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--- Sun May 5 201300:00
berndjazonenberg: next hair-brained idea: nandminer (bitcoin)19:44
Sync_have you looked at the complexity that a btc miner needs?19:47
Sync_and what eats your speed?19:47
berndjSync_: the purpose is to be hair-brained, not cost-effective :)19:48
berndjan idea inspired by nandputer19:48
Sync_well, we're currently designing a high cost/performance ratio miner19:49
berndjyeah? using what?19:50
Sync_no, some altera fpgas19:53
berndjcan fpga mining still be done profitably?19:53
Sync_who cares19:54
Sync_it's not like you couldn't use them for something else19:54
berndjthat's true, but where's the incentive (besides being a cool project :) to leave it powered on instead of just switching it off?19:55
berndji should look for a btc for dummies explanation somewhere. i know it's all about hashes but i don't have a mental model of how it all fits together19:56
Sync_we have free power here20:01
berndjfree as in somebody else pays for it, or free as in the sun just heats up some panels a little bit more if you don't use it?20:01
Sync_well, more the first than the latter20:02
berndjeconomically fair enough, but philosophically sub-ideal :)20:02
Sync_well, free power is free power20:03
--- Mon May 6 201300:00

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