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azonenbergberndj: Within a cell, you can probably use lumped approximations just fine03:10
azonenbergOn that note I still want to see someone make a ~500 THz sinewave oscillator03:10
azonenbergthen connect to a bunch of 1/2 wave dipoles03:10
azonenbergand use it as a light source03:11
berndjheh. what does limit the speed of a very tight ring oscillator?03:11
berndjRC relaxation time?03:12
berndjtrying to lay out a D flipflop a la http://vlsitechnology.org/html/cells/wsclib013/dfnt1.html but struggling to get signals to "cross over" each other without taking up lots of real estate03:36
azonenbergThe level-triggered D latch in the SecurID solved that problem with a metal2 jumper03:58
azonenbergThis is digshadow's blog, not mine, but we analyzed the chip together03:58
azonenbergNote that this was from the SRAM and thus rotated 90deg relative to the rest of the chip03:58
azonenberghe kept the images in this orientation03:59
azonenbergVdd is at right, i think03:59
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