#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2013-03-29

Sync__http://sync-hv.de/cmos/nanostage/spindle_test.jpg glowplug00:59
Sync__awful picture but I think it is good enough01:00
glowplugIs that steel???01:44
Sync__nope haven't had time yesterday and I'll be gone over easter but I got some raw stock02:17
Sync__but as I said, the quality of the thread is acceptable02:19
glowplugThat still looks great!  I can't wait to buy the first prototype.  8)03:29
Sync__and I just noticed that I'm dumb03:49
glowplugHaha.  I wouldn't go that far.  What did you do?  Haha04:13
Sync__I thought about the deflection that one would get if both of the axis would have the same distance09:20
Sync__but then I thought, I can just make the lower one much wider09:21
--- Sat Mar 30 201300:00

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