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berndjhttp://vlsitechnology.org/html/cells/vgalib013/iv1.html those gates on the far right of each of those cells don't seem to be connected to anything; what's up with that?17:27
Action: azonenberg looks18:48
azonenbergWhich cells?18:48
azonenbergoh, hmm18:48
azonenbergThey're connected to the power rails18:48
azonenbergfor cell-to-cell isolation, forcing the transistors off18:48
berndjazonenberg, you reckon those cells are intended to abutt so the diffusion regions coalesce?19:14
azonenbergAnd if so, that's the inter-cell isolation19:14
azonenbergRather than STI they're doing always-off transistors19:14
berndji can see the rail connections to poly in the zoomed in view now - http://vlsitechnology.org/alliance/gif/vgalib013/iv1v0x2.gif19:15
azonenbergWhy they have those big flags hanging off the side is unclear to me19:15
azonenbergover the wells, i mean19:15
azonenbergThat is also a rather unusual isolation design19:16
berndjyeah, if the diffusion regions would connect, then those poly flags would connect too?19:16
azonenberggood point, i wonder whats up with that19:16
berndjmy first though was that the author was being lazy and made all the diffusion regions the same, and then just changed the routing to get different drive strengths19:16
azonenbergIn any case the SecurID has space between diffusions19:16
azonenbergwhich is the more conventional cell structure i see19:16
azonenbergit's a beautiful 1um 2-metal standard cell chip19:17
berndjin http://vlsitechnology.org/alliance/gif/vgalib013/iv1v0x4.gif you can actually see how everything's the same except metal and contact, and the left gates connect to the right gates through a link under the Vdd rail19:17
berndjis there any reason to treat intra-cell elements as anything other than lumped? if a cell is only a few microns wide, would you have to care about transmission line effects only at ridiculously high frequencies?20:54
berndjpractically infrared in fact?20:55
Sync_I guess that counts as a failure23:38
Sync_back to the drawing board it is I guess. I probably need linear ball bearings23:46
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