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Sync_I hope the steel dealer has open tomorrow00:28
glowplugYes!  Finally the day we have all been waiting for.  8)00:53
azonenbergyou talking about http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/03/130327144122.htm?01:04
glowplugThe logo.  =)01:31
azonenbergi'll get to it in a bit01:33
azonenbergsorry, really busy01:33
Sync_nice, my indicator came10:00
soul-dalso waiting for package but no tracking :(  so no clue when10:25
Sync_I always hate that10:29
soul-dcalled shop they said it got sended monday so should been yesterday  hopefully today  but yeah wanted to do some shopping but can't10:31
Sync_that's the worst thing10:32
soul-dyeah shop also doesn't send any kind of mail   just 2-3 days  and then the shipping wich is local normaly it should be easy to do 1 day servicew10:32
Sync_you lurk at home because you NEED a parcel10:32
Sync_and then the delivery guy just put a notice in your letterbox10:32
Sync_because he is too busy to actually ring10:32
soul-doh lol no would hear that10:32
Sync_I also hear it but until I run downstairs he is gone10:33
soul-dalstohough i usaly have patience to wait witch i reget one time   cause it sounded like a package  i was waiting for like small mail bag10:33
soul-dand  then it seemed  person was using my mail box as gargabe disposal ( emptey bag candy stuff)10:34
soul-dlol i forgot i was on the phone   and need to check somthing online  just started rambling here again :P10:37
Sync__now lets measure the accuracy of my leadscrew properly12:23
Sync__yeah ok14:07
Sync__it seems that the screws are acceptable and the nuts are able to reduce the backlash to zero14:07
diginetscrews are never acceptable in high vacuum14:08
Sync__they are14:08
diginet. . .how?14:09
Sync__if they trap air, drill them and the rest just outgasses a little longer14:09
Sync__but those are for the direct laser litho microstages14:10
Sync__our wafer handler has a lot of screws and we hit basepressures of around 2^-11mbar14:10
Sync__not that big of a deal14:10
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