#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-03-26

Sync_hmm the reamers for the guide rods are 22 each00:40
Sync_ah damn00:52
Sync_I even need a special tolerance00:52
Sync_aha ebay has reamers in H7 J7 and R7 for me at 10mm diameter00:56
Action: Sync_ buys them all00:56
Sync_yeah J7/h6 should be a good fit00:58
glowplugReamers for the guide rods?01:04
Sync_yeah the bushing needs to fit on it01:10
Sync_and I have to make accurate holes in the end blocks01:11
Sync_the easiest would be to cast them with moglice01:12
glowplugI think you probably need to update the wiki at some point.01:19
glowplugI've never used reamers or moglice.  O_O01:19
Sync_yay my glass pipe came12:01
Sync_oh wee18:35
Sync_I just found some better priced schneeberger guides18:36
Sync_around 70¬ for one18:36
Sync_at least that's better than the 200 for one :D18:36
glowplugYou are going to give up on the DIY approach?18:45
Sync_no I'm just a bit burned out from learning so I'm window shopping18:47
glowplugAhh I see.  Totally understand.  Haha18:57
glowplugIn that state I tend to look through thousands of interesting products on chinese retail sites.  xD18:58
glowplugRight now I'm watching the "Atar 2600 Computer System: The Ultimate Talk".18:58
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