#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-06-11

--- Tue Jun 11 201300:00
JoeLlamaI looked up your part message on google superkuh :) and found this channel :)01:44
JoeLlamaoOo MEMS01:44
JoeLlamaI see kanzure hangs too01:45
superkuhOh. Sorry.01:46
JoeLlamaheh hi01:46
JoeLlamaI liked your part message01:46
JoeLlamaand yes neuronal pathways are lipid based... never really thought of it that way01:47
JoeLlamatour the space station:
superkuhThis isn't the best place for this conversation.01:47
JoeLlamaoh ok sorry01:47
--- Wed Jun 12 201300:00

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