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soul-dany chemical wizards in here    Q:how  to clean up glassware containing "uknown" substance  pretty much strong acids   one i remmer is left over from reaction of hcl 30%  copper and kno3  ( to make hno3 i think it was )08:48
soul-dfun stuff like that  without having a clue :)08:48
azonenbergcopper nitrate?08:52
soul-dyeah thats probably left over08:53
azonenbergcopper chloride?08:53
azonenbergI'd assume water soluble in either case08:53
azonenbergmaybe sonicate08:53
azonenbergand heat a little08:53
soul-dchloreide  the reaction was sopposed to be regenarateble by adding alumium and more copper08:53
soul-dis one i followed   with hcl  copper and kno308:54
soul-dand used the more complicated one  with  going trough the h202 but only had 3%08:56
soul-dso basicaly i set it  up and ran :P08:57
soul-dbut main concern is how much glas is atacked over time by chemicals :P09:03
soul-dsince it's been sitting  to long09:03
berndjglass is an acid in a sense. it's pretty okay standing up to other acids10:06
berndjyou're not going to oxidize silicon dioxide any further :)10:07
soul-ddid learn  naoh in pet bottle is ah no :P10:33
berndjglass doesn't do super well against NaOH either10:40
soul-dyeah the reason  but it did leak  destroy part of the  table  ( rarly visit shed over in winter )  now it's good time to get stuff cleaned up10:42
soul-dneed spectromiter i think my hunt for yellow iron oxide gave me  some blue  grains11:30
Action: Sync buys moar tooling14:11
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