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azonenbergberndj: LOL03:08
azonenbergthat woulud be hilarious03:08
azonenbergi want to see it happen03:08
berndjcare to speculate on why the MH/J (something like 0.08MH/J _at best_) is so terrible? is it the relatively giant transistors needed to drive external pins?03:11
azonenbergwell, also04:50
azonenbergsec, let me find pics04:50
azonenbergThis isn't a perfect stitch, you can see the edges should be straight but arent, it was one of my first die pics04:52
azonenberghex buffer with open collector outputs04:53
azonenbergyou can see there's a few internal buffering transistors and then the giant pad drivers04:53
azonenbergso those obviously pull quite a bit of power04:53
azonenbergBut also, look how big the inner transistors are04:53
azonenbergand how huge all of the internal signal wires are04:53
azonenbergthat's a lot of parastic C to drive every time you change a signal04:54
azonenbergThe pin at far right is ground04:54
azonenbergfar left is power04:54
azonenbergthen each pair of pads is input (the one not connected to the giant transistor) and output (the giant transistor)04:55
azonenbergOne of the benefits of old-school 74xx from a study perspective is that they're relatively simple, you can see every transistor clearly04:56
azonenbergThe downside is that since they're not standard cell based, or even CMOS, reading them doesn't help that much with understanding modern chips04:56
azonenbergbetter pic, this is a national semiconductor 747404:57
azonenbergdual positive edge triggered dff04:57
azonenbergThe resolution of this pic might be... excessive... but you can see everything clearly :p04:59
azonenbergThe black things are what looks like aluminum bond wires, wedge-bonded to the die04:59
azonenbergberndj: as opposed to the more common ball bonding04:59
BleedingBytesI've just stumbled into this channel13:51
BleedingBytesand I'm a bit amazed that there's a project for making CMOS at home13:51
BleedingBytesjust wanted to say that13:51
BleedingBytesI'll keep in mind to watch how this goes13:51
BleedingBytesI want my home-chip-fab too :)13:52
nmz787hi BleedingBytes !20:16
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