#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2013-06-02

--- Sun Jun 2 201300:00
berndjwelcome, nolyp02:53
nolyplooks like a fun room :D02:53
berndjnow help us to coerce azonenberg into DIY cmos process development slave labour02:53
nolypI hope lasers are involved02:54
berndjnolyp: TL;DR version of this # is: azonenberg made some experiments developing a MEMS process, i think he got somewhere around 5┬Ám-ish, but cmos is a diff kettle of fish, freedom from ion contamination being a likely big problem02:54
berndjnot yet :) just microscopes run in reverse, afaik02:55
berndjare there any open sourced standard cell libraries?03:00
berndj<Diablo-D3> berndj: smaller fab size equates to higher MH/J <-- i always thought there was some countering force that made for an optimum scale that wasn't just the smallest possible03:14
--- Mon Jun 3 201300:00

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