10
soul-dtbd ?18:10
azonenbergas in there's so much stuff there i can't easily make a blanket claim about the whole setup18:10
azonenbergSo ask18:10
azonenbergIn 99% of cases it'll be CC-BY18:11
soul-doh you ment that  one   well yeah  in art it's always  done  like if one would commence painting it18:11
soul-dfirst of ill i would ask if its ok to browse18:11
azonenbergAnything I actually care about is chmodded18:11
azonenbergI do ask that you not publicly link to the server in too many places18:12
azonenbergbecause i have tens of gigabytes of images there i don't want someone to wget -R and hammer me with :p18:12
azonenbergAdmittedly it's on someone else's bandwidth and an uncapped gigabit pipe18:12
soul-di never relink stuff like that18:12
azonenbergbut still, i need that bw for other stuff :p18:12
soul-din unlikly event  i would just reffer them to here then they can ask themselfs18:13
azonenbergSounds good18:13
soul-dbut if it;'s oklay to browse18:13
soul-dsince  labware is mystic  :P18:14
azonenbergSure, just dont be surprised if you find a huge range of stuff with not too much organizational structure to it :p18:14
soul-dand the origional pics it seems like raw from cam  so  can adjust things abit  currently browsing how you made the table18:15
soul-dis it plexiglas ?18:16
azonenbergYes, blue tinted acryliv18:16
azonenbergThere's occasionally edited/cropped versions there18:16
azonenbergbut most is raw18:16
soul-di tried to buy a piece and they where like thats  30eur  for  like 20x20 cm or whatever it was18:16
azonenbergincluding things i didnt bother to manually upload/share by hand18:16
azonenbergThat was 55 USD for a 3x2 feet x 1/4" sheet18:16
azonenbergYou'll find a lot of "making of" etc and other previously unshared pics if you browse18:19
soul-di will browse it at more quite pase but  plenty landscapes their18:19
soul-dcamera test18:19
soul-dis what i first picked18:19
azonenbergbecause the backup happens automatically  in the background every night at ~3am18:19
soul-dsince thats where people just do odd things18:19
azonenbergYeah, that was me trying out the new Fuji after my Samsung point-and-shoot died18:20
azonenbergI didnt have the noise-reduction turned down all the way so there were some artifacts18:20
azonenbergBut overall still halfway decent pictures, I was able to read text on a road sign about a mile from where i was sitting at max zoom18:20
soul-dthe red bug on white stuff is nice18:21
soul-dwhat is it lol ?18:21
azonenbergWhat's what?18:21
soul-dit sorta looks magnefied  like microsopic18:21
azonenbergThat's a concrete pillar18:22
azonenbergyou're looking at sand held together by cement18:22
soul-dand the red thing ?18:22
azonenbergthe thing is just decorative so they didn't add any aggregate, it's very fine grind18:22
azonenbergIt's a bug of some sort18:22
azonenbergi see them around a lot on concrete but idk what they are18:22
azonenbergit's got 8 legs and is bright red18:22
azonenbergbeyond that, no idea18:23
soul-dheh  weird18:23
soul-dbut that could be art itself18:23
azonenbergthis looks similar18:23
soul-dprinted as picture18:24
azonenbergLooks similar, it's got 8 legs, a big body, and is pretty tiny18:24
soul-dis it a good mite like predytory  or feeds and destroy plants ?18:25
soul-ddo have some  red mites in refridge18:25
azonenbergAccording to wiki they eat plants but are so tiny they're not usually present in sufficient numbers to do any real damage18:25
soul-di had a more agressive one  did learn sunflower oil is not good idea to get it pure near plants :P18:27
soul-dbut plenty of stuff there to  look at  already  buildings light settings18:31
soul-djust cut it in some golden ratio  and voila  art :P18:33
soul-dor cut oit a  golden ratio part  is better said   this  case bit of bottom  so horizon is slightly under  middle then yellow streak wil be in some weird square in the midle18:35
azonenbergThis was actually a pretty high-zoom shot18:45
azonenbergi was testing how well it would handle backlighting and dim light at high mag18:45
soul-donly compact here but as long as you can find the custom white ballance in menu  and  how to set it  you can get decent pic quite easily18:53
soul-di usaly cheat with burst shots18:54
azonenbergThis thing lets you take pics much faster than my old P&S18:55
azonenbergI usually use default WB and then correct as needed in postprocessing18:55
azonenbergI prefer to have the raw data be as close to raw as i can get18:56
azonenbergunfortunately no raw mode on this camera but oh well18:56
soul-dwell you only need to set it once everytime light changes18:56
azonenbergmaybe on my next one18:56
azonenbergLight changes a lot for me :p18:56
azonenbergespecially in outdoor scenes as the sun goes behind a cloud, or you go under trees, etc18:56
soul-dused to it here and it's not to deep in the menu18:58
soul-dbut also only 5 meg cam so every bit of detail is welcome18:59
azonenbergThis is 16 but i probably will downsample to 8 or so18:59
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