#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2013-04-21

--- Sun Apr 21 201300:00
azonenbergAnyone worked with nearfield optics?17:25
azonenbergI want to try making a NFSOM17:26
azonenbergI also think nearfield scanning laser direct write lithography could be fun to play with17:26
azonenbergThe theory would be to get deep sub-wavelength spatial resolution17:27
azonenbergby scanning a sub-wavelength aperture across the sample17:27
azonenbergit's slooow, like AFM17:27
azonenbergbut i saw references to 50nm spatial imaging resolution for visible light17:27
Sync_and you need a piezo17:27
azonenbergAnd that got me thinking, could you run it the other way around17:27
azonenbergand use it for litho17:27
Sync_yeah I guess it could be hacked into that17:31
Sync_but I wonder how long it'd take17:31
azonenbergGood question17:58
azonenbergi think e-beam is more practical17:58
Sync_I guess there are other problems to solve before that18:02
azonenberglike my lack of spare time :p18:31
Logxenand our lack of nanobots18:39
--- Mon Apr 22 201300:00

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